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'...Thank you, Gerard'

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Chapter 19

Natz was lying on Gerard's bed in his dark bedroom, she knew it wasn't that probable she would be lying with him here any other time near. She sighed and he hugged her.

It was comforting to feel her warm body against his', but it was so depressing too...As he pulled her body to his and bit her earlobe sensually many thoughts drifted through his mind. He still didn't believe she had managed to get out of her mom's hands and gotten to his house. They has shared an especially eventful night, let's just say Mikey had complained about loud noises on the small time they had been in the kitchen for breakfast.
He stretched and looked at his glowing clock, one of the only things that wasn't packed up. Natz had taken her time looking for all of the things she insisted Gerard would need and packed them with her delicate hands. He knew he had way too much luggage and that he'd have to leave half of it behind. In one of the bags she had packed the most essential things and that was the one he pretended on taking with him.
Of course, he would also bring with him the 'memory back pack' she had fixed him as well, with a gigantic and thick as hell photo album she had made with all of the pictures he loved, with scribbles of everyone he loved through the pages. She had been so loving.
Not only had she made sure that Gerard was all set, but she had also helped the rest of the guys. She had given each of them an equally thick photo album; with the pictures each of them loved the most. She had taken the time to take all of the guys' cell phones to a mechanic and making sure they were properly functioning.
"God, you're so OCD..." Gerard whispered in her ear.
"What kind of OCD?" She enquired childishly.
"A cute OCD" he replied quickly, laughing
"Then its ok isn't it?"
"I packed too much luggage, right?"
"Hmh. No, not all..."he lied.
"I did. I'm so stupid!" She screeched, jumping from bed instantly. Gerard grabbed her arm.
"It's ok, honey. Everything I need is in bag 1. I'll take that one and the 'memory back pack'".
She pondered over this, obviously trying to remember what she had packed on the other bags. She was not content yet.
"Remember how you told me to always watch over bag 1 instead of the other ones? That meant everything I need is there, right? You did spend three days arranging that one perfectly, didn't you?"
"Yeah...but what if.."
"You wrapped every single liquid thing and put tape over their openings so they wouldn't spill and put them on a separate bag. You bought shampoo I'm never going to use and a considerable amount of Free Breeze. There are clean clothes...Star Wars pjs...wait, let me check." She said, fumbling with his drawer from where he took one of several papers scribbled in his untidy handwriting.
"You did a /list/?" Natz's eyed popped open in emotion, "My little OCD boyfriend!" she shrieked, hugging him tightly.
"Yeah well, it sort of sticks..." He excused himself.
They talked a bit more about the road plans and then he looked at her suspiciously." You did a list too, right?" he asked eying her closely.
"Yeah..."she responded in a defeated way, giving them to him.
"You laminated them?" His jaw fell opened, the plastic list in his hands.
Natz smiled.

Pete's POV
Pete was lying on the couch on top of Patrick. His cell phone ran several times. He finally reached in and answered but the call had already been disconnected from the other end. He looked at the screen at it, shocked to say the least. There appeared a picture of Natz he had taken of her as she did her makeup on his bathroom, wearing his clothes and underneath it read '1 missed call'.
She had called him? What was that about? He thought as he called her back. She picked up instantly in what was an obviously practiced, calmed voice.
"Hey Pete" she said. He actually flushed at the sound of her voice.
"Hey Natz" He managed to say. They were in an awkward silence for a couple of seconds then she broke the ice,
"Listen, I don't to be like this anymore. I realized that I can't let people just slip out of my life and I want you back in it" she blurted out and quickly added, "as a friend"
Pete was silent for long minutes. She waited and then sighed in exasperation," Okay, if that's how you feel-"she was about to disconnect when he heard an undecipherable rush of word on the other line.
"Pardon me?" she whispered
"I said I'm sorry for being an ass...and that I'd also like to be friends again. " He tried to get his heart to beat in a normal rhythm. She sighed in relief from the other end and almost giggled.
"Okay, so I guess I'll see you at school..."
"Wait, that's it? So soon and you're hanging up on me?"
This time she did laugh and Pete was relieved he could hear it, hear her laugh because of him and for him instead of pressing his ear against doors and lockers to hear her voice.
"No silly, I just have to go. Gerard's waiting inside for me and I said I would only take a minute..."
"I'm sure he can wait for more than a-" He started to say, annoyed, but Natz quickly intervened
"He's leaving today...for his tour" she said in an almost unbearable whisper.
"Oh. Then go spend time with him" He said quickly.
"Thanks. I'll see you around"
"Yeah, take care honey" he said as he disconnected.

