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Chapter 18

Natz opened her classroom's door slowly, almost painfully. Mrs Myrna was standing in front of the room, she had made everyone organize the desks and talk in moderate tone of voice without disorganizing the room. /No wonder they were so silent/, Natz thought to herself.
"Even though we're not on class schedule you shouldn't be put of the room Mrs Balza" She said in that annoying voice of hers.
"Yes, Mrs Myrna" she replied nonchalantly as she walked to the back of the room and sat next to Kamz. She felt Juliana's eyes boring deeply into her, disgust pure in her face. Barrios asked what the other two were wondering, al though they had a pretty accurate answer already, "Where did you go?"
"Gerard's" Natz replied simply. Juliana snorted. Natz looked up rapidly, ready to fire back again but Barrios squeezed her shoulder, "It's not worth it"
Juliana opened her mouth to reply, anger flaring. Barrios hit her on the arm, "To you I'll talk alone" she said as she stood up. Juliana reluctantly followed.
Kamz and Natz were sitting alone once more. Natz looked for something to lighten the mood. Her mind was blank. Then she noticed that Kamz was playing with her bracelet.
"I just love that bracelet" Natz commented, watching how the light reflected on the crystal hearts and stars hanging from it.
"Yeah, me too. I couldn't help but tear up when Bren gave it to me"
"He was so sweet. It seems like it was just yesterday when he told me he was going to ask you to be with him. He was a wreck, so sure you'd say 'no'"
They both laughed.
"You know what? I think I might know.."
"love him?"
"Yeah..."Kamz nodded distractedly. She was surprised when Natz's arms were around her suddenly, squeezing her lightly.
"You're choking me-" Kamz managed.
"Sorry... I'm so happy for you, baby. Although I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous" Natz added sheepishly.
"Awww!! You're first baby" Kamz muttered, winking at her friend.
Someone coughed and they looked up. It was Viviana.
"You're so cruel" she stated simply, looking at Natz.
"pardon me?"
" You're always saying vicious remarks about us and then you do what you say you hate"
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"You always call us sluts and then you go with that freak, and almost fuck him in front of his entire class"
At first Natz thought of slapping her face, to let all of her anger show. She thought better of it and sighed heavily as she stood up, looking twice as big as Viviana.
"I don't care what you think about me," she said calmly, allowing herself a dramatic pause. She licked her lips before continuing "I don't have to give you any kind of explanations. I love my boyfriend and if you ever call him a freak again I'll make sure real freaks stop by your house, okay?"
It was unusual for Viviana to shut up, but Natz had never talked to her like that. They stared at each other intensely and then Viviana did something she had never done before; she actually apologized and left not pronouncing a word afterwards.
"You should get upset more often" Kamz commented, amused at Viviana's reaction.
"Yeah, I know. It suits my features"
The recess bell struck and everybody stormed out of the room. Kamz and Natz walked slowly out.
"Go look for Bren" Natz told Kamz. She nodded and went upstairs in search of Brendon. Natz waited by the lockers for Gerard. She closed her eyes slightly as she felt everyone emerge from the classrooms. The hallways were empty and there was no sign of Gerard.
Where the hell are you? she asked to herself. Then it hit her. She strided towards the soccer field swiftly. She found Gerard under the same tree he had asked her to be with him. He seemed to be waiting for her. Before she was near enough for him to notice her she snapped a picture of him just laying there. The flash made him grin and look up at her.
"come here" he ordered, and she submitted to his embrace. They snapped a thousand pictures. Hugging, kissing, talking, posing, spontaneous....Natz knew these pictures were going to be difficult to look at but she wanted them all the same.
After their photo mood wore off they stared at each other's eyes not knowing how to start their prepared speeches.
"Look..." They both started.
"Go ahead, " Gerard said gently.
"You know quite well that what we have is not could I put it?"
"Love. Don't try to cover it up, babe"
"Yeah, well it is love Gerard. It's just not that kind of love"
"I you're thinking we should cut the bullshit?"
Natz laughed at his anti-dramatic manner of speaking.
"Yeah, let's cut the act. It's been real nice and pretty but it's not us. Hell, there's not even an 'us'. It's just you and me. Bestiest friends"
"And lovers, you can't forget lovers"
"Yeah, lovers. How could I miss that"
They laughed at each other.
"So, was that all or is there any other theatrical topic to discuss on this fine evening?" Gerard asked, stroking the curves of her hair.
"I don't think so...want to know something funny?"
"I yelled at Juliana today, like major yelling. She was pissing me off and I told her how you and I should've seen the look on her face"
Gerard laughed with her on the grass. He blushed vaguely while she turned extremely red.
"AND Viviana sort of called me vicious and a slut"
"Oh right. Viviana the Saint talking"
"Yeah, I know. It was hilarious.../They call kids like us vicious.../" she hummed that part of the song without thinking. Gerard frowned.
"I'm still not so cool with him"
"I told you I loved his music...Although I'm thinking of just talking it off, perhaps it'll remove a weight from my shoulders....I want to make my world as peaceful as I can. I won't have you now to remove my burdens anymore, babe"
Gerard smirked and pulled her into a kiss.

Brendon and Kamz were walking through the parking lot, fingers entwined. "This is a sad day" Kamz said, absentmindedly.
"I guess..."
"Oh come on. I thought you and Gerard had made it up and were on speaking terms"
"Yeah, we are honey. I swear...It's just there's something about him that still doesn't fit. Plus, he is leaving her after all...that's not nice"
"She knew that from the beginning, and she wants him to be happy. It's ok. Plus, you know they don't love each other..."
"Yeah but I don't think they know it.."
"They're not stupid. They've known it for quite some time. It's just difficult to actually voice it. I'm sure they'll talk about it today..."
They went silent as they reached a shaded place behind the gigantic navy blue water truck. They sat near the fence and took advantage of the refreshing shadow the truck threw them.
"On another notice, what are we doing today?"
"I don't know...I guess it depends on when they're leaving. We'll have to say our goodbyes and do something...beers or something"
"Yeah, and a lot of /PICTURES/!!" Brendon shrieked excitedly.
"Yeah, lot of sweet pics, Bren bren" Kamz said, suppressing a laugh. Brendon opened his big eyes and smiled a childish smile as he nodded.
"I love you chocolate cake"
Kamz raised an eyebrow, "/chocolate cake/?"
"Yeah, you're a chocolate cake"
"Brendon, I can't be any whiter"
"Let me explain. The cake comes from 'ca' of caicedo and 'ke' from the sound of the letter 'K' in your name..but as the e in 'cake' is silent it doesn't have to stand for something. And chocolate because your hair looks like chocolate in the dark"
"That's just a lame explanation of an even lamer pet name you just invented. Sorry babe, but you'll have to come up with something more witty" Kamz said grinning.
Brendon pouted, his baby face again showing. "You're so mean!" he said, using a baby voice.
"AAWWW I LOVE BABY BREN!!!!" she screeched, collapsing on top of Brendon.
"Baby Bren loves when Kamz's looking down on Baby Bren" he whispered spreading a boyish grin and lifting his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. Kamz leaned forward and kissed him, biting his lower lip.
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