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Chapter Eight

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I woke up to giggling and a nice white arse in my face. I pushed it away and the person hit the wall from the force I impacted on their ass. And yes I realize that sounds creepy.
"Sonny Jonathon Moore. I know your ass anywhere. Keep it AWAY from my face!"
"Of course you know my ass, Porcelain." He winked and growled at me as he struggled to pull up his very tight girl jeans.
"Get some jeans that fit fatass!" I smacked his butt and walked to the front of the bus.
"Morning Matt, Trav, Der."
"Good morning Sunshine!"
"Why does everyone call me that?" I huffed as I reached for the coffee pot. I poured myself a big cup and took a seat next to Matt who was reading the newspaper. Something I was interested in.
"Good morning, love." Alicia walked by patting me on the head.
"How are you so perky in the morning?"
"I do not know..." I quickly finished the coffee as a tall skinny boy walked on the bus. Alicia screeched and jumped into his arms kissing him. He smiled and greeted everyone. I knew those glasses anywhere... I tried hiding my face but Alicia revealed that I was there.
"Mikey! Meet Porcelain. She's my newest best friend." I turned around and flashed a fake smile shaking his hand.
"Sweet name. I'm Mikey."
"Oh trust me, I already knew that." I turned back around and washed my cup in the tiny sink.
"Porcelain, what are you doing tonight?"
"Nothing, Alicia. Why?" Mikey cut in.
"You should come out with me and Alicia."
"Oh I wouldn't want to be a third wheel..." Personally I didn't give a flying fuck about third, fourth or fifth wheels. I just wanted to escaped Mikey.
"You wont! I'll have my brother keep you company."
"Mikey I'm not into pity dates..."
"Trust me, its not out of pity." I was confused and raised my brow.
"Please Porcelain please!?" Alicia grabbed my hand tugging at it a bit. I couldn't turn down Alicia just because I didn't want to see Mikey and Gerard.
"Yes! I'm excited!" Alicia hugged me and I didn't resist the impulse to hug back. The fact that I had to be with Gerard all night tonight made my stomach churn. What would happen if I slipped? What if I said something that reminded him? I hated him and I could never let him know what really happened. Only a few more weeks until tour was over.
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