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In all of his drunken glory

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Natz meets two people that're going to turn her life upside down

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Chapter 2

It was the end of third period and Natz was on the locker area. She had been caught behind finishing a math exercise, so she had shooed her friends so they wouldn't waste eating time waiting for her. She swore as she pushed some of Chicky's books aside, trying to remember once again why she was even sharing locker with her anyway, their locker was so loaded.
She organizes the locker. She lends you the technical drawing ruler you broke and and the paper. It was worth it. She took her swearing back, making a mental note to hug Chicky while forcing the locker door shut. She closed her eyes for a split second and then a locker door was violently slammed in her face.
"DAMN" she yelled, unable to control herself. The responsible of throwing the locker door just stared, his big brown eyes framed by red thick rimmed glasses gazing emptily at her. A bell ringed for the double of the necessary time.
"Oh, sorry" he muttered. His voice was nonchalant, which bothered her. Then she noticed something that bugged her even more. He smelled of booze and it was not even ten in the morning. She stopped thinking when she felt a hot liquid squirming slowly out of her nose. She raised her hand to it and realized it really was blood.
"You drunk son of a bitch!" She yelped, "You made me bleed!"
The hallway was deserted and he just kept looking straight at her, it was extremely creepy. She realized the bleeding wouldn't stop so she rushed out of there and into the nearby girl's bathroom. There was a mirror in it, and she examined the injury. It didn't seem that bad, but it wouldn't stop bleeding. She stuck a piece of toilet paper into the right nostril, and pressed it a bit. She had not bothered on closing the door, since she knew by this time everyone was downstairs eating. It was still a bit too quiet for the average
She considered her options and decided to go to the nurse's office. She should have something to give her...It wasn't that probable. The nurses' office always lacked medications.
As she left the bathroom she bumped into someone. She looked up and saw the same vacant brown eyes. This time she noticed she had voluptuous lips and that his cheeks were flushed.
"Look, as long as you just stay the hell away I won't tell anyone you were drinking. Just let me go to the infirmary before I bleed out" Natz said quickly, noticeably upset.
"I'm sorry" He blurted out, "I didn't see you..I"
Natz got out of his way and walked towards the infirmary. She listened to footsteps following, she turned around and recognized the same guy. "Hey, I told you I wouldn't tell anyone. Now go away-"
"Ya, whatever...Go away Brendon"
"I don't care"
He turned her around briskly, "That was the fire alarm that just ringeg. We've got to get the hell out of here quick"
Natz's eyes got big as she let herself being escorted away by this skinny, big vacant brown-eyed, drunken guy.

They walked together up to the soccer field were everyone was standing. Natz looked for the tallest boy in her class, Pach, which was the one who was in charge of checking who was there or who had been left behind and left Brendon standing awkwardly at the rim of the field. She walked up to him and hugged him as she always did, "I'm here" she muttered. Pach sighed in relief and noticed the toilet paper tucked in her nose.
"What's up with that?"
"Oh, some guy hit me with the locker door"
"What's his name?" he said in a menacing way.
"I was not intentional, don't worry about it" she said as she walked away to look for Kamz and tell her she was there, that she hadn't been killed.
"Weren't you worrying about me huby?"
"No...why would I be worrying about you? I just figured you were talking with Lex or Jhon David and didn't hear the bell..."
"So you didn't think I might've died or something?!" Natz said, hurt.
"It's not like this is a real fire..."
"It's not?"
"It's all an act to see if we could response in time...Even I knew that" Barrios cut in while arranging her ponytails.
Natz looked at them blankly as they started laughing.
"By the way, why do you have toilet paper on your nose?"
"A guy hit me with a locker door. Shit, I've got to go to the infirmary!!"
Natz went running down the stairs.
"Sometimes she worries me..." Kamz said.
"Yeah, I know what you mean" Barrios replied, finally leaving her ponytails alone. They still looked like they'd been done by a five-year old. Kamz laughed at this.
"What?!" Barrios snapped.
"Nothing. I love you, Barrios" Kamz said as she hugged her.

Natz' P.O.V
Where's the stupid nurse?!

I sat in one of plastic chairs near to the door waiting impatiently for the nurse to come. As I waited cursing mentally the door burst open and in came...
In all of his drunken glory.
He was being dragged by a guy with pale skin and longish black hair. His hazel eyes were lined with thick black eyeliner. His bitten nails were painted black, but the nail polish was already chipped. Man was he hot.
He opened the door and stared directly at me, "Where's the nurse?" He spat.
"I haven't seen her. I've been waited for like ten minutes..."
"God dammit" He moaned, "So I have to stay with Urie until she comes? You've got to be kidding me!" he whined as he threw Brendon in the nearest chair and sat next to me.
Brendon looked directly at me and seemed to recognize me. He nodded as a way of greeting. I nodded back.
"So you haven't been able to get your..." Brendon started
"Nope" I cut in and stared at the floor. The hot guy was watching us from the corner of his eye. "So what happen to you?" The hot guy asked.
"Brendon here slammed his locker door in my nose" I replied shyly
The guy snorted, "Typical"
Brendon coughed, "I'm right here, Way. I can hear you"
"Not sure if you'll remember it, though"
There was a long pause. "I'm Gerard, by the way" he said to me.
"It's not like you do. I've hear you drink yourself unconscious."
Awkward silence.
"...I'm Natz"
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