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Chapter Twelve

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I looked down unaware I was holding the necklace still and I shoved it into my pocket. He looked back up as tears fell from behind his thick glasses.
"Alaina?" I looked away. He came running at me and put his arms tightly around my waist. I threw my arms around his neck remembering how much I loved his hugs. We stood there and cried on each other for what seemed like forever. When he pulled back the tears continued to flow.
"How is it possible?"
"I didn't die in that fire, Mikey. I woke up when it reached the second floor of the house. I grabbed my bags and escaped through the window. I had plans to leave town that night. I went to live with my real father and Bert in Utah...."
"You didn't call! You couldn't have at least told us you were okay!?" he began yelling and he had every right to. I'd hate me if I were him.
"I wanted you to think I was dead. I left town for a reason."
"The one and only." I smiled bitterly. He did also.
"I missed you. We all did."
"I assumed you would. We were all best friends."
"When are you going to tell the guys?"
"I don't want to. Mikey you have to promise you wont tell." I held his hands in my tiny cold ones. He shook his head disapprovingly.
"I wont tell." I hugged him tightly again.
"Thank you." I shooed him back to his room and I continued lingering around the lobby for a few hours. When it was twelve I decided to go back to the room. I slowly and quietly opened the door. The lights were all off and Gerard was sleeping. I slowly slipped into the bed and faced the opposite direction of him. I fell asleep crying that night. Mikey knew my secret. I was going to have to give up this stupid game soon. But I was scared.

"Wake up Porcelain." I turned to see Gerard shoving my arm slightly to wake me. I got up willingly and washed up quickly, eager to get to breakfast.
"All done. You can use the washroom now." I grabbed my stuff and packed it up. "I'll be in the lobby with everyone else eating."
"Okay. I'll probably be an hour." I walked down the restaurant connected to the lobby. I was starved to death. I sat next to Mikey and started to guzzle coffee and inhale bacon. He nudged me in the arm.
"Tell them."
"Not now."
"If not now when?"
"Tell them." I looked at my hands feeling ashamed. The boys were throwing things at each other. Mikey cleared his throat to gain their attention. The boys and Alicia looked up.
"I have to tell you all something." I looked at their faces. They all were listening intently.
"You see I'm not exactly who you think...." I trailed off.
"Get out of here." They were all crying. Frank the hardest. His eyes were filled with hate and anger.
"Get away from us. Do you think this is funny? How the fuck can you play a sick joke like this on someone? You're not fucking Alaina. Get out of here!" his voice was raising.
"I am her! Look!" I pulled out the necklace and dangled it in front of their eyes. His angered expression turned to a shocked one. He got up ran around the table and picked me up hugging me until my lungs were crushed. Ray and Bob joined it and by the end of the five minute hug I was woozy and could barely stand from not breathing.
"I cant believe it." Frank kissed me on the cheek over and over. I laughed while crying.
"We're making a scene you guys." They all sat down and Alicia came over and hugged me.
"You have no idea how much Mikey would cry about you. I felt like I knew you personally from all the things he told me. I'm happy you're back. He wont have to cry anymore." A tear dropped from her eye as she squeezed me tightly. For the next half hour we all caught up. Gerard finally arrived had only coffee. Frank's eye brightened up.
"Hey Gerard guess who-" I kicked him in the shin and he yelped. I gave him a warning look and he immediately knew not to say anything. Gerard kind of shrugged it off and rose from his seat.
"Lets get the fuck out of here. We have shows to play." We all got up and left. I decided telling Gee was my main priority. But how would I do it?
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