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Damn my inattentive, skinny and lying being

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Chapter 11

Author's Note
You guys I'm sorry I haven't been able to post the knew chapters until now. You see, my internet's been a bitch and my stepdad hasn't gotten it fixed yet. Kamz was kind enough to upload them, thanxs again honey I LOVE YOU!

Natz and Kamz were jumping out of the mini van, when Natz collided with someone...she recognized his alert eyes instantly. It was Pete. Natz grunted an apology and slightly pushed Kamz to move on.
"That's some luck you have..."Kamz said sarcastically.
"Yeah, lucky me...woop woop" Natz replied mockingly.
Pete stared at her in disbelief. Then someone hit his arm. "Are you gonna move or what?" Brendon spat. Then he realized who Pete was staring at and gave him a nasty look.
"NNNAAAATTZZZZZ!" Brendon yelled at the top of his lungs. Natz froze and turned, obviously irritated...her face seemed to relax a bit when she saw it was Brendon. Not as much as he'd liked but it was okay.
"Hey Brendon" Natz said, sleepiness combined with a slight irritation. Brendon and Kamz stared confusingly at each other. Natz introduced them,
"Kamzy this is Brendon Urie. Brendon, this is Kamz Caicedo," Natz pointed at Brendon "Drunk kid who almost broke my nose" she pointed at Kamz, "and best-o-fucking friend." They both chuckled.
"Although it's really nice to see you, what the hell did you wanted?" Natz asked.
"Whoa, someone's got an attitude" Brendon said while putting a lazy arm around Kamz and Natz, "You see...someone left a mysterious object in my car. After further inspection I gathered it was from the Neutrogena brand and learned it was a perfect lip balm. See how moist they are?" He said, forming a kiss with his big. luscious lips. Natz and Kamz laughed.
"Are you planning on returning it?" Natz said as they reached the top of the stairs.
"Not really, I just wanted to be a nice boy and tell you so you would stop looking for it"
"You'd make a lousy thief" Natz stated, while opening the door for both of them to enter the classroom.
"That's what you think...Bye! Nice to meet you Kamz!!"
"Bye!" Natz said while entering and holding the door open from the inside.
"Bye! too" Kamz said, entering. Brendon went on his way.
"OH MY GOD!" Natz growled as she threw her backpack on the floor and collapsed on her chair.
"Isn't your Ipod on the front pocket?" Kamz asked, preoccupied for her current music provider.
"Mrs. Balza..." Mrs Myrna said disapprovingly, while entering the classroom.
"Morning Mrs Myrni! Looking radiant today!" Natz beamed. Kamz chortled at her friend's way of apologizing and went out of the classroom to get her books out of the locker.
As soon as she opened it books came spilling out, almost knocking her skinny body to the ground. Someone slipped with her religion book and landed on top of her rulers, smashing one in half.
"Sorry!" Both of them said in unison. They laughed as they recognized each other. It was Brendon.
"I'll replace that" Brendon said, signalling to the ruler he had broken as he helped her pick up her books.
"Okay...thanks" Kamz said, taking the books he was handing her.
"I was just being polite...I didn't mean it" Brendon said, pouting.
"Well, I wasn't going to ask for it, but since you offered I'm gonna take your word on that. I have technical drawing tomorrow so be sure to look for one." she said as she left only some of the books outside and elbowed her locker close.
"I'll keep that in mind. I learned something new today: 'Being polite only means spending more money'"
"Wise thought". She giggled as she waved and entered the room again. Brendon stood there, astonished. Buying a new ruler was really NOT in his plans.
"Damn my inattentive, skinny and lying being" Brendon muttered, smiling as he went back to his classroom. Mikey had been watching him from the balcony, "Why did you go back down?" he asked, a quizzical look on his face.
"I don't know... I just wanted to" Brendon said as he walked towards the classroom's door, waving a careless hand behind him.
"Was it because of this Kamz chick?" Mikey asked. Brendon froze instantly and turned.
"How do you know her name?" Brendon asked quickly.
"I'm an amazing lip reader" Mikey stated.
"You were one floor up, Mikey, I'm not that stupid. There's no way you could have read our lips" Brendon squeezed his eyes at Mikey, trying to figure out if he was lying or not.
"Think what you want. So, was it because of her?"
Brendon stared at him a second before responding, "She's too skinny"
"Is that a problem?"
"She's too skinny" Brendon repeated as he entered the room.
"You're too skinny" Mikey pointed out, tailing him.
"Then she's too short" Brendon retorted.
"Once again, you're too short"
"You're never gonna drop this, right?" Brendon said, annoyance starting to show on his face slightly.
"By the way, do you have a ruler I can borrow? A technical drawing one?"
"Why? It's not like you even do technical drawing"
"I smashed hers"
"Oh...I guess I could take one of Gerard's...he's got plenty"
"Ok. I guess he'll be of some use"
Mikey lifted his shoulders, and then went quiet.
"Do you have a thing for Natz?"
"Not really...I mean, I'd like it if she and I were friends but apart from that, no"
"Then why are you so pissed at Gerard?"
"He just pisses me off"
"Jesus, now there are TWO topics you'll never gonna drop"

It was finally Friday and Natz and Gerard had skipped last period and were lying under a tree near the football field. They're eyes were closed and they had been silent for about ten minutes. Gerard breathed heavily before asking,
"What are we?"
"What do you mean?"
"You know what I mean"
Natz sighed, "I don't know"
Gerard shrugged as he sat up, looking down on Natz. She opened her eyes and smiled as a sunbeam reflected on the back of Gerard's head. She wanted to kiss him but she knew he wanted to talk about something important.
"Do you like me?"
"Of course!...Do you like me"
"Yes, more than I thought I could after just a week of knowing each other..."
"Do you want to be with me?" He asked.
"I don't know"
Gerard let an annoyed sigh slip his lips and he let his body fall back into the grass, landing with a loud thump. It must've hurt. Natz rolled to his side, rested her head on his shoulder and her arm on his chest.
"Why don't you know?" Gerard asked, hurt visible in his eyes.
"Because you're leaving"
"In only a few months you're leaving. You're finishing school and you'll leave me. I like you, I like you a lot but...I just can't stand the fact of b-being with you and then... not having-g yo-uu" Natz blurted out, the last part dashed with a voice that promised tears soon.
Gerard was silent, trying hard to calm himself and hoping Natz's breathing would come back to normal. Just as he was going to start talking he felt warm tears wetting his shirt.
"You've really thought about this, haven't you?"
Natz nodded on his shoulder, trying to wipe away the tears that had escaped her eyes.
"I can't promise you I'm going to be there for you forever, because that would be lying...But wouldn't it be nice to take advantage of the good stuff we have right now? I mean, you wouldn't know when you're gonna stop breathing, you know? Today a car might run me over and then I'll regret a lot of things...Don't you agree?"
Natz was silent for a long time, breathing heavily in Gerard's ear. Suddenly, she sort of stood up and kissed Gerard's lips vigorously, pressing her chest into his. Gerard rolled her over, and now he was on top of her...body pressing slightly. They continued kissing until they were out of breath.
As she was beginning to gain her breath once again, Natz put a hand on Gerard's cheek and stroked as she whispered an emotional, "Yes Gerard. I'd love to be with you"
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