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Do what you think is best

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Chapter 9

It was Sunday morning and Natz's iHome alarm woke her up. She slowly walked out of her room with her orange, fuchsia, light blue and green striped pyjama pants and an oversized fuchsia shirt and into the kitchen. She served herself some cereal and yogurt on a big cup and headed for the green and yellow hammock on the living room. She turned the tv on and watched Gilmore Girls while she had her breakfast.
There was not much to do on a Sunday. She decided to do some laundry, clean the house, do homework and wash her hair. The day passed by slowly and she felt asleep at seven thirty while listening to Yellowcard's 'Holly Wood Died'.

Gerard's POV
It was only seven thirty when Gerard decided to get up from his bedroom and head for the kitchen.
"Are you fasting today?" Mikey asked, seeing his brother for the first time in the day.
Gerard ignored the sarcasm in his voice and replied a dry "No" while making himself a P&J sandwich and some coffee. A short chubby woman with blonde hair entered the kitchen with concern in her face.
"Gee, why did you skip school on Friday? Mrs Jassir called." she enquired preoccupied.
"I wasn't skipping, mom, I just went out in lunch time for some coffee and got caught up"
"Caught up with what?" His mother asked instantly
"Perhaps it has something to do with the girl that slept here that same Friday" Mikey offered. Gerard only glared at him, shifting his eyes to look at his mother's reaction.
"You were drunk, weren't you?" She muttered almost too low for Gerard to listen.
"Are you suggesting that a girl has to be wasted to spend the night with me?" He fired back. His mom's eyes widened, she was visibly hurt.
"I'm sorry" Gerard apologized, taking his sandwich out of the microwave as it had started beeping signalling the end of the 30 seconds Gerard had tapped earlier, and went downstairs with his coffee on his free hand.
Donna looked at her other son instead, a questioning look in her eyes. "Yes" He answered and kept quite for some seconds before adding, "She was nice, though"
Donna's eyes lit up and she nodded as she went back to her room.

Natz opened her eyes and looked at her cell phone.
4: 43am
She stretched and crawled out of bed and went directly to the kitchen. She was extremely sleepy for some reason. She prepared some soy milk and added coffee to wake her up. She usually had breakfast after bathing, but what the hell. After eating she walked into the bathroom As she brushed her teeth she noticed her watch's screen read 2: 33
/Who was the jack ass that changed my watch's time. Now I've got to look for the manual to change it back...I swear to God, one of these days.../ Natz thought as she stepped into the shower.
She returned to her room fully showered and as she applied deodorant she looked again at her iHome's clock.
"Shit" she mumbled as she pulled her underwear on, flicked the lights out and jumped in bed, trying to wear away the coffee's effect. She rolled over and repeated "Shit".

Natz was filling Barrios and Juliana in with all her weekend's details.
"How come you got to do all of that without your mom noticing?" Juliana asked, amazed.
"My mom's out of town for month. She went on Friday at about twelve thirty"
"How come I didn't know that?" Barrios shrieked, "I could've totally crashed at your place"
"That's exactly why I didn't tell you" Natz kidded.
The rest of them laughed.
"But why did you drink that much? You're such an alcoholic" Juliana continued.
Natz decided to shut up and continued looking to Franco Zeffirelli's version of Romeo and Juliet they were watching instead of answering; she didn't want to start this sort of conversation right now. Instead, she decided to think about Gerard. He hadn't called yesterday but it didn't worry her that much. She was beginning to make up her mind that Gerard probably didn't even like her and that maybe he was just bored that weekend and needed someone to hang out with.
It was better thinking that way than to start daydreaming and creating expectations that would most likely end up not becoming true. Someone knocked the door and walked behind the crowd of kids intently watching Romeo's naked butt and towards Mrs. Fifi.
"Look at his ass..." Viviana purred "It makes you wanna squeeze it" she said, acting as if she was squeezing something in mid air. Some laughed at the back, it was a strange laugh so everyone turned to see Frank standing there as Mrs. Fifi paused the movie.
"Kids, Mr Iero needs to make an announcement" Mrs Fifi said as nodded towards Frank. Frank didn't seem to notice she was giving him permission to talk until she coughed.
" were talking about me. Yeah, Mr Iero...ANYWAY. Guys, tomorrow its Saint Patrick's Day so you can wear a green shirt, jeans and random shoes." He said as he walked towards the door and he girls sighed at how handsome he was. He turned briskly, spotting Natz and waved furiously at her with a gigantic smile on his face. Natz waved back and grinned as he left the room.
"Who was that?" Viviana asked Natz instantly.
"That's Frank...Iero, I guess. I think he's a senior"
Kamz whispered in her ear "Is he the one that drove you guys home?"
"Yeah" Natz answered before returning her attention to the movie.

Frank returned to his twelve grade, pushing the door open.
"Where were you exactly, Mr. Iero?" Mrs Myrna, the Biology teacher, asked in her high-pitched voice.
"Why don't you just call me Frank? It's extremely confusing when you use my last name..." Frank yawned as he went to the back of the room and sat at Gerard's side.
"You haven't answered my question, where were you?" Mrs. Myrna repeated.
"Doing student council business" Frank replied. Mrs Myrna raised an eyebrow and Frank added, "I was telling ninth and eight grades that they were they're able to come with green shirts, whichever shoes and jeans tomorrow." He said hastily.
Mrs Myrna nodded, satisfied and continued talking about a lab activity. "I saw Natz" Frank said, turning to Gerard.
"Yeah?" He said, rather sleepily.
"Yeah....what's wrong?" Frank asked, concerned.
"Nothing important...I just had a fight with mom"
"With Donna? How come?"
"Well...Mikey sort of said that Natz had spent the night over-"
Pete turned instantly, as everyone else around them did, Gerard sighed.
"Class!" Mrs. Myrna yelled. Everyone acted as if they were looking at her, but tried to listen to the conversation Gerard and Frank were having.
"And mom instantly assumed we were drunk-"
"But you were..."
"Yeah, but that's not the point. The thing's that apparently she thinks that the only way a girl could spend the night over is by being drunk unconscious."
The rest of the class snorted in agreement. This made Gerard mad.
"STOP LIVING OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S LIFES AND GET YOUR OWN!!! " Gerard yelled madly as he stood up and walked out of the dumbfounded class. Frank stared at him in disbelief, so did Mrs. Myrna. She looked at Frank and consented him to go look for Gerard.
Frank walked out of the room and took the hallway that passed the teacher's room and led to the library. He walked up the stairs to the football field and found Gerard sitting behind a big rock, cigarette in hand. Gerard took a long drag as he started to talk about the other things that were bothering him.
He started by explaining Frank his actual mental confusion concerning Natz...of all the things that had happened in the gig before Frank drove them home...and about Pete and Natz.
After listening intently Frank responded in a simple sentence, "Do what you think is best". I was exactly what Gerard needed to hear. Frank sat on top of Gerard and licked cheek as he went back to Biology class. Gerard chuckled as he cleaned his cheek with his sleeve.

Author's Note
I know this was sort of crappy but I'm really bored and hungry right now so I can't think straight
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