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Chapter Three

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drunk? yes please!

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"Dude this tour bus is gnarly!" Snake threw his bag unto a bunk. I went to mine and the others picked the remaining. The bus was extremely big. As big as Fallout Boy's and that bus was pretty fucking big. Our first set was today in New York. I loved New York and I knew I was going to be putting on an amazing show tonight. Our set was in a few hours but I decided to dress myself so I would have time to walk around and meet people. I threw on a sleeveless ribcage shirt, tight black jeans ripped at the knees, my boots and a thin sparkly scarf thingy. I put on random colours of make-up and tied up my hair in a crazy fashion. I loved looking trashy.
"Where you going Porcelain?"
"No where that concerns you baby doll."
"Ew I hate when you call me those gay names."
"That's why I do it!" Rocko cringed and stuck out his tongue. I returned the favor and walked off the bus. Our manager Jessie ran up to me.
"Change of plans Porcelain! Your set is in five! Main stage, go! I'll get the boys."
"Go!" I took off running to the main stage even though I was totally confused. When I got there UnderOath was getting off the stage.
"Hey good luck Porcelain!" Aaron high fived me as I waited impatiently for the rest of the guys to show. They almost plowed me into the amp when the got there. They strapped on their instruments, grabbed their drum sticks and I did jumping jacks to pump myself up. I ran on stage and grabbed the microphone.
"How are all you fuckers doing tonight?" The crowd roared, this is what I lived for.
"This is Rocko. That over there is Whitey. To my left is Snake. And I my children am Porcelain. We are Porcelain and The fucking Tramps! Go!" The guitar started and then the bass and then the drums. I began screaming the words to our newest song "Your Favourite Drug." I was excited as fuck and the show went smoothly. Everyone knew the words which made me the happiest thing ever. I noticed the whole set there was some guy in the back of the crowd. Just staring at me. It was creepy but he looked cute from far away. I walked off the stage to find Bert. He engulfed me in a hug.
"Yuck Bert I'm all sweaty."
"I like your sweat." He licked the drop of sweat running down my forehead. "Come one we're gonna go party with the other bands!" He grabbed my arm and lead me into a room in the back of the huge arena. The room we entered was dark and filled with people. It was like a smaller version of a rave. Beer, drugs, and anything you could think of was surrounding us.
"Alcohol!" I ran to the drinks and poured myself a cup of something random. Its not like I actually read the bottle anymore. Once your addicted you stop reading labels because you stop caring.
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