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Chapter Four

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yay! batman!

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"Having fun kiddo?" Quinn was yelling over the music.
"Of course Mr.Lizardface!"
"Lets play hide and seek!"
"Fersure!" We rounded up Bert, Jeph and Snake. Jeph lost rock paper scissors so he was it. Bert and I ran out of the room. We were allowed to hide anywhere we wanted.
"Quinn is close! Split up!" Bert yelled to me as we ran through the hall he shoved me playfully and ran the other way. I was running with a half a cup of beer and I lost my balance. Something must have been in front of me because I went to the floor in a heap. I lifted my face off the ground and sadly stared at my cup with the beer spilling out. Perfectly good alcohol had gone to waste.
"I'm so fucking sorry!" The person who hit me lifted me up and stood me on my feet. I was super drunk so I couldn't really stand straight. I noticed my knee stung really bad. When I looked down it was scratched up and bleeding.
"Owey." I looked back up to my new mystery friend. He wore a black hoodie and the same jeans as me. He had on sun glasses even though we were inside and it was dark out. His pitch black hair was greasy and matted against his pale face from sweat.
"I should have been watching where I was going. Let me help you clean up." He picked me up bridal style and carried me to a bus. I assumed it was his and he was in a band. My logic skills aren't very good when I'm drunk. He sat me on the small sink in the bathroom and cleaned my cut then bandaged it up. I think it was obvious I was smashed because he talked to me softly and like a baby.
"All better?"
"Mhmm! I should get back to my busssssss."
"Stay here. You can have my bunk. I'll use the couch."
"No I shouldn't!" I hoped down from the counter and lost my balance from the dizziness. He caught me by the arm. His grip was soft and careful. I looked back and smiled my drunken smile. He walked me to his bunk and handed me a pair of pj pants. They had batman on them which made me smile.
"Yay! Batman!" I whipped off my pants without even caring he was standing right there and slipped on the other pants. His cheeks flushed red and he laughed nervously.
"You sure are open when you're drunk."
"I'm like this when I'm sober!" I climbed into the bed with his help and he shut the light. He turned to leave.
"Hey you. Thanks... you're really sweet." I hiccupped and smiled which he returned and then left. I instantly fell asleep on the pillow that was his. It smelt so familiar...
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