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Going Under

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She still wasn't really sure what was happening. Everything was so blurry, so far away. Pain shot through her body and her lungs begged for air. But she couldn't move. She was being pulled down dee...

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Tory: Okay well here's the second of four one shots. And as promised it is A/A. There is actually going to be more than four one-shots but I haven't worked the others out yet. And sorry for not updating anything for the past few days as I had said I would. But I went to my friend's house and I haven't seen her in a few years. I was there for a few days and couldn't write anything. But before March break is over I will have updated all my stories at least twice. Well that's my goal anyways.

Disclaimer: I do not own class of the titans or going under by evanescence, just my stories.

Going Under

She still wasn't really sure what was happening. Everything was so blurry, so far away. Pain shot through her body and her lungs begged for air. But she couldn't move. She was being pulled down deeper and deeper, her thoughts slipping farther and farther away from her with each passing second. The blue depths swirled around her. Trapping her, consuming her, pulling her down.

A small circle of light was above her, she was looking up at it. It seemed so close that she could touch it and yet at the same time it seemed miles away. Shadows moved across it briefly, encasing her in momentary darkness. But just as quickly they would vanish and the inviting yet tantalizing light would return.

She closed her eyes just for a second, to rest... honest. But she found it so hard to open her eyes again. The darkness was just so welcoming. She never thought that she would be the type to give up so easily but it seemed like the only thing she could do. She, Atlanta, the huntress, the quick, the happy-go-lucky, never-give-up member of her team was letting herself slip away. She was going down without a fight and she was helpless now.

In the darkening depths of her mind Atlanta started to recall how she ended up in this predicament. It was fuzzy at first but it quickly became clear. Every hurtful moment and every painful step...

Flashback to the previous day:

Atlanta had been in her room, crying her heart out. Why was Atlanta crying? The answer to that is simple. She was crying because of Archie. That day she was finally going to gather up all her courage and tell him how she felt. She was going to do it right after school, when they went boarding.

But just as Atlanta was going to Archie's locker she saw something that would leave a bigger scar than any of those she received from hunting. She saw Archie kissing someone else. But it wasn't just anyone. It was one of her so-called best friends. No, not Theresa, but Alisa. Alisa was on the field hockey team with her and Theresa and knew that Atlanta liked Archie.

Atlanta was heart broken. She ran faster and harder than she had ever run before. She ran back to the brownstone and up to her room. She had hoped to be left there to sit in silent misery but luck wasn't on her side.

She had been in her room for maybe an hour when a knock sounded at her door.

" Atlanta? Come on. We've got to go. Cronus' giants have been spotted. Come on." Theresa called through the inches of wood that was Atlanta's door.

" Coming." Atlanta called back, trying her hardest not to sound as though she had been crying.

When she heard Theresa's footsteps leading away from her door, Atlanta sat up and wiped away her tears. Then, checking in a mirror to make sure her eyes were red or puffy she ran out to Herry's truck.

She slid up front and sat between Jay and Herry. No way was she going to sit with Archie. Not after what she had seen, and what he had broken. She wouldn't let him see her with a broken heart. She wouldn't let anyone.

They drove to a park on the outskirts of the far side of town. It took them no time at all to find Cronus' giants. The seven of them all hopped out of Herry's truck and ran towards the four ugly creatures.

" Okay we'll have to split up and each take on a giant. Theresa, you're with me. Neil, you're with Odie. Herry, you can take one on by yourself. And Atlanta, you're with Archie." Jay instructed before they split up.

Archie and Atlanta took on one of the biggest of the four. Archie pulled out his whip and Atlanta pulled out her laser crossbow. Archie struck the giant many times with his whip before Atlanta joined in. She shot at the giant but it held up its arm and the beam bounced back at her. It caught her left forearm and she let out a small cry of pain. Archie was immediately at her side but she pushed him aside and went back to fighting.

Her forearm was badly burned and ached with a nearly unbearable pain. Atlanta was nearly in tears but she kept them back. She wasn't really sure how, but she did it. The next few times she shot at the giant she left the same kind of burns that she had. But after that, she shot at it and it held up its arm again, once more reflecting her beam back at her.

This time it caught her right side and she fell to the ground. Archie was once again at her side but she wouldn't accept his help. She pushed herself up off the ground and clutched her side for a moment, waiting for the pain to pass. When it did she lifted her hand up to eye level and noticed some blood smeared across her palm. Not that she paid much notice to it.

