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Wentz Dilemma

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Chapter 12

"So, what are we doing today?" Kamz asked as she and Natz talked on the phone.
"Err...I don'f know. Movies?" Natz suggested.
"Sure. We can even get a chocolate fondue at Creppes1!"
"Okay, that sounds coolcSo, meet you there?"
"How the hell are you getting there?"
"Err...hitchhike?" Natz kidded
"Be ready at five thirty, my sister will pick you up. Why don't you stay over?"
"Ok, I'll pack some clothes then. See you baby"
Kamz hung up and turned to Mikey lying on her bed.
"Remind me again, why are we doing this?" Kamz asked, looking down.
"Cause I want to know what's up with Natz and Pete. Don't you want to know?" He asked her.
"Yeah but I still haven't understand this yet. How are you planning on pulling this off?" She said as she threw herself on bed.
"Well, I heard Pete and Joe were going to the movies so.."
"Wait, why is Wentz going out with Joe? I thought Joe was in your class? And why is Wentz even dating Joe? Is he gay or something?" Kamz cried out.
Mikey laughed.
"Yeah, Joe's in my class. No, they're not gay they just sort of click, they met each other at some band gig and go to the movies from time to time."
"Oh, get it. Still, it's rather /weird/h Kamz pronounced, furrowing her brow.
"What are you, homophobic?"
"No. I just think it's a waste. I mean, Wentz's hot and Joe's cute."
"I guess so..." Mikey rolled his eyes as took his backpack from Kamz's bed. "See you then" he said as he kissed Kamz's lips sweetly.
"What was that for?" She asked, pissed backing off slightly.
"You do that with you-know-who all the time and I always wanted to do it, so I just did it" Mikey smirked.
"You're such an ass sometimes. Get the hell out of my house" Kamz kidded as she kicked his ass with her foot.
"I'm going, I'm going! Good Lord woman!!!"
As he left her room Kamz's sister looked at him in a odd way. She was skinny, sort of brunette and with long hair that fell to her waist dyed of a mix of blonde, reddish shades and light brown that suited her perfectly. She rolled her eyes dark brown eyes lined with electric blue eyeliner at her little sister's companion as she walked past him towards her room.
"Bye Mary!" Mikey yelled mockingly. "Good to see you too!"
Kamz laughed way after Mikey had left. She was still laughing when they went to pick Natz up.

Natz's POV
I didn't have much to do so I had taken my time getting ready. I had dedicated special time to my makeup. I used a light fuchsia on my eyes with a soft purple shade to add details; I lined them with liquid black eyeliner carefully and applied lots of jet black mascara.
My clothes consisted of a dark pair of baggy jeans with a black t-shirt in which I had painted a white rosary and the outline of a vest. " " /I really do own that shirt, I did it myself =D/" " I had my regular converse and a lot of beads, laces, and etc dangling from my wrists, I chose those that had any shade of pink or black in them so I ended up with a whole lot. I placed a fuchsia ribbon on my hair as a head band and made the final touches on my makeup aka applying lip balm and checking the eye shadow.
I took my purse in which all of my regular stuff was lazily packed and also took my school bag in which I had placed all of the things I would be needing to stay at Kamz. I looked at my watch
/5:30 pm/.
I took my house keys and left the apartment. Kamz had just arrived in Mary's car when I got to the first floor. I said my proper hellos and eyed Kamz as I kissed her cheek lightly. She was looking extremely pretty. She wore her little skull leggings with a black short on top and a red shirt that read
I'll marry Iggy Pop
And her skull shoes. She wore her long wavy hair down and had applied black makeup with dashes of red. They were definitely intimidating. We started talking about nonsense until we arrived at the mall. We thanked Mary and happily got out of the car.

Kamz POV
"So...the movie starts at seven thirty...Wanna get the chocolate fondue now?" Natz asked
"YES!" I replied eagerly. As soon as we started going up the electric stairs I eyed Mikey near coffee stand. He waved and pointed upstairs, to where Natz and I were heading. I nodded slightly and Natz took it as if I was humming a song, which wasn't out of the ordinary. I hated to do this to Natz but I really wanted to know what the hell had happened between Wentz and her. We took another flight of stairs to the third floor and entered Creppes. We took a table relatively exposed and ordered. I saw Wentz enter with Joe, talking animatedly and I instantly tensed. Would he go directly to Natz? Would he ignore her? Damn.
"Baby, would you mind asking one of those ladies how much would a litter of Belgian chocolate cost? I really have to go to the bathroom. Thanks" I said as I stood up and went to the bathroom. Natz was already up before I had given her my lame excuse and went directly t were Wentz was with Joe. She enquired the lady what I had solicited her to ask and halted as she realized she had been staring directly at Pete.

Before Natz could do anything else Pete took her arm and rove her out of Creppes, "We need to talk" he said firmly as he sat her down.
She regained composure and muttered, "About what?"
"Are you still mad at me?"
"Are you freaking kidding me?!" Natz stated, her voice rising slightly.
"I'm only asking..."
"I can't believe I'm listening to this. Pete, I almost ditched school for you! I was willing to fucking be with you and go with you on your wreck of a van for that tour! I was this close to give you all of my savings and devote my life to you and then you just...ARRGHH! I can't believe this! I DON'T HAVE TO HEAR ANY OF THIS CRAP AND I DON'T WANT TO EVER SEE YOU AGAIN! IF THERE'S ANYTHING I WANT FROM YOU IS YOUR MUSIC, AND THAT'S AS FAR AS IT WOULD GO!" She was screaming at the top of her lungs now and people were staring at her absorbedly now. Kamz came running out of Creppes as she heard her best friend screaming. She hugged Natz as she entered Creppes again.
"Let's just eat this thing and find somewhere I won't find him. I hope we would've chosen another movie that wasn't this late. Goddammit!" She roared as one of the ladies sat Pete and Joe on the only table available, the one next to them.

Kamz felt guilt sting at her. She raised her eyes to Creppe's door and found Mikey was watching them. She sighed heavily and turned slightly to the table in which Pete and Joe sat. Joe was trying to make a joke about the spoonfuls of chocolate and the rolled wafer stick protruding in between.

1= Creppes and Waffles. A famous restaurant from where I come from that has amazing ice creams. Kamz and I love the chocolate fondue they serve. The coffee's also great. There's one in the mall we go all the time.

Author's Note
Sorry if there's any strange thingies, my comp totally scrambled this chapter...
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