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Sweet call between Mortal Kombat yells

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Chapter 8

Natz hurriedly left the bathroom with Gerard's clothes on and hers folded in a neat pile under her arm, clutching her purse on the free one and thanking she had been intelligent enough to bring some makeup. She raced to the main floor were the guys were watching tv, Mikey in between Brendon and Gerard.
"Hey Gerard," Natz said swiftly "I gotta run. I promise I'll return your clothes fully washed on Monday. Thanks for everything. That's for you two as well. Well, BYE!" She finished as she walked towards the door.
Gerard jumped of the couch and crossed the space between them in speed time.
"Why are you going? Where?" He asked without thinking, desperation in his eyes.
"My friend Kamz just called asking me why I was so late...I was supposed to meet her at her place an hour ago...we're doing this long project and she's stuck with two of the people she hates the most and I promised not to leave her alone. I really need to go."
"I'll drive you" he offered
"You can't. Frank kept your car after he dropped us off, remember?"
"Shit, you're right....Er..."
"It's okay, I was planning on going in a cab"
"I'll drive you" Brendon uttered.
Natz, Gerard and Mikey turned at him instantly.
"You can? Oh thank you so much!" She said, throwing her arms around his necks.
"We should get going then" Brendon smirked at Gerard whose mouth was hanging open. Natz waved goodbye at Mikey and hugged Gerard tightly for a second. She was about to set a foot through the door Brendon was holding open when Gerard briskly caught her arm and pulled her body into his, kissing her deeply and passionately. He had an arm wrapped in her waist and his other hand rested on her cheek.
She gave in to his brutal kiss and let him drive her into his spontaneous madness. Mikey coughed and Gerard reluctantly let her go. "Can I call you?" He asked, out of breath. "Ya.." She breathed and smiled at them before leaving their house and walking to Brendon's car, which was parked in the driveway.
As Natz buckled her seatbelt and told Brendon the address she looked once more into the house were Gerard was still standing in the doorway. She waved and he waved back. Brendon snorted as he set the engine on and then the Way house became a blur.
"Why didn't you bring this car to school yesterday?" Natz asked, still thinkning about the man in the doorway.
"'Cause my mom doesn't trust me with it. It's mine but it drives her mad whenever I'm in it so try not to make her worry by not driving it to school"
"Right..." Natz said.
Brendon turned the radio on so it would smooth they're silence. They both sang along as the Goo Goo Doll's 'Iris' played.
"I love that song" they said in unison. As the song ended Brendon pulled the car to the gigantic white house Natz had pointed. "Is this your friend's house?" He asked, amazed.
The house was beautiful. It was white and its windows and door were the sort of old wood that was too elderly to buy in accessible prices. It had a pleasant, rather big front garden with bushes covered in small red flowers on the left and it was surrounded by a black metal fence. It even had an antique lamp-post on the entryway.
Natz nodded, "It was her grandmother's" She said as she took all of her bundles and opened the door. She hugged Brendon before heading out. She walked up to his window and smiling thanked him before opening the fence's door. Natz walked up to the wood door and it was opened instantly by Kamz wearing a grey shirt with a denim skirt and striped leggings under it with her skull shoes on and some eyeliner. She was clearly upset.
"What took you so long?" She spat instantly.
"I love you too honey" Natz said, throwing her arms around her and kissing her cheek.
Kamz made a face as if she was angry, "Why are you wearing that?"
"Err...I need to fill you in on that."
"Hey there honey" Daniel greeted Natz as she walked into the kitchen where they were working.
"Hey Daniel, Hey Julian" Natz saluted as she bended to give them both a quick kiss on the cheek.
Julian cocked an eyebrow, "Why are you wearing that?"
"I didn't have time to go home to change" She answered truthfully. Daniel's, Julian's and Kamz's mouth dropped open.
"Let's finish this shit quickly so you can tell me all about it" Kamz ordered quickly.

The four of them had finished the project. Kamz and Natz were on Kamz's sister room on her bed and Natz had just finished telling Kamz everything that had happened yesterday while Julian had kicked Daniel's ass playing Mortal Kombat.
"Shit..." Kamz mumbled, unable to suppress a smile from her lips.
"Yeah" Natz said as she turned to look at the clock on top of Kamz's sister's TV.
1:13 pm
Kamz was looking for Natz's camera on her purse and started looking at the photos. "These are some great blackmailing pictures..."Kamz commented. Natz took the camera away from her and started looking at the pictures.
Apparently someone had taken the camera while she and Gerard danced and made out. Then the first pictures showed up and she looked at the ones she had taken with Gerard before entering the gig and the one with Patrick. There were some when she had gone to the stage right in front of Pete. There were even some close-ups on both of their faces. Then came some of Natz and Gerard drinking.
"Shoot..." Natz mumbled as her cell phone rang. She read the screen
Gerard Kamz sniggered as she took a look at the screen too and Natz answered in an thrilled voice.
"Hey..." he sounded sleepy, "so how's your project going?" he asked. Kamz kicked Daniel out of the game and started playing against Julian as Natz answered,
"We finished it already. Where you sleeping?"
"That's good...Yup, I was. In my now neatly made room"
She cackled, "Neatly made? Right, as if that was possible"
"Well, mum's got magic powers"
"I'd never thought I could find you more scary, now I know I was wrong" Julian muttered in a small voice.
Natz giggled childishly as she replied "That explains it all"
"What cha laughing at?"
"Kamz kicking Julian's ass in Mortal Kombat"
"HELL YEAH!" Kamz yelled.
Both of them laughed on the phone.
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