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The Tears, the Train, The god Damn Teenies.

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:o what happens....I REFUSE TO SUMMERISE

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Wow' I heard from my doorway. I turned around to se Frank all dressed up for his concert. I was wearing a strapless black top that was kind of long, my dark blue denim skinny's and (yes you guessed it) my black chucks.
Frank had black, ripped skinny's, a white shirt, a res tie, a bulletproof vest and (yes, again..) his beloved black chucks.
I asked, noticing that he watched me put on my eyeliner very carefully.
'You look like cookies' he said, (for frank, that probably meant the best thing in the whole entire world)
'Aww thank you babe, you look like chocolate chip!' His face lightened up and he ran over and kissed me.
'Hey, can you do my makeup?' he asked.
'Sure thing'. I sat him on the counter and did the usual eyeliner etc. He hopped off and struck a pose, his hands on his hips.
'Don't I like, look like, hot, like, I'm so god damn sexy' he said in a prep girl voice. I laughed.
'You're too sexy that's your problem' I said.
'I know.'
'No Modesty here I see'.
'None at all'. I poked out my tongue and he pretended to cry, so I walked over and gave him a kiss.
'Babe?' He asked.
'Look, I don't mean to do this to you but after the concert tonight I got to sign autographs, take photos etc. So I can't take you home tonight'. He stood up and rubbed my arms.
'That's Ok cookie, I'll catch the train with Danny' and I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
'Are you sure, I mean I love you so much and of anything ever happened-' He trailed off, deep in thought. The he brought his lips to mine hard.
'I love you too babe' I managed to say.

One Car ride, three stops and 20 minutes later we ended up at the concert hall. I held Frank's hand while we made our way across to the changing room. The crowd wasn't all there, but a small group of girls threw me the biggest dirties. We made it to the room and we walked in on Danielle and Mikey.....who were close.....very...very....close....

'FRANK, THEY ARE MAKING TOAST!' I yelled. He moved and ran toward them, pulling them away and just in time by the looks of it because Mikey had a butter knife in his hand. Frank started pacing in front of them.
'Guys, what have both Mary and myself told you two about using kitchen appliences?' He asked.
'Well...' Started Mikey.
'You might have mentioned something...' Continued Danielle, and both of them had the biggest shifty looks on their faces.
'Dudes, just don't go near them or NO PANCAKES!' said Frank.
They both suddenly sat p straight and saluted.

The concert was altogether awesome, except for the fact that Frank decided to kick Gee in the balls while playing, 'Thank You For The Venom'. I talked to him afterwards.
'Dude, what the fuck did I do?' asked Gee.
'Nothing, I was bored'. Said Frank.
I giggled and sat on Frank's lap. Gee rolled his eyes and went to get coffee.
I took in the surroundings, Danny and Mikes were on the couch making out, Ray was on the phone to Emily (his little sister) who apparently had a nightmare and would only talk to her big brother about it. Bob was talking to Gee, also drinking coffee. His new side fringe did wonders for him.

We sat around for a bit before two girls walked into the dressing room with backstage passes hanging around their necks. I recognized one as being one of the group who gave me dirties.
'Hey Guys!' one said, acting like she's known them her whole life.
'Hey' they all said in unison.
'Come and sit down, make yourselves comfortable' said Gee, gesturing toward the table that Frank and I were sitting at. They walked over and sat down. For the next hour or so they started talking about random shit, autographs etc. The usual. But I noticed that one kept looking aver at Danny and Mikes, while the other was staring at Frank and I. I came back to my senses when I felt Frank squeeze my hand.
'You ok babe, you look out of it'.
'Yeah, hey it's 7:30 time for autographs, screaming girl fans...just don't replace me too quickly'. I said, giving him a kiss.
'Very true, and since when would I ever replace you', he said, and what went from a kiss, suddenly turned into a full on make-out session.
'Ewww get a room dude!' Yelled Ray.
'Later' said Frank, and winked at me. I slapped his arm playfully and watched as Danielle gave her farewell kisses to Mikey. They started saying all this mushy shit and at the same time, Frank and I clamped our hands over our ears.
'IT BURNS!' we both yelled. They laughed and I noticed again that the girls were gving us dirties, AGAIN. Maybe it was just me... I brushed it out of my mind and we waved bye to the guys before heading toward the train station.

We made it, and bought out tickets. It was getting dark now and I was still deep in thought. Danny looked at me funny.
'You Ok?' she asked.
'Yeah I'm fine.' I said, and with that I Turned on my iPod full blast to, 'I'm not Okay (I Promise) and started playing air guitar.
'Yeah, see I wasn't about to believe you but heck, with that isplay I know you must be really happy!' said Danielle and joined in.
'Oi Bitches, where are your boyfriends?' I heard from behind us. I turned off my iPod and turned around.
'Excuse me?'
'You heard us, where are they?' It was the girls from the dressing room.
'Ah, they are still at the concert hall signing shit' Danielle spoke up.
'Haha, you know, I saw the way Mikey was looking at me, I know he loves me. Why can't you just break up with him, I'm a bigger fan anyway.
Danielle kind of sat down in thought, trying to decide weather what the girl said was true or not.
'Haha, so true, and did you see the Way Frank looked at me? I know he just thought I was more special then some stuck up, bitch of aAAHHH' She was stopped by my fist making contact with her jaw. Danielle saw what was happening, stood back for 3 seconds and I heard her mutter, 'What the heck' Under her breath and she ran over and punch ed the other girl.
When I had turned around to face her our eyes had made contact and before we kenw what was happening we were pushed onto the train tracks by the two Teenie's.

I screamed and looked at Danielle, she was unconscious and had hurt her head pretty bad, I screamed in pain again as I noticed that I had broken my leg. The girl just laughed, as they saw a train coming. I looked and rolled Danielle and myself away onto the next set of train tracks, my phone started ringing but before I could answer the train hit it.

------------------------------------FRANK'S POV---------------------------------------------

'She won't answer.' I said, I was worried. She never not answered her phone, even when she was in the shower she would come running. I knew something was up.
'Don't worry, maybe..' Trailed off Mikey, he looked worried as well.
'Want to go check out the train station?' I asked.
'Yeah ok'. Said Mikey. We got in my car and we drove quickly to the station where we got out and come running down the stairs.
'FRANK, MIKEY COME HERE!' I heard from next to me. I turned just to make cntact with another pair of lips, not Mary's. I noticed Mikey was getting the same. I pushed the crazy fan girl off me and Mikey started yelling for Danielle. Then I saw it, Mary and Danielle were on the train tracks...Danny was unconscious and Mary was yelling in pain.
I jumped down and grabbed Mary, I pulled her up and carried her to the car.
'Babe, everything is going to be OK, alright? I love you so much..'

--------------------------------------MIKEYS POV---------------------------------------------

After the strange encounter with the fan girl I saw Frank jump down onto the train tracks, and then I saw it, Danielle was lying there unconscious. I jumped down after Frank and picked up Danielle, I carried her to the car whispering this like, 'I love you' In her ear.
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