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Cozy chair in Starbucks

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...Starbucks...I suck at summaries

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Chapter 4

Author's Note:
So...I just noticed I made a HUGE mistake by making Kamz and Natz sing "Champagne..." 'cause FOB hadn't even come together when they were in highschool. So...I changed that by putting this story under 'alternate universe'. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Now, back to the story!

Natz was sitting near the flags, waiting for Gerard to appear with her backpack only holding her Ipod and her wallet. Her friends were sitting in a place were they could watch what was happening. As Natz waited Brendon came walking to her side.
"I see you've stopped bleeding" He said in a satisfied tone
"I see you're no longer talking as if you had speaking problems" Natz replied.
"Yeah, well...Most of it went in the toilet."
"Weren't you supposed to stay in the infirmary until dismissal time?"
"Yup, but since they noticed I was fine and dandy they decided to be mean again and suspend me. So now I'm trying to take advantage on the people that leave school on lunch time by asking someone a ride home, but they all hate me so they haven't been much help. What are you doing here anyway?"
"I'm waiting for Gerard. We're gonna go get some coffee"
Brendon let his head down and was about to reply when Gerard came walking hurriedly.
"Sorry I made you wait, It's just Mrs. Fifi was making us arrange the room so...What's he doing here?" He asked, much less nicely than before.
"Brendon's asking for a ride home...Could we give him a lift?"
Gerard shrugged, noticeably upset. "We could leave him in city limits if you want. But let's hurry...lunch's not that long."
Natz nodded and both of them followed Gerard to a slightly beaten old Mustang.
"It's not much, but..." Gerard began as they climbed into the car.
"It's awesome, at least you have a car" Natz pointed out, signalling Brendon with her head. Gerard laughed at this as he turned the engine on.
"I'm just keeping my mouth shut until we reach the city" He replied in a courteous manner.
"I never thought I'd live to see the day" Gerard replied. "You even make Mikey talk."
Natz shrugged, "Who's Mikey?"
"He's my little brother. He's in 11th with Brendon. That's why I know him."
Natz nodded, finally understanding. Brendon was looking out the window while humming a song; his mind seemed to be in some other place.
Gerard frowned, he hated how sometimes he felt as if he could relate. Gerard coughed as they entered the city and stopped in the corner of the street that was, ironically, full of liquor stores.
Brendon jumped out of the car and cautiously closed the door. He lept to Natz's window and kissed her cheek, "Thanks" he said. Natz beamed, "Just be careful with what you do...there's a lot of temptation 'round". Brendon nodded and got out of the car's way. Gerard continued driving and as they neared a traffic light he gazed at Natz's eyes intently. He hadn't spoken much during the ride.
"So...where are we going?" Natz asked, trying to break the silence that was starting to make her feel uneasy.
"Err...I was thinking Starbucks. Is that okay?"
"Yeah, sure. Hmmm...a Machiatto or a Vanilla Bean? Or or a Frappuchino? Oh....I don't know!!! What are you getting?"
He smiled sweetly as she was trying to decide between all of the heavenly coffees.
"I'll get what you get"
"That's so mean! You know I can't decide" She said while softly tapping his shoulder. The traffic light turned green and Gerard had to shift his attention to the cars that were trying to run them over.

They went to the counter and chose a Vanilla Bean, a regular Expresso and some cookies and muffins. They decided on sharing, since they both wanted the Vanilla Bean and the Expresso but wouldn't be able to drink them both. They settled on a cozy table in the back, cups in hand. Natz had tried to paya hers but Gerard didn't let her.

Gerard's POV
She actually tried to pay. It had been a long time since he had seen a girl trying to pay her part. Most of them just tried to steal your wallet, at least the ones he had grown up with. As she sipped her half of the Expresso slowly he couldn't help noticing how she laughed. Was she laughing at him? Why didn't he catch this earlier? Of course, this was some of his classmates mean jokes. They must be sitting somewhere near watching them. It made him mad. Screw that, it didn't made him mad. It made him furious.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!" He spat. Starbucks went quiet and Natz stopped sipping her coffee. She raised her eyes slightly at him, almost scared, "I-I was burning my t-tongue" she almost whispered, voice trembling. When he looked at her eyes he thought he saw tears coming. He was such an ass.
"I'm sorry, I just thought that maybe you..."
Natz stood up and left her cup on the table while trying to settle her voice, "You know, I think this was a bad idea...I'll just walk home. Thanks for everything...". He grabbed her arm before she proceeded and gently made her sit. "I'm sorry. I was an ass...I just thought you were laughing at me. People tend to do that."
Natz grinned, "Thank God you said that. I wouldn't know how to go home"
He laughed with her as they finished their coffee.
They continued laughing and eating until Natz's phone rang. He sighed as she picked it up.
"Shit... Hey baby!"
"At Starbucks"
"Shit! Is it that late?"
"You did? I LOVE YOU!!"
"Yeah, I guess."
"'Kay. Thanks again, hun. I'll call you as soon as I get home. Bbye"
She hung up.
"Who was that?" Gerard asked frustration in his voice.
"Kamz, my best friend. Did you realize it's been ten minutes since classes ended?"
He let out a gasp.
"Shit, you're kidding?" He looked at his watch. "Fuck it, it's true...I hope I didn't get you into trouble"
"Oh, no. Kamz covered my back. Plus, my mom's away for a couple of months and my stepdad's in charge. I can tell him anything and he'll believe me. Would you get into trouble?"
"I don't even have to behave bad to be in trouble. Teachers hate me. I think I had detention today...but i was planning on skipping anyway."
Natz laughed.
Should he do it? They had only met today...I would seem a little weird. But she hugged him and kissed her today also. She was strange. It was refreshing. No, he wouldn't do it. She was too young, he was too old.
"I think we should get going, though. I can drop you at your place" He said instead.
"Oh. Sure...that would be...err...nice" Natz mumbled. She looked disappointed as they walked out the door and into Gerard's car.

They pulled in the driveway of Natz's building and Gerard killed the engine. "So...what are you doing 'round seven?"
Natz grinned.
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