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it gets heated

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Chapter 15

Pete's POV
Pete opened his eyes slightly and looked around. The only thing he saw was empty beer bottles and some chips on the floor. He lifted himself off from the carpet in which he had slept. Walking towards the pocket-sized kitchen he noticed there was a small note on the fridge.
I made some sandwiches, they're on the microwave with some coffee. I went out with Joe to the mall to get some things I need and to buy some cd's. I'll probably spend the day there...Call if you need anything.
"Oh, so they ditched me..." Pete said, pouting to no one in particular, "Everybody just goes away..." Instantly, Kamz's words echoed through his head.
"Just stay away from her. She just needs Gerard right now, he'll make things right"
Pete punched the numbers on the microwave and returned to the leaving room, picking some of the bottles up. He started thinking about the day he had left Natz. What he had told Kamz wasn't exactly the truth, at least back then. He didn't know why he had left her.
It just came to him, he decided it that day. He was probably drunk...What he told Kamz was what he had told himself to sleep at night, not that the slept before but...he was drowsing away again when the microwave's beeping took him back to earth.
He sighed heavily and shifted his attention to his steaming breakfast. He needed to stop thinking about her. She wasn't his' anymore...and it was better like that. He truly believed now what he had said to Kamz yesterday, that is better for him to leave her alone. But he was completely sure Gerard Way wasn't the solution. The guy had a lot of problems of his own to screw her over.
Breakfast, Peter/, he told himself, /Focus on your breakfast

Natz's POV
Natz opened her eyes and moved slightly noticing she had a leg over someone. She closed her eyes again trying to remember where she was and who she was with.
She opened her eyes again for confirmation and recognized Kamz not so thin body (She's pouting all the time at school 'cause she says it depressed her how I constantly say how short and skinny she is. So there, 'not so skinny') next to hers. She retrieved her leg from her friend's and stood up, delicately throwing a pillow at her.
"What?" Kamz spat instantly.
"Hungry" Natz said simply.
"Yeah, me too...Kitchen." Kamz said, straightening her giraffe pj's as they walked out of the bedroom. They walked slowly down the stairs and turned right towards Kamz's kitchen. Natz looked at the clock as she wrapped all of her hair with a ponytail into a tight bun.
12: 30
"Shit, it's that the time?" Natz said, shocked
"Huh?" Kamz said distractedly.
"It's twelve thirty, baby"
"REALLY? OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!" Kamz said, quickly making three sandwiches and throwing them on the microwave while preparing some coffee.
"What happened?"
"I need to be ready in half an hour; my cousin is going to pick me up so we can go to my first drums lesson"
"No shit! So you're finally going to start. You'll prove Juliana wrong, how she says you won't be able to play all of the instruments you want"
"Yeah, I know" Kamz squeaked happily as she threw the sandwiches on the nearest clean plate and poured the coffee into oversized mugs.
"So I guess you're ditching me-" Natz began
"Yeah" Kamz piped in, "But don't be sad. I'm just saying that cause if you're there I won't be able to focus"
"Oh, ok" Natz mumbled while taking another bite from her sandwich.
Kamz sipped her coffee, strands of her dyed blonde hair jumping slightly from her shoulder.
"I guess I'll pass by Gerard's. Hope this time isn't as awkward as the last one"
"Yeah, I agree..."

Natz stood at Gerard's doorway, backpack in hand. She wore a pair of baggy jeans and a black 'Bert Mccraken is MY whore' shirt. She had a powerful black makeup with just a touch of lip gloss and had a ponytail with a black bow on the back. She had her emo flick out and was totally confused. Was it ok for her just to ring his doorbell?
What the hell was she thinking, OF COURSE IT WAS OK! I mean, they were in fact together. Err....But she was going to bang on his doorway, without any heads up. She walked to one of the house's side, looking for the window that belonged to Gerard's basement. She spotted it and knocked at it softly. There was no reply. Everything was pitch dark.
She let her backpack fall and tried to open the window, which gave in swiftly. She let her legs in first and took her backpack, landing with a soft thump. Once again the backpack went to the floor and she walked cautiously to where she remembered was Gerard's bed. There was bundle and she lifted the sheets that covered it for a millimetre. She sighed in relieve and let her body fall into the bed, wrapping her arms around Gerard.
"Morning babe" she whispered.
He opened his eyes slightly and smiled his lopsided grin, kissing her lips tenderly." Hey, you...So glad to see you"
They snuggled for a bit and started to make out again. Things started to get heated. Gerard introduced his tongue through half of Natz's throat. He was on top of her now, she could feel him now. It scared her.
It wasn't doing it that scared her, it's not like this was her first time she had been with Pete Wentz for a couple of months after all and they had done it alright. And it had been good, God it had been good...
But she wasn't thinking of that right now. She was thinking of Gerard, and how each of his moves showed his love for her. She raised a hand to his pant's zipper and skilfully undid them. As he took them off she undid hers took her shirt off revealing a hot pink lace underwear. She looked at his boxers before he started fumbling with them and laughed.
He looked at her , clearly confused.
"They're Star Wars" She said sweetly, kissing him and helping him to take them off.

Natz cellphone rang. She lifted herself from Gerard's embrace painfully, took one of the tshirts and boxers thrown on the floor and put them on as she raced to her phone. She answered, "Hello.?"
"Hey honey!" Kamz peeped cheerfully.
"Hey baby, how was the drums class?"
"Perfect! Gerard ok?"
Natz laughed a bit before answering, "bit tired"
"Yeah, how come?" Kamz asked, naively. Let's just say Natz hadn't introduced her to her sex life just yet, "it'll take a long explanation. Let's just say there's something I haven't tell you yet"
"You're kidding, right?" Kamz asked thoughts running in her mind
"You surely have a lot of explaining to do missy" She said in a knowing way
"I guess I do..."Natz rejoined, giggling.
"Who is it honey?" Gerard said sleepily from bed
"Tell her I said 'hi'"
"Gerard says 'hi'. Listen, I'll talk to you later baby"
"Hi GERARD!!!!" Kamz screamed, Natz took her phone away from her ear so Gerard could hear. He laughed. "Ok, you better call" Kamz said before disconnecting.
Natz threw the phone into her backpack and stood by Gerard, who was looking for something in the bathroom.
"What'cha looking for?"
"Star Wars underwear..."He said, looking up to her from the bathroom floor. "Oh, I found 'em" He said, spotting them covering Natz's otherwise bare legs. They laughed as he whispered in his ear in a rough voice, "I guess they'll have to come off".
"Bummer" She said sarcastically.

Author's Note
Yeah, I know it was horny but that's the mood today. RATE AND REVIEW
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