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Chapter Two

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warped tour flight

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"How many times have I told you not to refer to me as Alaina?" He rolled his eyes.
"A million and three!"
"So why don't you listen?! You know I don't give out my real name. Its either Porcelain or don't call me a name at all."
"Can I call you a bitch?"
"Only if I can call you cunt?"
"Its settled then." He shook my hand and lead me out of the apartment complex. Yeah I changed my name to Porcelain. Half because Quinn always called me his porcelain doll and the other half, because the name of my band was Porcelain and The Tramps. We drove to the mall and shopped for hours on end. We searched the record store for any new/good bands.
"You know you're lucky." Bert said out of random.
"How so?"
"You run away change your name and suddenly all of your problems are left behind. I wish I would have thought of that."
"You're crazy. My problems will always be with me, Bert. Never doubt that" after a few seconds of silence he spoke again.
"Not meaning to test a shakey subject, but how was Helen's funeral."
"Horrific. It was horrific..." I just stopped and he caught the drift that I wasn't going to be talking more about it.
"So you excited?"
"Warped tour? Fuck yes. This year is going to kick ass."
"That indeed." We left the mall and went back to my place. Watching "Puppet Master" isn't really the same as it used to be. It got boring and dumb because me and Bert knew every line and scene. I fell asleep staring at the bags I had packed for the next day. It felt as if my life was finally starting to be what I had hoped. Good.

"Wakey wakey mother fucker!" I swatted Bert in the face without even opening my eyes.
"I hate you...."
"Ow! Bitch ass fuck face!"
"Good one." I rolled my eyes and basically crawled to the shower. I realized I had only fifteen minutes before I had to leave. I wrapped the towel around me and stared in the mirror. I looked at my purple hair and smiled. I always loved the colour and now that I had to hide my identity to the world I had a good ass reason for my hair to be an extreme colour! I dried off and packed on tons of MAC makeup. I dressed myself in a The Used tee shirt and my skinny, skinny jeans. When I walked out of the room Bert cringed.
"Ew I hate when you wear my band shirts."
"All the more reason to do it." I kissed him on the cheek as he glared at me. I drank a quick cup of coffee and went around the apartment locking everything up. A whole summer away from home seemed nice. I heard a horn beep loudly outside. Bert got up and headed out the door.
"Looks like its time for me to go to Quinn's. you can handle those yourself right? Good." He winked at me after nodding towards my very heavy bags. I glared and lugged them down the stairs and to Rocko's car. Rocko was yelling at Snake while I climbed into the back seat. we drove to the airport with Panic! At The Disco blasting. Whitey hated them but we didn't care. We loved shitty ass bands that had no talent but still had a record deal and sounded cool. We arrived at the airport and ran to our gate number. Our flight was due to leave in 10 minutes. The stuck up stewardess punched holes in our tickets and showed us our seats. I was last on the plane. I followed the boys to the seats. When all of them sat I noticed someone was in my spot.
"Miss you're in my spot." I put on my fake smile even though I wanted to say "Bitch move."
"No I'm not." The lady brushed my off like a stray hair on a jacket.
"Clearly you are. My ticket says this is my seat."
"Well sweetheart I bought a ticket for first class. Theres obviously no room for trash like you up here. Go to coach."
"Gladly fat ass." The LARGE lady gasped as I made my way to coach. I didn't like first class anyway. It pissed me off with all the rich snobs that sat up there. There was one seat left. I didn't even care if it was taken or not. I sat down stuffing my purse under the chair. A girl with black hair and blue eyes sat next to me with her ipod on. The ripped out the ear plugs and looked at me. He dark makeup was smudged around her eyes and she smiled holding out her hand.
"Alicia Simmons."
"Porcelain." I almost slipped and said my actual name.
"Porcelain and The Tramps?"
"Correct." She smiled brightly.
"I love your stuff. Its amazing."
"Thanks a lot."
"You on warped tour aren't you?"
"Yeah I am."
"I'm headed there myself. I'm touring with this band called From first to last."
"Really? I love their shit. Its awesome."
"Cool!" We continued to talk for the whole flight. I finally made a new GIRL friend. My life was filled with men. I'm sure you're all thinking "what a lucky bitch!" But no, not so lucky. They smell after a while. Warped tour was going to be interesting this year. I could feel it.
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