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Chapter Thirteen

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not coca cola.

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"You told them!?"
"Yes Bert. I did."
"I'm so happy!" He hugged me from behind and rocked me back and forth. "Now to tell Gee...."
"Yeah I know. I don't know if I'm ready though."
"You're ready. You told the others so now you must tell all. Theres no turning back now Porcelain."
"I think I'm finally ready to reveal my name to the world."
"I think its time." He smiled brightly and kissed my cheek. I left The Used's bus and walked to my own. I needed to tell the boys the plan.
"I cant believe it. Our little girl is growing up!" Snake hugged me tightly and Rocko ruffled my hair. Whitey skipped around us and hummed one of our songs.
"Shut up!"
"Honestly, Alaina Marie Beaton. I am so happy you're finally revealing your true self."
"So am I, guys. So am I..." I walked to the back of the bus and searched through my bag. I brought out the mirror and the plastic back which contained a white substance. I set it up and snorted a line. I did this everyday. Sometimes Snake would join me and on special occasion Rocko would. Whitey refused to touch the stuff. He preferred weed. Coke was number one on my list and its not the drink. I stuffed the bag into my jacket pocket and walked out of the bus. I slowly walked to MCR's bus in the dark. I opened the door and let myself in. no one was on it.
"Gee? Helloo?!" he emerged from the back of the bus. I'd been avoiding him for the past four days so he seemed irritated by my presence.
"I came to tell you to come to my set next thursday. Last one of the tour!"
"You WANT me there?"
"Yes. Why so surprised, you beaming ray of sunshine?" His tone was making me mad.
"I don't know. Sometimes you don't exactly make me feel WANTED."
"You're just made because you didn't get ass a few nights ago!" the drugs were effecting the way I thought. I didn't really mean to say what I did.
"Not true, Porcelain. I really like you. This isn't about getting ass-" I smelt alcohol on his breath. He put his hands on my arms. I pulled away sharply.
"Get off you dirtbag!"
"What the hell is wrong with you?"
"Whats you're problem!?"
"I want to be with you but you refuse to even look at me!"
"Why would even want to be someone like me?"
"You're perfect, Porcelain! Everything about you is perfect!"
"Perfect!? You are so blind! I am so fucked up."
"Maybe that's what makes you perfect in my eyes." He stepped closer and I stepped back.
"See! You are constantly pushing me away!"
"Like I said, I'm not perfect!" I shoved my hand into my pocket and grabbed the bag. I threw it at his chest. When I took it out the bat necklace fell out. I quickly picked it up and put it back in its place.
"What was that?" I ran off the bus and back to my own. he thought I was perfect? Wait until he closely looked at the bag I threw at him.
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