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I really need a drink...You know what, make it four

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Chapter 6

Natz POV
This is not happening.
No, I'm dreaming.
That's Pete.
You've got to be freaking kidding me

Natz went pale as she lost herself in his voice and his face. His eyes didn't leave her face. He smiled at her as he continued to sing one of her favourite songs.
"Joke me something awful just like kisses on the necks of "best friends"*
We're the kids who feel like dead ends
And I want to be known for my hits, not just my misses
I took a shot and didn't even come close
At trust and love and hope
And the poets are just kids who didn't make it
And never had it at all

Gerard's eyes were upon her, but she just felt Pete's. She was melting away as his sexy voice raised its passion with the chorus
And the record won't stop skipping
And the lies just won't stop slipping
And besides my reputation's on the line
We can fake it for the airwaves
Force our smiles, baby, half dead
From comparing myself to everyone else around me

Natz moved closer to the stage, right in front of Pete. Gerard's gaze burned upon her and she didn't care at that moment. She was becoming one with Pete as he broke their glance only once as he closed his eyes to emphasize on the emotion and need expressed in the lyrics
Please put the doctor on the phone 'cause I'm not making any sense
Blame everyone but me for this mess
And my back has been breaking from this heavy heart
We never seemed so far
I'm hopelessly hopeful, you're just hopeless enough
But we never had it at all

Natz was crying as the chorus began once again, Pete's eyes were making all of her thoughts flood instantly. She didn't even have to hear him sing to know how alone he felt, how he needed her comfort. His eyes closed once again as the song ended and the crowd roared and broke the enchantment. She remembered what he had made her do, and it drove her mad.
Natz returned to Gerard which was about to cuss her out but stopped when he saw her eyes full of fresh tears. "You okay?" He asked.
"Not really" she replied truthfully, "I really need a drink. You know what, make it four"
He nodded and asked the bar tender to send them enough alcohol to kill an elephant; Gerard knew how you sometimes had the urge to get drunk. He knew all about wanting to erase your thoughts with alcohol and pretend to wash them away with every drop of vomit. More than anything, he wanted to forget too. He wanted to disregard his feelings of pure hatred as he saw Natz soften with Pete's song and how they never broke eye contact.
As soon as the band began playing again the drinking games began. Natz was the sort of people that the alcohol can boost but never break. She wasn't the kind of people that started fighting or crying their eyes out. She was the kind that danced in the middle of the dance floor, made out, and touched who ever walked past her. And that was exactly what she did. Except this time she was with Gerard, and he was the one that received all of the above and more.
As Gerard grew drunker he started to feel weak for everything but kissing Natz, and she was more than willing to let him.

Pete was watching her as he did from the day he met her. Damn, he had even changed schools for her! He watched her in the mornings as she danced with her friend on the back of the mini van, when he got a glimpse of her down the hallways and even peeked into her classroom window. But he never let her see him. Except for today, when he saw her come in with Gerard and send Patrick to investigate.

Someone tapped Gerard's shoulder and he broke the kiss rather pissed at the guy who had interrupted them. A rather short, good looking guy was extending his hand towards Gerard. His black and blonde hair suited him perfectly and his hazel eyes were accentuated with a red eye shadow and black eyeliner. His wore a red t-shirt that read "Homophobia is Gay" with black pants and matching shoes.
"Hey Frank. This is Natz, Natz Frankie"
"Hi Frankie" Natz said in a bubbly voice while retreating from Gerard's face.
"Hi! Guys, the club's closing in like a minute and Patrick sort of told me that you were beside drunk so I'm playing babysitter today and driving you home"
"No fun..." Natz said in a childish voice. Frank laughed but Gerard just frowned.
"You mean you didn't drink?" He asked, doubtful while handing him his car keys.
"Yeah, I did. But I think it's safer for someone who doesn't have distractions to drive. You'll have the back seat to yourselves and I'll promise I won't peek....that much"
Gerard laughed as he and Natz stood to follow Frank before adding, "You don't have cash to get you home, right?"
"True, but I didn't want to give Natz the wrong impression"
"Oh, you're so sweet Frankie" Natz said while giving him a quick hug. They went to Gerard's car, Frank slipped into the driver's seat and Natz and Gerard into the back seat. As the engine roared, Gerard put his arm around Natz's shoulder and drove her close to his body.
"I don't want to go home" Natz mumbled as she rested her head on his chest.
"You're already home" Gerard replied, squeezing her hand slightly.
Frank looked at them from the mirror, and a smile slipped his lips. He hadn't seen Gerard talk to any girl like this, not even his mom.
The car zoomed past the almost empty club. But there was still someone on the stairs, his face in his hands. Pete sighed and went inside to help Patrick and the others to arrange the rest of their stuff and then head home.

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