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Chaotic Wake-Up Call

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Eiji accidentally knocks himself and Fuji down a set of stairs. With the tensai's memory now foggy, and a vengeful younger Fuji after him, the poor acrobat isn't sure he'll last much longer. (Warni...

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A Chaotic Wake-Up Call
"Fujiko-chaaaaan!" was the last thing he heard before everything went black.

That morning was similar to any other in the St. Rudolph dorms; quiet. Until every last one of it's inhabitants had awaken, which was no one at that moment, except Mizuki. The manipulative manager of the school tennis team had lately taken to to musing himself with learning his team's sleeping patterns in comparison to Seishun's; primarily to irk Akazawa, and to over all fluster the two brothers he so devotedly harassed.
This morning was no different...until the phone rang. With his recently obtained knowledge of the schedule, he had predicted it to be Fuji Syusuke, and answered quite willingly, "Ah, good morning, Fuji--"
"Oi! I don't want to talk to you! I need to talk to Fuji-kun!"
The voice had startled him into almost dropping the phone, and caused him to frown when he heard a confused 'Hai?' in the background of the other phone, followed by more frantic screeches from the one on the phone, "Not you, Fujiko! Yuuta-kun!" The attention was retured to the phone, which Mizuki smartly held at arm's length, "Neh! Mizuki-san, put Yuuta-kun on!"
The demands continued, giving the manager a headache, until a grogy voice came from the hall behind him, " that aniki?"
"No, it's his moron of a friend," Mizuki growled, shoving the phone towards a confused Yuuta and quickly fleeing the scene Yuuta just blinked and took the phone to his ear, "...Hello?"
The screames had ceased, only to replaced by a whimper, "Yuuta-kun...PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" He was now holding the phone as far from his ear as he could without throwing it across the room, and waited until the wails of apologies had again ceased to whimpers. Calmly, he brought the phone back to his ear, "...Kikumaru-sempai...what are you going on about?"
Yuuta blinked at the cheerful voice he quickly recognized as his older brother, followed by a desperate sounding Kikumaru telling him to hush and that he wasn't talking to him at that moment. Teeth clenching, and grip tightening on the phone, he hissed into the phone, "Ki. Ku. Ma. Ru.... What. HAPPENED?!"
"I'M SORRY!!" He almost sounded as if he were crying. The whines were followed by a door opening and a sharp bark of orders.

"Eiji! What's going on?"
Eiji turned to his captain, spotting his doubles partner behind him. Though he hadn't been crying, his eyes welded up with tears once more, "I didn't mean to!"
Oishi tried to calm the red head down, and Tezuka spotted the forgotten phone, as well as the forgotten object in question.
"Fuji...what are you doing?"
"Hm? ...Oh," The eyes held their usual smile, and the tensai shrugged, carelessly, "To be honest, I'm not to sure...why? Is something the matter?" The smile began to bother Tezuka, to the point the captain was actually frowning in concern at his tensai. Unfortunately, the boy noticed the look and opened his eyes, questioningly, "Is there something wong?" He inquired once more, cobalt blue eyes looking over him, "I haven't even asked your name yet. How seem to know me, though?"
"I asked what your name was," the boy was smiling once more, innocently for once. Tezuka wasn't sure whether or not to believe him.
"...You're serious."
It wasn't a question, rather a statement, that the boy nodded to, confused once more, "Um...hai?"
The captain promptly turned on his Golden Pair and grabbed them by their jerseys, hoisting Eiji clean off the ground he'd been sitting on, "Kikumaru...." His voice held a warning tone that warned him not to stall, and Oishi not to interupt.
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