Natz flinched when she heard Pete call her 'honey' had been so long and it had escaped so naturally from his lips. It took her back to those long repressed memories from when they were together. Gerard went outside and sat by her side in the front of his house, near the garden.
"Everything went out ok?" he asked, putting an arm around her shoulder and taking his free one to hold her hand.
"Yeah.." she said, snuggling close. She inhaled his smell: cigarettes and cheap beer with a touch of oat soap and sweat. It must be unbearable for everyone else, but right now that smell was home for her. She pushed her thoughts about 'home' rapidly away. Locking them under a thousand locks in the back of her mind, she would deal with that later.
Later that evening, after lunch, Gerard and the rest if My Chem were with Brendon, Joe, Kamz and Natz on a bus stop; the guys with they're corresponding luggage in hand. Finally, a medium sized bus came around the corner and stopped in front of them. All of them looked at it with respect, and a small amount of fear in they're eyes...more anticipation of great things than fear.
Natz's eyes watered instantly and she cleaned them away. Gerard had his hand tangled in hers and he let go as he and the guys scrambled into the bus and left they're luggage in the middle of the small living room/kitchen area. They jumbled out again and hugged they're loved ones.
Natz was hugging Mikey and kissing his cheeks, reminding him of last minute things. She then went to Frank and cried her eyes out on his shirt him as he told her how much she meant to him and how we was going to miss her. She hugged Ray and Bob, joking a bit and checking that each of them remembered to call...A LOT. Then her eyes went to Gerard.
It was so painful, watching him as he put Kamz back on the ground and joked about the fresh tears on her eyes. She turned around and went towards Frank and then his eyes were on her and she felt like she was going to break.

He saw the sorrow in her eyes for a minute, and then they sparkled with life as she backed away and then ran to him, throwing him to the ground. They laughed as he kissed her passionately and she returned the kiss. They stood up again and she caressed his hair, sending electric shocks through all of his body.
"I don't think I have anything to say, since I know quite well that you'll know everything I mean to say and even more...So, I just-" she stopped talking since the tears couldn't let her continue.
"I know, baby. I'll call you every night, ok?" She nodded and they hugged, each burying their faces on each others' hair and whispering an unnecessary and emotional 'I love you' before separating and looking into each other's eyes. The others jumped the steps into the bus and Gerard and Natz kissed for one last time.
He took his 'memory back pack' and walked up the stairs. The door closed behind him and a new wave of tears choked Natz again. As the bus started to move he sat by the nearest window and blew a kiss to her. She took it and placed it to her heart, knowing it was were it would belong forever. Someone put an arm around her shoulder and walked her away once the van was out of sight. As she sat on the car that was driving her and Kamz to the latter's house she closed her eyes.
In her mind's eye he came to her as the first day they glanced into each other's eyes. She remembers their first kiss and the first time they had sex. She opened her eyes again and looked outside the window at those strangers that meant nothing to her. She wondered what he was thinking about right now and washed away a new tear.
She cleared her thought and arranged her thoughts: this was not the end of something beautiful; it was just the start of something new.
"I am not afraid to keep on living" she whispered, "/I am not afraid to walk this world alone/...not anymore. Thank you, Gerard",

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