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This is what happens when Brendon Urie, Gerard Way, Pete Wentz and more enter the life of more than random teenager...

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Chapter 1

She looked herself in the mirror as she put her pink little bow on the left part of her hair and carefully passed her brush through her dirty blonde emo flick parted to the right. She continued to pass the brush through her wavy dirty blonde hair, momentary flipping it through her shoulder-length front layers and her below-the-shoulder back ones.
She looked at her silver and pink Casio watch on her left wrist.
She smiled and left her bathroom, crossing to her room on the left. She lifted her lilac High Sierra scribbled backpack from her neatly made bed as well as her white hoodie. She looked around quickly and found her black Ipod video resting on her black bedside table; she placed it in the left pocket of her uniform's shirt as well as the locker keys.
What am I missing? Hmmm?/, she thought for a moment. House keys, right! /. She fumbled with her backpack's front pocket until she was sure they were there and then zipped it up. She looked once more around the room to be sure she didn't left anything behind.
Once satisfied, she quickly paced through the hallway into her mother's room. She went to where her mother's sleeping body lay. "Bye mom" she said cheerfully after planting a kiss on her mother's forehead.
"Bye sweetie. Did you have breakfast?"
Guess she wasn't asleep. She always wakes up...
"Yeah. I took the money from your wallet also. Bye"
Her mom nodded as she walked past the room's door, into the living room and out the door. She locked it before carefully closing it shut. As she pressed play she jumped down the stairs and pushed the "up" button, calling the elevator. She started to slightly dance as The All-American Rejects' "Move Along" started pouring into her ears.
The elevator stopped at floor one and she giddily walked into the lobby.
"Morning" she said to the building's porter.
"Morning" he replied nonchalantly while pressing the button so that she could open the door. As she walked into slightly chilly breeze of six in the morning, she felt as if something good was going to happen today. She sat on the building's entrance waiting for the mini van to pick her up.
Some old people with their dogs came into the building from their morning walk, pleasantly ignoring the silently singing teenager with headphones plugged in her ears. They probably thought she was odd, maybe they were right.
For some reason she always looks at her clock, somehow dreading that her mini van's driver would forget about her. But her new driver was always on time, 6:04 sharp.
As the white mini van stopped and she raced to it she couldn't help but smile. In a couple of minutes she would meeting one of her most favourite people ever. It had only been a weekend and she already missed her. She laughed her creepy thoughts aside as she bid morning to the driver and her daughter. She scooped in the back of the minivan and sat on the far right of the last seats, pressing her face to the window as she watched the cars pass by while singing the tunes that her Ipod offered.
A couple of sleepy students after, the mini van finally pulled into a gigantic white house's driveway. She watched as someone opened the door from inside and out came her best friend holding her dark blue and pink backpack on her shoulder, trying to control her loose hair with one hand. All of her hair had been dyed a lighter blonde, except of her emo flick, which was her natural slightly darker dirty brown. She quickly walked to the van and said her nonchalant "hello" to Nancy, the driver.
She scooped into the back next to me and smiled as I mumbled an extremely sweet "hey" and wrapped by arms along her thin neck. As she settled herself I took off one of my headphones and put it in her ear.
"So..."The girl who just settled in said to her friend, "Natz, I had this dream again...". They both giggled instantly. Her friend beamed, "Did it happen to involve Pete Wentz again, Kamzy honey?"
"Yeah," She whispered back, momentarily bowing her head down and then looking up with mischievous eyes "But I can't tell you about it just now...I'll tell you in class" She said, intently looking at the people around them to clarify her point.
"'Kay, I get it. Guess what movie I watched yesterday!" Natz said, excitedly pressing Kamz' arm. Kamz tapped her finger in her chin.
"Let's see...Was it Peter Pan by any chance?"
"No, they haven't passed that one since last week"
"Hmm...Alice in wonderland?"
"Nope, I missed it the day before yesterday cause I was watching C.S.I"
"I give up. Which was it?"
"/SCOOBY DOO/!" Natz shrieked in a childish way. Kamz rolled her eyes at her and giggled.
"And Scooby says everything with and "r"! He says Rred, and Rilma, and Raggy and and ...ramburger and and...and I can't remember other words he said but you get the point" Natz added, sighing. Kamz shook her head while smiling, slightly patting her friend on the shoulder. Natz absentmindedly arranged her bangs while Kamz snooped through her Ipod, smiling hugely as she reached the songs of their latest obsession and pressed play.
"FALL OUT BOY!" Natz said, acting surprised.
The both started dancing as the bass, guitar and drums of "Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends" kicked in. Kamz lightly moved her finger around to get the Ipod on its maximum volume.
"You are a getaway car, a rush of blood to the head
But me, I'm just the covers on top of your bed
You steer away in a rear view mirror, you make my head swim
I keep you warm and won't ask you where you've been
They sang together, while dancing and performing air guitars and air drums and air / everything /. They continued that way until they were reaching the school. God, they even had choreographies to some of the songs. The other kids on the mini van entertained by watching them dance and sing some parts out loud because, you know, sometimes mouthing the words are not enough.
Little did they know that in one of the million of school mini vans behind them there was a certain someone grinning at them, watching their every move.
* Don't worry, there's gonna be some Fall Out Boylicious My chemalicious Panic at thelicious action *
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