Within ten minutes the seven of them had sent the giants packing. They ran back to Cronus, cowering. The seven went back to the brownstone. Before Herry even parked the truck, Atlanta was out the door and up to her room. She slammed the door and let her tears fall. Tears of pain and heartbreak.

The night wore on and she stayed locked in her room. The others had all knocked on her door to see if she was okay but she came up with excuses to make them leave her alone. She laid on her bed, in the darkness, letting her sorrow consume her. It followed her into her dreams too. She dreamed pain filled dreams. Dreams full of Archie. Dreams that ate away at her.

She woke late the next morning and still felt the sorrow and pain of the day before. Atlanta swung her legs over the side of her bed and felt a bolt of pain shoot through her side. She stayed there for a few moments and waited for the pain to die down. She got up and headed down stairs, making sure to keep her burns covered.

As she passed by Archie's room she heard a phone ring and him answer it.

" Hello?" he asked.

Atlanta didn't know what the person on the other side of the line had said.

" Oh Alisa! Hey." Archie said, his voice full of joy.

Atlanta felt her heart break all over again. She raced down the steps and out the front door. She ran down the street, ignoring the pain that stung her feet as a result of not wearing any shoes. She raced through the park, past the woods and came to a bridge. She stood at one end of it, looking down. The thought of jumping flickered in her head, but she ignored it.

This bridge was a small wooden bridge. It was built just above a waterfall that fell into a crystal clear lake. Atlanta stepped on the rickety rope bridge and started across. She stopped halfway and looked over the side. This was her sanctuary. Not many people knew about it but she had stumbled on to it one day during a run. She had gone there every time she wanted to think, or just get away from everything and everyone.

She leaned against the rope railing and stared with awe at the beautiful lake below her. Then before she knew what she was doing, she had climbed over the rope and leaned over the falls, hanging onto the rope by her hands. She looked straight down and saw the watery mist at the bottom. Then she realized what she was about to do and quickly pulled herself back over the rope.

She gripped it tight and let out a sigh, while mentally smacking herself for almost letting herself fall. But the boards gave way and Atlanta plunged into the lake, breaking through the crystal surface to the dark depths below. And that's how she ended up in such a predicament. It was all because of one action, one person, one thought.

Now I will tell you what I've done for you
Fifty thousand tears I've cried
Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you
And you still won't hear me
(I'm going under)
Don't want your hand this time
I'll save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once
Not tormented daily, defeated by you
Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom
I'm dying again

Atlanta's world began to fade to nothingness as she slowly let herself slip away. She closed her eyes once more and all her memories flashed before her eyes. They say that just before you die your life flashes before your eyes. But that was not the case for Atlanta. Though she recalled many memories they were not of her entire life. They were just of her and Archie, and how much fun they used to have.

A few tears slid from her eyes, but they went unnoticed in the water that surrounded her. The thoughts of Archie, the happy thoughts of Archie, gave Atlanta some strength. Gave her some hope.

She snapped her eyes open and noticed that the surface was so far away. Almost unreachable. The small circle of light seemed only a speck now. But right then Atlanta wouldn't accept anything as unreachable. Her old spark came back and she knew she had to fight. Fight for her life, fight for the fate of the world and fight not to lose to heartbreak.

She tried to push herself form the bottom of the lake but she found that she couldn't. She was stuck, trapped by herself. The more she struggled the tighter the binds became. Then she noticed that she had become tangled in a bunch of weeds. That's when panic took over and Atlanta began to lose her cool. She fought harder and harder. But it only wore her out and left her with little strength to keep going.

She closed her eyes again and her memories of Archie came back to her once more. All the good times they had together. And once more they gave her strength. It was then and there that Atlanta realized that she didn't just like Archie. Sure, before she knew that she had feelings for him. But now, now she truly knew that deep down she loved him.

Although Atlanta was at the bottom of the lake, she still felt as though she was being pulled down. Like she was falling in an endless void. The void that she had let take over her heart.

I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
I'm going under

Atlanta's vision became fuzzy and she knew that she wouldn't have enough time to get out of there. She knew that she regretted what she had let happen, what she had done. But she knew that there was no point now. There wasn't a shred of hope to get her out of there. And that thought hit her hard.

But, then another thought crossed her mind. 'This is just a dream isn't it? I've had it before. I just have to close my eyes and when I open them I'll be in my room. I'll be in my nice, warm, soft, dry bed. Then I'll go downstairs and everyone will be there. And everything will be fine.' her thoughts went on like this for a while. She was trying hard to convince herself that it wasn't real.

