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Wentz Dilemma II

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Natz's point of view on what happened with Pete... I suck at summaries...

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Chapter 13

Kamz and Natz were walking towards the cinema.
"Do you really want to go in? I mean, I understand it if you don't-" Kamz asked, rudely interrupted by her friend, "Cut it. Yeah, I want to. I need some distraction...". Kamz sighed as they entered the cinema.
"Popcorn?" Natz asked.
"Yeah, you?"
Natz was standing in line with the money while Kamz waited by her side. For some reason they always did it that way, Natz bought everything but Kamz handed most of the money. It was some sort of unspoken agreement they had.
Kamz was playing with her hair when someone tapped her shoulder lightly. She didn't even have time to turn; she was being rapidly forced away from Natz's gaze.
Mikey turned her around and spoke quickly, "So...that was quite SOMETHING, wasn't it?"
Kamz twisted her head towards were Natz was standing and detected she hadn't noticed she wasn't there anymore. "Yeah, but I'm still confused...I can't believe I never found out about any of this"
"Yeah, well this is the time for you to use the 'best friend' card"
Kamz raised an eyebrow instantly, "What the fuck's that?"
"Come on!" Mikey said, opening his eyes in a slightly menacing way. Kamz continued to stare at him sternly.
"You know, 'Please tell me, I'm your BEST FRIEND! If you don't trust me then who are you going to trust? Blah blah blah'."
Kamz shook her head, "No way. I'm not doing that. That's way to shitty"
"Well then I'll guess you'll never find out. I, on the other hand, have other means. But, ok, it's your decision."
Kamz rolled her eyes at Mikey as he left and she returned to Natz's side. "Where were you?" Natz asked, heading for the left aisle.
"What do you mean? I've been by your side all along"
"You were? Oh, honestly..."
They both sighed as they gave one of the assistants their tickets and started looking for their seats; the lights were still on in the otherwise pitch black cinema. They located their seats and sat down.
"So I guess we entered quite early, huh?" Natz said distractedly.
Kamz shrugged, "Hey...what happened with Wentz?". Kamz looked up to see Natz's reaction and noticed she was biting her nails. She regretted asking instantly: it had been about four years since Natz had stopped biting her nails, she was very proud of having long strong ones now. Well, not now but until that moment.
Natz sighed heavily and stared deeply into Kamz's big brown eyes for a minute before starting.
"I knew I would eventually need to explain all of this to you...Remember the last December vacations you went to Chicago? Well, some Saturday I went with Barrios to a gig and Fall Out Boy was playing all night...I had a couple of drinks on me and somehow I ended up talking to Pete...after some weekends we started...we started dating" She spoke the last word rapidly. There was a small noise of people sitting on the aisle on top of theirs. Both of them ignored it.
"And then you came back and I continued to date him, that's why I didn't get to go to most of our gatherings and movie nights and all of that stuff. So then about 2 months after he told me he was going on tour and asked me to go with him. I said 'Hell yes' and was starting to think of a way to get some money out of my mom.
Anyway, the day we were supposed to go on tour I was waiting for the van to pick me up in one of the bus stops. I waited for an hour and it didn't show. I call Pete's cell and nothing. I didn't have any of the other band member's numbers cause I hadn't even met them. I didn't care bout any of them. I just wanted to be with him, and he had asked me to...I had agreed. So then I finally got pissed and took a cab to where I knew was the van's last stop.
I was walking towards it when I noticed something on the window. I looked closely and there was that stupid ass with some bimbo. I still can't believe that. I ran a few blocks and took a cab home. He had the nerve to call and say that 'He was confused' and 'Sorry...We'll talk when I get back babe'. I let him believe I didn't knew anything cause I was too shocked and confused to say anything. Then he came back and I just ignored it. He didn't seem to mind..."
Kamz was frozen, her mouth opened slightly. She quickly wrapped her arms around Natz while she cleaned the single tear she had shed with the back of her hand.
Someone shifted uncomfortably on the row on top of theirs. They were about to glance back when the lights turned off and the movie started playing. Both of them tried to shoo their thoughts away and try to focus on the movie: it was what they needed right now.
" that was what she saw..." Pete muttered, looking down on Natz. "Fuck"

Author's note
Sorry it was a sort of crappy chapter, and it wasn't that long either. But I need to finally explain what had happened from Natz's point of view. I know it was sort of boring, but you'll need this to understand what will happen next. Thanks for the support, please RATE AND REVIEW.
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