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No. I wanted to kick your ass personally

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Chapter 14

Author's Note
Kamz gave me a good idea about what to write next on one of her reviews, so if you have any suggestions about things you'd like to happen on the story or any loose ends you want some explanation on just jot them down and I'll see what I can do about them. Thanks

Kamz and Natz had just gotten out of the movie, and they were still laughing. Then someone jumped on Natz's back, making her scream and fall,
"Fuck YOU!"
Brendon scrambled off her back with a puppy face on, "I'm sorry...I didn't think you would fall"
"Are you freaking kidding me?" Brendon started to laugh nervously and Natz and Kamz joined.
"I'm so glad I didn't wear a skirt today..."Natz commented
"Yeah, me too" Kamz agreed
"Hmm, doesn't make me to giddy" Brendon muttered, receiving a smack on the back of the head, "Hey, that hurts!"
"Yeah? My kneed hurt too, you know" Natz retorted
"So what are you doing here, anyway?" Kamz asked Brendon
"Oh, I was just shopping"
"That's so gay" Kamz and Natz said in unison. The three of them laughed.
"Seriously, I needed new underwear" Natz and Kamz looked at him in confusion. Kamz saw a swift of dark brown hair disappear with a skinny guy with a mini fro at his side.
/That's Wentz...and Joe./she needed to think some lame excuse to leave Natz and Brendon and fast.
"Er...I need to buy something, I'll be right back. Brendon, don't leave Natz alone please" Kamz said, while running away.
"What's wrong with her?" Brendon said, rather curious
Natz stared at her back sternly, thinking hard about what Kamz was up to. "Want some coffee?" She asked as they neared a coffee stand.
They sat down on a table and began talking.

Where the fuck are these guys? Kamz stood confused, she had lost them.
Someone tapped her back and she turned.
"Why are you following us?" Pete asked politely.
"I need to talk to you"
"I don't think I even know you..." He began, arching and eyebrow.
"I'm quite sure you do. You're basically stalking Natz 24/7 and it's weird for me to leave her side"
Pete's beautiful brown eyes lit, "So...she sent you?"
"No. I wanted to kick your ass personally" She spat.
He looked nervous, Joe's electric blue eyes had opened twice their size and he started backing away.
"Right...why?" Pete asked, shifting from one foot to the other. Kamz laughed sarcastically and stared at Pete intently, closing her eyes to slightly in an scrutinizing way.
"You've got to be freaking kidding me. After all that you did to her..." She began her eyes as big as the sun now.
"What she told you isn't the truth..." He muttered
"Didn't catch that" She said flatly
"That what she told you isn't the truth" He said, a little louder.
"How do you know what she told me?" Kamz asked, anger visible in her menacing whisper.
"I was sitting on the line above yours on the movie...coincidence"
"Right, well explain yourself"
"I really don't think I should be telling this to you..."
Kamz crossed her arms and looked at him, he quickly continued
"There was a reason behind me leaving her-"
"The bimbo" Kamz cut in
"No. I just...felt I wasn't good enough. And that I could screw her over, and I didn't want to...I just"
He stared at the floor, and Kamz's eyes softened.
"Wanted her to be safe. And I know that wasn't the greatest way to do it, but I was confused and I just wanted her to be ok..."
The two of them went silent and Joe got a bit near again, sensing that maybe she wouldn't kick they're
"Look, maybe you wanted what was best for her, but still. That was just messed up. Just stay away from her. She just needs Gerard right now, he'll make things right"
Pete snorted. "What?" Kamz spat.
"He's not that perfect, you know" he said, looking at her straight in the eyes.
"Oh, you mean like you were?" She responded, defiant and turned on her heels to leave.
"Just stay away, Wentz or I swear..." she said, raising a threatening finger. She quickly got out of their sight.
"Man, was that scary" Joe said, looking to were she had disappeared, "I was so sure I was gonna die"
Pete continued walking with his head down, not talking.
"You know you can't really blame her..."
"I know"
"Maybe you can get Patrick to talk to her. She seemed to like him"
"I guess...whatever"
Joe sighed, knowing he wouldn't get much out of his friend and decided on giving up.

Gerard's POV
He dialled her number for the umpteenth time and got her voice mail, again. He listened to her recorded voice, all bubbly
"Hey, You've reached my voice mail. If you don't know who I am then you got the wrong number...ANYWAY I probably left my cell phone somewhere so leave a message and I'll call ba- "
The recording stopped, she had obviously used up the time and hadn't bothered to change it.
"Hey Natz, It's me...Gerard. Where the hell are you? Give me a call" He talked into the phone yet again.
He squeezed the phone in his hand and paced around the living room. He dialled his brother's number. It ringed twice and he picked up, "Hey Gerard, what's up?"
"Where the fuck are you? I've trying to get to you since-"
"Look, I'm coming home already, we'll talk then.."
"LOOk, there are these big and scary guys looking at me right now and I think they want my phone. Keep the door open" He said briskly before hanging up. Gerard sighed and went to the door opening it wide. A minute later Mikey came running inside. Gerard closed the door. The guys turned on their heels and left.
"Explain. Mom was worried. Kept calling every five minutes"
"I was on the mall. There were a lot of people, so I had no signal"

Kamz and Natz got to Kamz's house. They said their 'hello's and went to Kamz's bedroom, collapsing on her peach sheets. Natz's cellphone beeped.
"Shoot, ELEVEN new voice mails and fifteen missed calls" Natz muttered
"I thought your mom was still out of town" Kamz joked.
Natz listened to her messages while muttering, "Oh shit..."
"What?" Kamz asked, turning her computer on.
"They're Gerard's"
"Didn't you tell him you were gonna-"
"Nope" Natz said, as she dialled his number.
"Hey honey!" she chirped as he picked up.
"I was in the mall with Kamz, sorry I didn't tell you"
"There's no signal there, sweetie"
Silence. She smiled
"Ok. Yeah, sure. Except I'm staying at Kamz's."
Silence, she nodded
"Ok, sounds great."
"I've had better"
Silence. Long silence. She smiled sweetly.
"Awwww!!!! Yeah, me too. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye" she said, while hanging up.
"Bit possessive, this friend with benefits of yours"
Natz threw a pillow at her, causing Kamz to yelp.
"What that's what you guys are!!"
"No-uh. We're together"
"It slipped my mind" Natz apologized, tugging a stray hair behind her ear.

Pete's POV
He collapsed on couch of the apartment he shared with Patrick. He had moved from his parent's about a week ago, didn't want to disturb them with his drinking right now. Man did he need beers...

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