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Why is Everybody Random...BUT ME?!

by magstamonkii 3 reviews the only non random one for sad?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Parody, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-03-13 - Updated: 2007-03-13 - 671 words

They all looked down to see Gee and Mikes running up the stairs. Why? I Have no Idea. Gee ran into the kitchen and came abck out with a coffee.
'Who's she?' Asked Mikey, guesturing toward Danielle.
'SHE is Danielle' Said dannielle, watching mikeys face go all red.
"yeah, she went to my old school and is like, my best friend ever! well, girl friend!' I saved looking at mikey pout. Frank had chased Gee into the apartment and I walked in with Danielle and Mikey, who went to find Gee and Frank.
I took Danielle into the lounge room and I started talking.
'Danielle, why are you here? and, whats with the look on your face?' I asked, kind of worried.
'Aw, it's nothing just that...well......MIKEY WAY IS MY FUCKING IDOL THATS WHAT! I FUCKING LOVE MCR AND MIKEY IS JUST....FUCKING SEXY!' she kind of yelled, then she sat back and breathed deeply.
I heard laughing come from the doorway and I saw Gee and Frank in a fit of giggles, and Mikey standing there in shock, red all over.
'Haha, I know Danny! You know what, you and Mikey should get to know each other more!' I suggested.
'Wait, what? no no Trust me, there are way prettier fan girls than me-' But before she had a chance to finish explaining Gee had picked up Mikey and Frank had picked up Danielle, carrying them both to the spare room. We sat them in there with a lot of protests, and just as I was closing the door, danielle asked,
'Wait, did Frank Iero call you, 'babe'????'
'Have a good time!' i said and shut the door on them.

------------------Mikey's POV-----------------------
So here I was in this room, with this girl who I think I fell in love with the moment I set eyes on her. Then, she said Im sexy, IM HER FAVOURITE MY CHEM PLAYER! WAIT....or was she just saying that?
'Did you mean what you said?' I asked.
'About what?'
' know...' I thik I just went pink.
She went pink too, 'Yeah, your my favourite' she said.
'Why? I'm just the stuttering, blushing nerd' I said.
'That's why I like you'. She said, I went red. I looked at her and she looked more beautiful than ever...and her face was red too.
'But, I know you probably are with someone so forget I said anyhing and there are prettier fans than myself-'
'Your beautiful' I said, I walked over and kissed her gently on the lips.
I pulled back and watched her already red face go an even deeper ered.

---------------------Normal POV-----------------------
'When are you gonna tell her that we're together?'
'I LOve you'
'That, my child, is why u love me too'
I smiled and he kissed my lips. Which turned to a pash. Which in turn turned into a full-on make out session.
But what we didn't notice was danielle and Mikey walk into the room.
'MARY! OMG YOU ARE TOGETHER WITH FRANK IERO!' she screamed. I smiled and kissed him to confirm her thoughts. Sje stared at me in shock before saying really randomly,
'Can I have KFC?'
'What I feel like chicken?'
'Mm so do I' said Mikey.
I looked at all of them and I said,
'Why am I the only non-random one here?!'
'Coz babe, your too busy thinking of me' said Frank.
'Pfft! your so full of youself'
Then he disappeard, and came back with something behind his back.
' know I love you right?'
I said, backing away.
'Oh, your in for it now Girly!' He said and pulled out what he was hiding behind his back. Mikey and Danielle Cracked up laughing.

:o is it...what i think it is? [me: most] Come onn.. [Me: no.] Fine...WHAT IS IT!? [Me: wait till next chapter.]
sigh fine..makes out with frank [Me:sigh get a room!]
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