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The awkward beginning of a surprising night

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The awkward beginning of a surprising night

Chapter 5

Natz POV
I was running into the bathroom, checking that my recently blow dried hair was nice. I had pullet it up in a high ponytail and left my emo flick out. Some stray hairs were fixed with a small hot pink bow. I decided to wear a sleeveless black t-shirt that had "Lily" drawn in hot pink paint with a pair of baggy jeans and a metal stud louse belt I chose my black and pink converse of course. I had applied thick black eyeliner in a cat-eye shape with some light pink glittery touches on top. My lips looked full because of the rosy lipstick I had used.
A round my neck were a choker and a dog tag and my wrists were full of all the beads, strips of leather, and thingies I owned. I wore the black and silver ring that matched Kamz's (I had bought them to symbolize our closeness). My ears were almost covered by gigantic black earrings that look as if it they were stretchers, but they really aren't.
After being satisfied with my appearance I returned to my room and took my purse, stuffing my camera, money, keys and some makeup in it. I zipped my black hoodie half way up and grasped the cell phone. Gerard would be calling any minute now. I walked towards the kitchen, thinking of drinking some water when my phone ringed.
"Hey!" I said, in an upbeat voice.
"Hey! I'm five cars away."
"'Kay, going down then...see you in a sec"
"Okay" He answered back.
I raced to the elevator and quickly pressed floor one. As I ran down the stairs and into the lobby I couldn't stop thinking about Gerard and how I was going to see him in a matter of we were going to a gig together.
I opened the building's front door and as soon as I had a foot out the wind scrambled all of my hair. I groaned as I ran to Gerard's car. I pulled the door open and sighed before turning to him.
He wore baggy black jeans and a black 'Black Flag' t-shirt. His hair was messy and looked even darker, his eyes were smoky and it popped the green out. He wasn't overly groomed, which suited him perfectly. He looked so damn hot.
"Hey you..." I said, passing a hand to take away some of the hairs in my face and gave Gerard a big hug. "Hi..."he mumbled shyly. I laughed at his bashfulness and returned to my seat. He looked me up and down and smirked before adding, "You look quite different"
"You mean less nerdy?"
"Wouldn't put it quite that way" He said as she turned the engine on and drove towards the club.

Gerard killed the engine and stumbled out of the car, he was extremely nervous for some reason. This made Natz feel comfortable, it didn't make her feel as if she was making a total fool of herself. They walked up the stairs and Natz stopped at the entrance.
"Why are you stopping?" Gerard asked, afraid she would reconsider and flip out on him. "I'm just taking it all in. This is gonna be my first gig ever." She sighed slowly and then turned to Gerard, beaming.
"Let's take a picture!" she exclaimed.

Gerard's POV
She was stunning. It was still hard for him to believe that he had only met her today and she had agreed to go out with him. As they entered the dark atmosphere he could feel her adrenaline raising. Just when he thought that he could at least have some control in this area in which he had passed so many nights alone she grasped his hand. It was not in a romantic way, more of a rush of the moment kind of thing. He turned at her and scanned her face. There was joy and expectation shooting out of her like fireworks.
He drove her to his usual table near the bar but also near the stage. She sat down and began taping her long fingers on the table in clear anticipation. "What bands are playing tonight?" she asked, breaking the spell.
"Hmm...random bands. Most of them are just coming out so you never really catch their names. There's this band that's sort of famous, it's called Fall Out Boy and the singer and the bassist-"
"Shit! You've got to be kidding me!"
"You know Fall Out Boy?" he asked, clearly surprised
"Hell Yeah! They're like my favourite band right now!! I've been listening to them for the past five months!"
"Yeah? I love them too. As I was telling you the drums guy and singer go to our school. Actually, they're in my class. They're pretty awesome"
"Spreading rumours Way?" a chubby blonde guy with an 'I love Bingo' cap said. He was wearing a dark red t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
Gerard laughed as he awkwardly shook hands with the guy. "This is Patrick Stump, Natz, the drummer in FOB"
"Hey!" He said giving her a hug. She was taken back and returned the hug clumsily "Hey"
"Heard you were talking 'bout us. Someone saying we were her favourite band ring any bells?"
"Hmm...let me think. No, I don't think so" Natz kidded." Hey, would you mind if I took a picture with you?"
"No, not at all. Go ahead".
Gerard groaned.
"Gerard, come! You're not about to escape this picture either!" Natz exclaimed. After the mini photo session Patrick excused himself and went to arrange some thing backstage. He was cursing his lead singer. Natz left her seat and kissed Gerard's forehead, "I'm so happy you brought me here today. You don't know how much this means to me"
Gerard stayed silent and Natz felt as if she had done something inappropriate so she went back to her chair and sat down, staring anxiously at the stage for something to break the awkward silence she had provoked.
What was she thinking anyway? She had just met him today...
Gerard hesitated and then stood up and walked to the bar. Natz continued to look at his back, wishing for him to talk a bit more to her. She felt someone was watching her again and she scanned the club in search of someone's gaze on her. From one side of the stage she caught a glimpse of a rather brownish-coloured skin guy in a white shirt and what she supposed was a red hoodie and jeans.
She was starting to feel stalked.

And Gerard not talking to her wasn't helping her current mood. Her cheerfulness was slowly fading away. She cradled her face in her hands an tried to control her breathing.

Someone coughed and she looked up. Gerard was holding drinks, slightly smiling his oh so perfect smile. Screw her former mood. She was back to happy.

Man was she moody.

She accepted the drinks with a smile and as she pressed the heavenly alcohol into her mouth she noticed there was a thought in the back of her head annoying her. She put it on hold and focused on Gerard's face. The room began to build up and the lights went down. The stages light flicked and the speakers roared. Then she saw him and they're eyes locked.

"Oh my God" Natz whispered.
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