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'Look at him, with his long hair and makeup...he's such a fag'

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Gerard and Natz...

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Chapter 3

The three of them sat awkwardly until the nurse came, thank God that didn't last long. The tension had build up since Brendon's last comment. They hadn't uttered a word ever since. They hadn't moved much either, except to remove their feet when Brendon almost puked on them.
As Yare entered, the three of them explained why they were there. She treated Natz's nose injury and recommended some pills, she sent her away with painkillers. She told Gerard that he could tell his teacher that Brendon would be staying in the infirmary until it was dismissal time. She also reminded him of telling Mrs. Jassir, their principal, of his drunken state. Gerard nodded and walked out of the room, leaving a greenish Brendon kneeling in the toilet spilling his guts out...a bit of the liquid staining his uniform.
As Gerard let himself out he noticed Natz was waiting for him in the stairs.
"I thought you were heading to class" He stuttered.
"Yeah...but I remember I have social studies so it doesn't really matter. Plus, I wanted to ask you something..." She said, staring at her feet as they proceeded up the stairs.
Gerard laughed a beautiful perfect smile "What is it?"
"Do you know why Brendon got himself drunk? I mean, I have nothing against drinking...just not inside school facilities..." She stuttered gracelessly.
"You know, you don't have to say that just because Brendon said I-"
"Oh, I didn't say it because of that-" she interrupted, and then apologized.
"That's good to know...and no, I don't know why he got drunk. He does it all the time, seems to think its fun doing it in school. He does this sort of stuff...I don't really know if I should believe what people on the hallway say. I mean, I know they talk shit about me as well but, anyway, they say that he'll do anyone who gives him a buck. I mean anyone female or male....It's not like I'm homophobic...Actually I've got this friend with which I sometimes makeo-" He opened his hazel eyes suddenly, realizing what he was about to tell her. He was about to continue, hoping she hadn't noticed but then he heard a small laugh start to build up, then a roar exploded. He turned to see Natz's face completely red; she was almost falling because of all the laughter. He was embarrassed.
After she got some composure she put a hand on his shoulder and said reassuringly, "I'm not laughing at what you said, I don't think there's nothing wrong with it...It's just the way you said it was so hilarious..hahaha...I'm sorry, Gerard, I'm making you blush" She stopped laughing and they continued talking. As they passed the entrance of the bathroom someone was staring at her from behind. Natz felt a warm glance and turned to see a guy entering the bathroom in a black hoodie. She wasn't quick enough to see his face and she didn't even cared that much...she was too into the conversation.
They were nearing her classroom and even though it hadn't been the longest conversation she didn't wanted it to end so soon. She stopped in the same spot were Brendon had hit her and Gerard stopped as well.
"I have to go now. It was nice meeting you" she said as she wrapped her arms around him in a hug and kissed his cheek. Gerard froze a second, then returned the hug. It seemed to come natural to her. Gerard Way never hugged anyone. He never even uttered more than a sentence to anyone he hadn't known since kindergarten.
"Yeah, same here" He stammered as she broke the hug. "Can we talk over lunch?" He asked more rapidly than he intended as she turned the doorknob.
"Only if you buy me a cup of coffee" she said, kidding.
"Ok" he answered, quite serious. "I'll meet you in the parking lot, near the flags. I'll drive." He finished, waved and walked away.
Half of Natz was inside the room and the other was outside. She was still shocked as she slipped her other half inside the room and closed the door. All of the class was staring at her. Apparently, the social studies period was over and they were in Spanish class.
Mrs. Lopez knew her and the majority of their classmates for quite some time so it didn't surprise Natz when she let the class start yelling about 'Natalia's new boyfriend', 'Look at him, with his long hair and makeup...he's such a fag' and other things in that matter. Most of the girls were giggling, especially Kamz, Barrios, Chicky and Juliana.
Natz walked to her seat in the back of the room as quickly as possible trying to evade the questions that were being shot at her, her face completely red just as it had been some seconds ago with Gerard. Had they heard when they talked about getting coffee on lunch?
Oh God. Please! They didn't hear that part...No, they didn't. They didn-
Her thoughts were interrupted as Mrs. Lopez said, "Natalia, don't worry. I won't tell anyone that you're skipping lunch at the cafeteria with the Way kid. Just be careful. You know how older men have only one thing in their minds and you all know what that is. Kiddos, remember what I have told you since you were in sixth grade..."

As Mrs Lopez finished dictating the assignment they were supposed to finish in groups of four Kamz and Barrios brought their chairs dashing up to Natz's side. Since Juliana sat at her right side, she just scooted closer.
"So...spill" Kamz said instantly.
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