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Crazy Writings From KoKoa Puff

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I know....everyone is doing this! But I had to have some place to put these!!

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Me:writing the next chapter hrmm.....drama...or...not drama...that is the question.

Brendon:looking over shoulder what's going to happen hun?

Ryan:shakes head Brendon don't rush her!

Brendon: I am just wondering what going to happen. I mean I know how she writes and she loves drama and so far that is not much of it.

Me: Hun, right now I have no idea where I am going with this. But don't worry no cheating..I can't write that!

Chelsea:walks in there better not be any cheating. In a story or not in a story. looks at the guys

Ryan: Why are you looking at us? I mean it is you two who go off for a couple hours to days at times and we don't know where you are.

Me:looks at Chelsea

Chelsea:looks at me and smiles well, we do have lives.

Brendon: I know you have lives, but we wonder who your with. I am not saying your cheating, but I don't know.

door slams open and in walks in Spencer and Mandy

Spencer: hey hunwalks over to me and kisses me

Brendon:gets angry Spence why the hell are you kissing my girl?

Mandy: Your girl? I thought I was your girl?

Brendon: Oh, hey hun. Well, god. I don't know what to say.

Me: well I think my stories and my friends stories are coming to life.

door slams open again and in walks in Tricia, Pete Wetz, Jon Walker, Shannon Leto, and Jared Leto. They all looked pissed and lost.

Me, Ryan and Chelsea: CRAP!!

Brendon:looks at me explain the couples NOW!

Me:looks at ground ok, Brendon, Pete, Spencer, and Shannon with and me, Brendon and Mandy, Pete, Jon, and Ryan with Tricia, Ryan and Jared with Chelsea.

Brendon: Ok, well because I am the only one who Mandy has gone out with in one of your stories, I will stay with her.

Ryan: I really like Chelsea, so I pick her.

Pete: Sorry Krystle but I like Tricia more, so I pick her.

Jared: But I like Chelsea.

Chelsea: you think we can work something out?

Ryan and Jared:look at each other I think so. the three walk off

Brendon and Mandy leave too

Pete and Tricia leave too

Me: Jon I have some one for you. You can have Katie my friend. hands number to Jon and he walks outside

Spencer, Shannon and Me: Look at each other soo....

Me: Um...I like both of you, both drummers. Hrmmm, we can work something out right.

Spencer: it is up to Shannon, I am up for it.

Shannon: We can work something out.

Some three-some couple action! Hrmmm.....
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