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Not really. I mean, we slept together, made out, got drunk but we're not into anything serious

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Chapter 10

Kamz, Barrios, Juliana and Natz were walking downstairs, it was recess time and they were extremely hungry. Since it was Saint Patrick's Day Kamz and Natz wore a light jade t-shirt, jeans and converse. Kamz had an elaborate makeup, consisting of black eyeliner and different shades of green on her eyelids. Natz, on the other hand, had only lined her eyes lightly with liquid black eyeliner and applied some Neutrogena lip balm. They passed seventh grade and Natz went running to hug her cousin. She had straight brown hair that fell half her back, was really skinny and wore glasses.
"ANA!!!" Natz screamed as she almost chocked her cousin in a bear hug, lifting her lightly from the ground. She let her go as Kamz hugged her and went to hug her other sweetie pies. She embraced Jhon David, Lex and gave Pipe an extra kiss on the top of the head. He really needed it since Ana's mom had found about their secret relationship and had made them break up, and it made him especially miserable.
All of them walked together to the entrance stairs, near the second grade A doors, were they always sat at recess an lunch time. As Kamz sat she handed Natz the money they 'shared' (in reality it was Kamz's money but they used it for both of them) so she and Barrios could walk towards the cafeteria and buy their food.
"There are a whole lot of people!" Barrios moaned, "Let's go to the other cafeteria".
"'Kay" Natz agreed. They went down the stairs and Natz waved to the rest of Ana's classmates. As they walked Barrios was talking to her about her birthday plans. They were discussing about what band was going to play, a lot of Barrios' myspace friends were from local bands and several of them had offered to play. They passed some of her classmates and entered the place in which they made P.E.. They walked below the volleyball thingy and passed the big tree. They finally came to where the other cafeteria was. This was the cafeteria they were supposed to use anyway, it was supposed to be from grades nine to twelve but they shopped on the other one because it was nearer.
Natz handed Barrios the money while commanding, "One of the big cookies1, one Nestlè2 ...hmmm...a vanilla ice-cream and a Frutto3"

