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Beginning to say goodbye

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Chapter 17

Author's Note
So I just had this idea...I'm ending part I in like 1 or 2 chapters

Natz was at school sitting with Kamz in a corner. Kamz was telling her tan awesome dream she had had. Natz was a little crestfallen since it was their last of school. Gerard would be leaving. The last month had been quite amazing, the best of her life. She had spent time with him and knew him deeply. She also got to know the rest of the band members; she wanted to make sure that Gerard would be leaving in good hands.
They were quite awesome, and Natz simply loved them. Frank had become her best guy friend, as well as Brendon. She hated that they would go, but she understood is what they needed after all. She knew next year Pete would leave too; she had finally moved on and she no longer held anger towards him. She needed to let him know, though. They needed to talk things over. She had talked to Gerard openly about what happened between them and he had agreed that they should talk.
Since that they at the Way household they hadn't gotten drunk; just a couple of beers, tops. They had decided to take advantage of every minute they were together.
She looked at Kamz intently. She returned her gaze knowingly; Kamz knew how she was worried about Gerard. Both of them understood that the relationship Natz had with Gerard was not love; it was a bond that was greater than friendship and contained love, only not that kind of love. It was the kind of love you're supposed to feel towards family but you can only really reach that level of complicated feelings towards friends. The only reason for Kamz to understand this complicated relationship was because it was the same she shared with Natz.
The only thing that made Gerard and Natz call it a 'relationship' was because they loved making out and having sex, unlike Kamz and Natz...not that they hadn't hinted it, though. Of course, they had been kidding.
"I love you" Natz said to Kamz, wrapping her in a hug, silent tears streaming down her cheeks. "I love you too babe" She said back, returning the hug.
"You're crying over Gerard, /again/?" Juliana said in a reproving tone as she sat down, Barrios in tow.
"I told you that wasn't going to work out. He's old and he's going to be famous. He'll forget all about you, face it" Juliana alleged.
"Look, just because you couldn't meet John Lennon because he's dead and you didn't have the love affair you wanted doesn't mean me and Gerard are meant to ended up screwed over. Yeah, he's older and hell yes he's going to be famous. But, you know what? He won't forget about me, wanna know why? 'Cause we've fucked a thousand times, and I'm pretty goddamn good at it. He's moaned my name at the top of his lungs, and he's got so hard on me that I can't even describe you. So stop being a jealous fuck and leave me the HELL ALONE!" Natz snapped, standing up. Kamz and Barrios were laughing and Juliana just sat there, shocked. The whole class was silent and Natz walked out the door.
She strolled towards Gerard's classroom and violently opened the door opened. They were all chatting as every other class was doing. She quickly spotted Gerard and spun him around in a brutal kiss. She slipped her hands down his back in a sexual way and rested them just on top of his ass. He lowered his hands to her hips and viciously pushed her close towards his groin. The whole class whooped. They stumbled into the nearest wall in an experienced way and it was getting quite physical.
"You shouldn't leave, goth boy" someone yelled. Natz and Gerard smiled slightly before proceeding. They locked eyes agreeing on freaking everyone out for the last time. Gerard had cornered Natz and she grabbed his ass with both hands and leisurely moved them upward and wrapped them around his neck passionately. They way they touched each other showed owning and fresh desire.
He unhurriedly moved one of his hands sensually up her skirt and wrapped both of her legs to his hips. He pushed and she threw her head back slowly, arching her back and enjoying all eyes on them now.
"Get a room" Frank yelled, flushed. Natz laughed out loud and slowed down their kissing. Her tongue explored every part of his palate gently and separated gradually; letting everyone know the lust they were feeling. They unconnected and he smacked his lips, a look of satisfaction on his face. He helped her lowering her legs and took a last caress of her legs way beyond her panties, careful for everyone to know what he was doing, but not letting anyone actually see. She enjoyed this more, since it freaked the rest of the people out even more. Her face showed satisfaction, although she was only doing this to relieve her stress. Her legs returned to the floor with a soft thump and shocked faces on the rest of the seniors.
"I love you honey" He whispered in her ear.
"Me too babe"
She intertwined her fingers with his and he kissed her lightly, sweetly.
"Now I know that I can't make you stay..." she sung slowly. Leaving parts that didn't concern them.
"And I know, there's nothing I could say to change that part, to change that change" she continued, looking deep into his eyes.
"Is it hard understanding I'm incomplete? A life that's so demanding, I get so weak. A love that's so demanding..I can't speak... I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone"
He nodded and continued to look at her, "I know you understand"
She kissed him again, not wanting to forget the softness of his lips. "That doesn't make it any easier" she said truthfully. He nodded in agreement.
"You know I wrote that song because of inspired me. / I see you lying next to me, with words I thought I'd never speak. Awake, and unafraid...asleep or dead/...You gave me the strength to go forward, and to achieve my dream..."He couldn't continue, because his eyes were flooded with tears and his voice would give in any minute. She smiled as he buried his face on her hair. She hugged him and shed tears as well.
They stood hugging each other and then another pair of arms wrapped around them. They turned to see Frankie, the rest of My chem joined too.
"We all love you and thank you more than you could imagine" he said to Natz.
"Awww, you guys!"Natz shrieked, now crying more openly." You don't know what you mean to me!! I'm going to miss you guys so f-fucking MUCH!"
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