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What's she doing here?

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Chapter 7

I know I should post this fic on the FOB section as well, but what the hell.

Natz's hair was all over her face with rested on a pale bare chest. She lifted herself from the bed she was sharing with the guy and noticed she was wearing a gigantic black shirt with a pair of dark blue boxers. She squinted at the guy lying in bed and recognized Gerard. He was still sound asleep.
The room received no beam of sunlight; it seemed to be a basement. She silently searched in the dark for a door and found one which let to an average bathroom. She locked the door behind her and flicked the lights on. The sink was covered in makeup, there was a brush lying on the floor near dirty laundry. Natz bent down and picked the brush up. She combed her hair into a tight bun and wrapped it with one of her wrist bands. She lifted her bangs from her forehead with a hair pin and washed her face in the sink after putting the makeup aside. She looked a bit pale and her eyes were a tad bloodshot.
She peed and looked at her watch which informed her it was ten thirty. She turned the lights off before leaving the bathroom. Gerard was sitting on the bed, his legs crossed. He seemed to be pondering something but returned to reality by gazing at Natz. She shifted her eyes to the floor and passed an automatic embarrassed hand through the bangs she had already let down. Gerard catched this and replied in a low tone,
"We didn't do it "
"I know we didn't" Natz backfired instantly, "I remember everything"
"You do?" Gerard asked, amazed
"Yeah. But I'm not sure if that's better. I behaved like a slut, and I just met you yesterday...I ended up in your bed!" She erupted while throwing herself by Gerard's side on the bed.
There was a short pause.
"I'm sorry" They both said.
"But it wasn't that bad, was it?" Gerard asked in a small voice.
"No, quite the contrary. I just didn't want you to think I was like that all the time"
"Yeah, me neither"
They smiled at each other's foolishness and Gerard answered her unspoken question.
"I'm thinking pancakes as a hang-over food"
"Couldn't have chosen better myself"
Gerard grabbed the first shirt he found on the floor and led Natz by the hand up the stairs and down the hallway. They went into the kitchen where a tall skinny boy dressed in jogging pants and a 'Anthrax' t-shirt was cooking some pancakes.
"Morning Mikey..." Gerard said, as he entered the kitchen followed hand in hand by Natz. "Morning" Natz said shyly. Mikey turned to them and stood with his mouth open. But he wasn't the only one as Natz realized a minute later. Standing by his side and hidden by the fridge stood Brendon.

"Shit" Gerard and Natz said instantly. Mikey closed his mouth only to open it again to mutter a shocked 'morning'. Brendon just stood there staring at the two of them. Gerard and Natz sat at the counter where a couple of plates were settled.
"Who the hell are you?" Mikey slurred after another minute of silence.
"Er..." Natz began
"She's a friend from school"
"What's she doing here?"
"Manners, Michael"
"What's she doing here" Brendon asked this time
"She slept here because she didn't want to go home alone from yesterday's drinking" Gerard responded truthfully. Natz smiled as she remembered what Gerard had told her yesterday in the car.
" You're already home"
Brendon cocked an eyebrow at Natz's smile and how she was still holding hands with Gerard. He seemed to notice his gaze because he instantly slipped a hand out of her grasp and touched her face gently, "You okay?" he asked.
"Yeah...I was just remembering something"
Mikey coughed making Gerard and Natz turn. "Want pancakes?" he asked signalling the stove.
They both nodded and Brendon scowled before making more batter.

Natz looked at the boys as they all prepared the pancakes. As she looked over the pancakes on the stove her mind swung to yesterday: about Pete and Gerard... how she had to get drunk to stop thinking about Pete and how she had kissed Gerard's warm lips the rest of the night. She wanted to do it again. His elbow slightly rubbed her arm, and she felt her heart skip a beat.
It didn't take them long to have the breakfast set: sizzling pancakes on their plates with a generic orange juice in their glasses. The syrup and butter rested in the middle of the counter.
They all sat and began eating quietly, everyone lost on their own thoughts. Natz nibbled at her last bit of butter-and-syrup covered pancake and swallowed savouring its blissful texture on her palate.
They putted all of the dirty dishes and random dishware into the dishwasher. And stood once again completely lost...
"Do you think I could take a shower?" Natz asked gingerly to Gerard.
"Sure. I'll fetch you a towel..." He said as they walked back downstairs.
Mikey waited for them to close the door before asking, "Now really, who's she and how come she's with my brother?"

Gerard rummaged through the closet in which his mom organized his towels and took a big white one out, handing it to her.
"It seems Mrs Way organizes this closet, 'cause you certainly didn't" Natz commented
"What makes you think that?" Gerard shot back
"Have you even looked at your room? Or bathroom?" Natz chuckled.
"I've got your point" He answered, looking behind his shoulder at Natz's giggling figure with a sideways smile. He wanted to kiss her so bad. Just claiming her lips, and perhaps lying in bed...His thoughts wandered and blushing was just one of his body reactions.
"' I'll enter, then. Any idea were my clothes are?"
He shrugged and threw her a pair of clean black jogging pants similar to those Mikey was wearing and a black shirt.
"Sorry, I don't have much variety". He excused himself.
"Black's a fine colour" She said smiling, before turning her back to him.

Brendon explained Mikey how he and Gerard had met Natz yesterday at school. Mikey seemed genuinely amused, Brendon was rather sulky. Gerard entered the room scratching his head absently and sitting my Mikey's side.
"So what are you doing here, Urie?" He enquired, trying not to make any comments on how he knew they were talking about Natz and him.
"Mikey and I were finishing our Biology project, not that I need to give you any explanations." Brendon spat.
"Chill, you guys" Mikey meddled in before Gerard could answer.
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