Barrios repeated while nodding and pushing everyone out of the line so she could buy first. Natz laughed at this and then someone put his hands over her eyes.
"Eerr...Eileen?" She tried to guess. The person gently shook her head.
"If it's you Daniel, I don't have money." She heard Gerard's sweet laugh as a response as he let her go. She wrapped her arms around him tightly. "Hi!"
"Who's Daniel?" He asked as he brushed a spare hair out of his eyes.
"One of my classmates that always wants to borrow money"
Natz eyed Gerard closely. He was wearing a dark forest green shirt with baggy black jeans and the same dark sneakers. Today, apart from his usual thick black eyeliner, there was a slight touch of green that accentuated his hazel eyes. She smiled at him and was about to open her mouth to compliment him when...
"NATALIA GET YOUR BIG ASS HERE!" Barrios yelled, getting a furious glare from Mr. Omar, the philosophy teacher. Natz ran to her side and took was she was handing her before she went running past her so that Mr. Omar wouldn't give her any discipline consequences. Natz giggled and walked towards Gerard again.
"You're eating all of that?" He asked, surprised.
"No! This is all for Kamz...except for the Frutto, that one's mine"
"Who was the one that yelled at you and then went running?" Gerard asked as they started moving out of Mr. Omar's reach and by the direction Natz and Barrios had come.
"It's one of my friends, her name's Maria Alejandra but we call her by her last name which is Barrios. Funny things is, her foot it is killing her so she must be cursing at Mr. Omar right now."
Gerard chuckled. They continued to talk about things that Frank had done concerning teachers and how he always ended up blaming Gerard...even when Gerard wasn't in school.
"You know, Frankie went to my class yesterday. He waved furiously and all of the girls were glaring at was hilarious"
"Yeah, he said all of you were watching Romeo's ass" Gerard said, watching Natz's reaction from the corner of his eye.
"Well, what can I say? You just can help it" she responded, snorting even louder at Gerard's astounded face. They walked all the way to where the others sat and Natz gently threw Kamz the Nestlè, and the cookie but had the delicacy to hand her the ice cream. She noticed all of them were staring at Gerard rather confused so she introduced them.
"Gerard this is Kamz ,my husband sitting in the corner; Chicky at her left...this one right here is John David; Barrios is the one that yelled at me and went running out of Mr. Omar's reach-" there was a pause while everyone burst out laughing, "Here's Juliana the one with curly hair; and my favourite cousin ever, Ana. Everyone, this is Gerard."
"Hey..." All of them said in unison. Then there was complete silence. Natz stared at everyone and locked eyes with Kamz, they started laughing like maniacs. Gerard looked at them trying to suppress a smile.
"'re in eleventh grade, right?" Barrios asked Gerard, trying to make conversation.
"Nope, I'm a guys are in ninth grade?"
"All of them except for John David and me, we're on seventh grade" Ana replied.
"They're my sweetie pies" Natz declared smiling wildly. "Our sweetie pies" Kamz corrected her and grinned just as madly as Natz had done, leading to another session of sonorous laughter. Gerard sat by Natz's side and she rested her head on his chest as she continued to double up laughing. Barrios and Gerard began talking about music with Ana and John David. Juliana and Chicky continued studying the philosophy test they were having the period after this one.
Natz was silent for a moment and then took Gerard's arm. He stopped talking instantly and turned to her, "What's wrong?" Natz only stood up and motioned the others to continue talking. She walked Gerard down the stairs and near the flag posts. She let her back fall gently on the rocky wall and stared at Gerard's eyes.
"I like your makeup" she said as she pulled Gerard towards her by the collar. She kissed him as she had never kissed someone before. His hazel eyes were shocked at first, but it didn't take long for him to give in and put his arms before him, as if blocking Natz's way if she ever dared to leave.
Their kisses were full of a slow, delicate sweetness...then they started to get brutal. Each wanted from the other what they hadn't completely gotten in past relationships. But then the bell rang and Natz put a stop to their passion by leaning on him. She was trying to calm her breath but it was impossible, Gerard was still there. His presence seemed to have a spell on her. She rummaged his hair with her hands, noticing how wonderful it was. Their foreheads collided delicately and they looked intently onto each others' eyes.
"We should go" She mumbled, obviously not wanting to. He groaned as she led her way up the stairs.
"Shit, Castrillo's gonna leave me out of the classroom!" Natz said as she ran up the stairs and quickly took her books out of her locker followed closely by Gerard. Castrillo was about to close the door and lock it when Gerard's foot got in the way. Castrillo was about to yell at him when Natz opened the door more and went inside, gently kissing Gerard's lips and locking the door behind her.
"Hi Mr..." She said sweetly. Castrillo couldn't hide his shock as he walked towards the almost empty classroom. Minutes later the rest of the class was tapping the window and Castrillo signalled them to get a tardy slip. It was the same thing every class. Except that this time Natz had kissed an extremely hot guy who seemed to be into her as much as she was into him.
Natz went to the back of the room were her friends were sitting. "So, you guys are an item now?" Juliana asked, visibly disappointed.
"I didn't think he was going to be that..."Kamz said, biting her lip in a sensual kind of way.
"Yeah" Barrios agreed.
"I know" Natz concurred while smiling. Juliana stared at her so she was forced to respond, "Not really. I mean, we slept together, made out, got drunk but we're not into anything serious"
Alejandra turned, listening to Natz's last sentence. "Why do I always hear the weirdest part of your conversations?" She asked.
"I don't know. Gossip antenna" Natz kidded. Both of them sat in their corresponding seats and Natz avoided the rest of the conversation that she was sure would come by arranging her books neatly under her chair.

This is are gigantic chocalte chip cookies that are sold at my school...They're great and Kamz loves to eat them
It's a milk chocolate from the Nestlè brand...It's heaven
This is the brand of a juice I totally ADORE. It's sweetened with fructuosa, and my favourite's the pear one.
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