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The Wish

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It has been twenty years since Sarah left; now her daughter has vanished into the Labyrinth. How will Sarah get her back? Will she be able to stand up to Jareth again?

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It had been twenty years since Sarah left the Labyrinth. She had married and even had two daughters- Melissa, who was nine, and Lauren, who was almost sixteen. The daughters grew up listening to their mother's tale of traveling through the Underground. Whenever times were bad for them, they'd wish they knew how to go to the Labyrinth. Sarah, however, refused to reveal how she had accidentally sent their Uncle Toby there. More and more often, Lauren kept longing to escape her life. School was horrid for her and she didn't get along with anyone around her, not even her mother. She was always in trouble with Sarah. Lauren even stopped acknowledging her as "Mom" recently and instead called her "Sarah". No matter how hard she tried, Sarah was unsuccessful in changing this.

Lauren was constantly in trouble wherever she went. She felt as though things would be better for everyone if she only left them behind. Her problem was figuring out how to do that.

Sarah was again on the verge of crying. Ever since her husband Michael died, Lauren had withdrawn from the world. It had been seven years since the car accident, but she never recovered from his death. No matter what Sarah did, Lauren retreated farther and farther into herself. She and Melissa got along very well, but Sarah always wished Melissa could remember her father. Sarah never got along like that with Lauren; she had always adored her father.

Sarah and Lauren constantly fought. Each time was a bigger and harsher argument with less getting resolved than the previous fight.

Lauren came downstairs. "When is dinner?"

"Maybe six?"

"Maybe?" Lauren asked credulously.

"Unless you want to cook, then yes, maybe six," Sarah snapped. "I have a lot of things going on right now and the last thing that was on my mind was when dinner was going to be. Of course, you could actually take responsibility for things and do your share around here."

"God, not again," Lauren groaned.

"Yes, again. I work all day while trying to be a good mother once I get home. It hasn't been easy for me, and it'd be nice if you could be responsible for your things from time to time. It isn't that difficult to ask of a girl your age."

"Yeah, but you know what? I have tons going on in my life, but do you care? No! All you do is blame all of your shit on me!"

"Watch your mouth young lady!" Sarah yelled. Melissa crept around the door and looked in, witnessing another argument between her sister and mother.

"I'll say whatever I damn well please! I hate it here, I hate my life, and I hate you!" Lauren screamed as she turned to run out the door.

"You may hate it here, but you still live here. You're grounded!"

"Fine! All you are is a spoiled brat anyways. Even with your stupid story, that's all you were. You were spoiled and hated Uncle Toby so you wished him away. Then, to be even more spoiled, got pissed when the Goblin King granted your wish... Yeah, spoiled brat indeed!"

"How dare you speak to me like that! You have no clue what I went through-"

"What you say you went through," Lauren said, cutting off her mother. "I think you're just a loon, Sarah. You hated how no one spoiled you anymore, so you imagined this stupid world and then believed it. How much crazier can you get then that? No wonder Dad lost control of his car that night! He was too irritated at having to deal with another one of your stupid arguments!"

"You're grounded!" Sarah shrieked. "You won't be doing anything fun for two months, and you won't be going anywhere, you understand me?"

"I can't wait till I can get away from here," Lauren screamed back. "I wish the goblins would take me away right now!"

As Sarah watched in horror, Lauren disappeared before her eyes.
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