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2 months later
[after the Fuck Tart incident]

three months living with My Chem...can you say that im sick of it?!? YES!... just 15 more months and im out of here...i moved here in September and now its December...almost Christmas!


i was in Frank's room looking at some magazine that had Simple Plan on the cover. they were somewhere in Europe...

/lucky bastards...i could be in Europe instead of in New Jersey!/

just then Frank walks in and closes the door behind him.

"hey Andrea!" he says sitting next to me on the bed.

"hey Frank" i turn the page of the magazine. it was an article about some band named Saosin...

"uhh...Andrea...its almost Christmas and i was wondering if-" he paused

"if what?!?" i put the mag down and looked at him.

"if you want to come Christmas shopping with know, for the guys" i looked at him suspiciously...

"i guess...but dont expect me to hide you from all the little fan girls"

"okay! lets go before Gerard asks us to take him along" Frank got off the bed and put on his black hoodie. i put on my converse and my favorite hoodie...that i stole from Frank...


at the mall

we were walking around the mall. not alot of people recognized Frank since he put sunglasses and his hood on...and also removed the lip ring...[not cool]...

"Frank, removing the lip ring was not nessesary" i said as we entered Hot Topic.

"yes it was...and my name is Bob for the kajillionth time" he said as he began to look at some shirts.

"Frank, really! not all of this is nessesary. i havent seen any teenagers since we gotton here. the only people here are old grannys and grandpas with no hair...maybe some middle-aged people too..."

"my name is Bob!" he said a little too loud making the cashier turn to look at us. i sighed and dragged Frank to the dressing rooms. i pushed him inside one and i went in after him. i closed the door and locked it.
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