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'Live a little'

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Chapter 16

Author's Note
So I just noticed that the 58 pages I have to read for the day after tomorrow aren't where I thought I was so I'll have to read them ALL tomorrow. Yeah, I know...impossible. Plus, it's really boring so I'll try to write as much as I can so that you guys have something to read. I'll try to keep my annoyance to myself

Gerard and Natz went upstairs fully clothed (Gerard with decent clothes and Natz with her original outfit a bit wrinkled), fingers entwined. Mikey raised his head from the couch, grinning.
"I'm glad yesterday's encounter with Pete didn't get to you much, Natz" Mikey saluted without thinking of the consequences.
Gerard looked at Natz instantly, loosing his grip on her hand as she responded, "Oh it was nothing Mikey...Wait, how do you even /know/?"
She looked at Gerard briefly; he had his arms crossed over his chest, breathing rapidly. "I was at Creppes' yesterday"
"Oh..."Natz mumbled.
"What happened with Wentz?" Gerard questioned impatience clear in his cold stare.
"Well, there's something we've never really talked about.../past/ relationships, "She said, paying special emphasis in 'past'. "I dated Pete, and making that horrible story short he dumped me. I'd really appreciate it if I don't have to go into any details about that one. Yesterday I was in the mall's Creppes and he was there. He asked to talk to me and I busted out screaming because I can't simply stand the fact that he actually had the balls to talk to me again. That's it. Is it necessary to get into any more details?" She asked sharply, returning the bitter gaze.
Gerard shook his head 'no', relief in his features.
"You should really trust me more, Gerard" she said simply, letting her body fall in the couch near to Mikey. "Oh, sorry Mikey. Mind if I join? I sort of invited myself...."
"No problema" He said, shifting through HBO looking for a good movie.
Gerard ran a hand through his hair nervously and sat on the chair next to them.
"I guess we'll watch some movie then" He said, frowning.
"I guess we are" Mikey and Natz replied.

Kamz's POV
Patrick smiled at her politely, his hands on his pockets "It was nice meeting you. I'll see you next week, then"
Kamz nodded and waved as she entered the cab, "Yeah, you too. I'm sorry we came impromptu and ruined your mall day. Bye" she called.
Patrick smiled widely now, "Its ok. You can't say no to extra cash. Green's my friend."
She laughed as the cab took her away with her cousin in tow.

Patrick's POV
Joe came out of the house, "Patrick, Pete just called. I told him to head over here. He's coming any minute"
Patrick sighed, he had planned on talking to Joe about Pete but of course Joe hadn't caught his intentions and had to screw them over. He was unaware of what happened around him. As Patrick entered through the door he patted Joe on the head, standing in tiptoe to do so.
"What was that for?" Joe said, opening his electric blue eyes. "What did I do now? I certainly DID NOT eat the chocolate chip cookies and I do NOT know how all of those crumbs are leading from here to the kitchen. Seriously, I have some really sneaky and invisible cookie-eating dwarfs around here"
"NO WAY!! You ate the COOKIES?! BY YOURSELF?!"
"I'm telling ya', buddy, those dwarfs destroy homes..."
Pete entered the house, "Who's talking about dwarfs? What did you eat this time, little Joe?"

Brendon's POV
Brendon was driving his car aimlessly. He was bored as hell. He punched Mikey's number on his phone and waited for him to pick up. He was about to disconnect when a familiar sweet voice full of laughter picked up, "Hellooo wait a sec, Mikey's wetting himself right now. Please hold until he gets a grip"
"Natz? Is that you?"
She sniggered from the other line, "Yeah, who's this? Mikey, GET A GRIP!!!" She said, laughing even harder.
"It's Brendon"
"Oh, Hey Bren Bren!!" she shrieked
"Damn, how many beers have you sipped to be in such a good mood?"
"Plenty. Here, Mikey's under control now..." she said while handing the phone to Mikey.
"Hey, wait-"
"Hey man. Oh you wanted to-"
"No,no it's ok. Hey I'm bored myself numb, can I crash over?"
"Sure. Just bring beer"
"BEER!!!" instantly echoed in the background. He recognized Gerard's and Natz's voice.
"Ok. Aren't they wasted already?"
"Yeah, pretty much. But that was the only way..."
"What do you mean? Anything happened?"
"Tense moment. So I solved it with beer"
"Right, I'm at the end of the block now. Bye" He hung up and pulled over.
He was about to open the door, but it was opened from the inside by Mikey's wide bony hand.
"Hey man"
"Wassup skinny jeans?" He said as he entered.
"Beware of the major make-out session on the living room's rug right now"
"Okaay..." Brendon said as he watched Gerard on top of Natz, feverously kissing. Natz looked up at him am smiled, sweetly pushing Gerard away.
"Sorry" she grinned. Gerard rested his back on the couch's side and wrapped an arm around Natz. "Thanks baby" she said, turning her attention to the movie they were watching, 'Scary Movie I'.
He crawled into the couch and Mikey threw himself into the rug with a soft cushion.
"I've seen this movie like a thousand of times and I laugh every time even more" Natz commented, laying her head on Gerard's chest while giggling.
He was disgusted. Not by the stupid movie, but because she was drunk. He loved being drunk, but it seemed unworthy for her to be in that pathetic state. She didn't act pitiably, but just knowing she was not herself made him sick.
He didn't like her...Screw that, he did. But in a sisterly kind of way...It was in this moment when he understood that Gerard wasn't for her. At least not currently. He needed to talk to her, when she was sober.
He needed to be her friend.
He needed to.

