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It has been twenty years since Sarah left; now her daughter has vanished into the Labyrinth. How will Sarah get her back? Will she be able to stand up to Jareth again?

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"Lauren!" Sarah screamed. Melissa's jaw dropped and she shrank against the door in fear. Sarah's emotional peak was reached, and tears rained down her cheeks. "Lauren," Sarah sobbed before yelling, "Jareth! Jareth, bring her back!"

"Well, if this doesn't seem familiar," said a familiar voice. Sarah spun around to meet his mismatched eyes as Melissa gasped in shock.

"Bring her back right now, Jareth!"

"I can't do that," Jareth said with a smirk. "You didn't wish her away; she wished herself away. The tables have turned here." Jareth grinned slyly at Sarah.

"You turn the world and it's rules however you please. You can bring her back," Sarah said through clenched teeth.

"You want her back?" Jareth said silkily. "Then you'll have to find her. And it'll be much more difficult this time. You see, she isn't sitting in my castle. She herself is trying to find her way there."

"That's not fair, Jareth, and you know it! Stop taking whatever it is out on Lauren. You have no interest in her."

"Ah, but I do." Jareth's eyes flashed dangerously. "She should have been my daughter, Sarah. Mine. Now, in a way, she is. I can offer her the very thing she desires most- her dreams. Her dreams, where she can see her father again, and where she's away from you. How could I deny my daughter that gift?"

"Because she isn't your daughter. She's my daughter, Jareth. You can't keep her."

"It isn't my choice or yours on whether she stays in my Labyrinth. It's Lauren's choice and her's alone. However, if you think you can find her and make her change her mind, you're welcome to try. I doubt you'll be able to find her in the thirteen hours. But if you want to try you must go now."

"I can't leave Melissa here alone. I have to arrange something for her."

"No need," Jareth replied. "She either goes with you or neither of you go." Jareth smile mischievously.

"Melissa isn't involved in this. She needn't go into the Labyrinth."

"I'm not following your rules this time, Sarah," Jareth replied sharply. "You must follow mine." Jareth leaned close to her face, staring deeply in her eyes. "You will see new surprises on this adventure, Sarah. Things have changed since you visited. What is your choice?"

Sarah looked at Melissa, dreading the choice she was going to have to make. Inside she had inner conflict; she had to go after Lauren, but she couldn't put Melissa in the same danger.

"I'm rescuing my daughter."

Jareth grinned. "I thought you'd say that. You have thirteen hours to not only find your daughter in the Labyrinth, but to reach the center. Do you want to know what happens if you don't make it?"

"We'll make it."

"I wouldn't be so sure. If you fail, the three of you will remain here forever." Jareth's grin grew into a sly smile. "Such a pity."

As Jareth faded away before their eyes, so did Sarah's living room. She turned around, and grabbed Melissa's hand before looking down the hill.

"I'm back," she whispered.
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