Natz had fallen asleep on top of Gerard. His hair was all over his face, and he looked gorgeous. But there was something wrong. She lifted herself and found that Mikey was also asleep. Someone had turned the TV off, and Brendon was gone. She looked at her watch
8:00 pm
She had learned from her conversations with Gerard that his mother came home at 8:30 sharp. She looked around the living room and noted all of the empty beer cans and bottles. She picked them up and put them in a thrash bag she found near the sink. She knotted it and placed it near the door. She carefully went down to Gerard's bedroom and organized a bit, not too organized so that Donna wouldn't think it was odd. She looked herself in the mirror, washed her face and redid her makeup. She tugged her hair into a tight bun and retrieved her backpack from the floor, going up the stairs.
She kneeled back to were Gerard was lying, he looked uncomfortable and she was sure if he continued to sleep in that position his bones would ache terribly. She gently nudged him into a normal position and kissed his lips gently.
"Hey babe" He said, lifting a hand to stroke her face lightly.
"Honey, your mom's gonna be here soon. I'm gonna go now"
"Don't..." he said, his beer breath on her face. It didn't bother her.
"I need to. I cleaned up, just head to your bed now and try to sleep"
"Stay" he said simply.
"Your mom's gonna think I'm a slut"
The door closed with a thud, Natz looked to where Donna was standing. "I'm sorry Mrs. Way...I-"
Donna shook her head, "I wouldn't think that, dear. I see you tried to clean up after my boys. They rarely bother..."
"Mom, Natz can stay, right?" Gerard intervened
"Of course honey" Donna said
"I mean, sleep over" Gerard emphasized the word; Natz was red in the face, obviously embarrassed.
"Gerard, I-"
"Of course." Donna stated simply, going upstairs to her bedroom.
Natz bent her head low as she passed by her. Gerard smiled and looked at her.
"Why aren't you happy?" He asked, standing up.
"You're drunk and you embarrassed me in front of your mom. This doesn't look good Gerard..."
"Hey, my mom's just happy I'm not alone in the dark cutting myself. Live a little"
Natz breath stopped short as she remembered those familiar words..../Live a little/...only that in her memories they were spoken by other lips.../Live a little/

She was sitting with Pete one late Thursday on his place. "Be my girlfriend" he commanded cautiously.
"I'm not sure if that's a good idea..."
"Hey...You like me and I like you. Say 'yes' and maybe you'll live a little"
She and Pete were inline for a rollercoaster. "I don't want to...They scare the shit out of me"
"Come on. Don't you trust me? Live a little, woman!"

"Babe?" Gerard asked, flipping a hand in front of her.
"Sorry, I spaced out...Yeah, I'm staying" She said, going back to his room.

Gerard looked at her back disappear through his jet black room's doors. He delicately kicked Mikey and he woke up.
Mikey looked around, gazing at the couch.
"Where's Natz?" he asked sleepily
"My room. She's staying over so don't go down. She could be changing clothes or something"
"Why the hell should I know?" Gerard argued, ruffling his hair impatiently. "He was not here when I woke up"
"Hmm" Mikey said, peering out the window.
"Guess he just left, his car's not there. Hey! Such a nice guy, he cleaned up!"
"That was Natz" Gerard uttered flatly.
"Oh! That was nice of her!" Mikey beamed, motioning to go downstairs to thank her.
"Don't-" Gerard hissed.
"It's ok, Gerard, I'm not naked you know..." Natz head popped out, signalling her clothes.
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