Quickly she let these thoughts become her reality. She forgot about being trapped at the bottom of a lake, she forgot about the fact that she was going to die. She just closed her eyes and imagined herself back in her room. Back where everything was perfect.

But it was like that was the dream. Because when she opened her eyes, Atlanta was still sinking in the blue death sentence of a lake. So she closed her eyes again and went back to her happy place. Back to where Archie was always by her side. 'Archie...' Atlanta thought about him. How she wished that he was there to save her.

But he wasn't. He wasn't going to come. He was probably out with Alisa. Out with her while she lay in the bottom of a lake, slowly slipping away. She wasn't even sure how much time had passed since she had fallen. She couldn't think straight anymore. And everything in her mind just became a great big, messy tangle.

She opened her eyes again and saw the circle of light. If only she could reach it in time. If only Archie were there to save her like he always did. Then Atlanta was thrown back into her memories. Every argument with Archie. Every time she fought beside him. Every joke, comment, insult. Every time her stomach would do flip flops when she saw him.

Atlanta didn't know what to do anymore. What to think. She felt like she was still trapped under the water but she was also slipping away. Her mind quickly mixed reality with wish and Atlanta was left confused, alone, and on her way to see her ancestor.

Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies
So I don't know what's real and what's not
Always confusing the thoughts in my head
So I can't trust myself anymore
I'm dying again
I'm going under
I'm drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
I'm going under

Atlanta opened her eyes and squinted at the tiny light above her. The light that was her only hope, if only she could reach it. But then it was gone. Just like that. A shadow covered her only hope and she was encased in cold, unforgiving darkness. She tried to make out the shadow but her mind was slowly slipping out of her grasp and she couldn't focus.

She used the rest of her strength to focus on that shadow. It seemed to be coming closer to her. But that wasn't possible. She was on the bottom of a lake, who would be down that far... who but her? She saw the dark shadow turn to grey and then some colours. But as soon as those colours flickered in her vision she shut her eyes... for the last time.

She was somewhat comfortable now. Though Atlanta wasn't sure why. But she felt safe. Then just as she was about to let go of this world and head on to the next, she felt herself being lifted up. She was going higher and higher. Then the suffocating depths of the water just vanished and the light struggled to get through to her. Though it all seemed so distant.

She felt herself being dropped, not too far, but it still kind of hurt. Then she felt air rushing into her lungs, and water coming out. It was too late for her. She couldn't be saved now. Then she heard a voice. It was so familiar but so vague. So close, yet so far away. It was calling to her. Calling to her from the light. She had to go to it. She just had to.

" Atlanta! Please wake up! Don't die on me. Atlanta! Come on! Don't give up. Breathe damn you! Breathe!" she heard the slightly angelic voice change and it all came rushing back to her.

" Atlanta! So help me... if you die then.... oh please just open your eyes! Atlanta!" the voice called again. The emotions that ran through it changing rapidly.

Atlanta was so close to slipping away, forever. At one point she thought she could see her body being left below. But then she was suddenly pulled back to her body. Pulled back to reality. And pulled back to the person trying to save her.

Everything became crystal clear right then. She recognized the voice and started to fight. She felt herself being pulled away again, and she wouldn't let herself go. No. Not yet. It wasn't her time.

" Atlanta! Please, oh god please breathe! Open your eyes please! Atlanta! Don't slip away! Don't you dare give up on me! Atlanta!" the voice called again. Now it was so close.

So go on and scream
Scream at me, I'm so far away
I won't be broken again
I've got to breathe-I can't keep going under

Atlanta coughed. She felt the water rush out of her lungs. It was as if it was letting its grip on her go. She was glad. The air rushed in and she gasped deeply. For a moment her whole body stung. With what she wasn't quiet sure. Maybe another time when everything wasn't so confusing, she might remember.

Slowly she opened her eyes, but just a little, and the light nearly blinded her. She squeezed them shut and then when the light died down a little she opened them again. She found herself looking up at a very concerned face. Steel eyes drowned with worry, with fear.

" Atlanta?" his voice sounded sweet in her ears. As if she had awaken from a long slumber.

" Archie?" Atlanta tried to say his name but her voice cracked and she coughed again.

She felt herself being pulled up so that she was sitting and she spit up some more water. Then two strong arms wrapped themselves around her and pulled her close. She was still trying to let everything sink in. Then she was pulled away from the warmth of the body in front of her.

" What the hell were you thinking?" Archie asked, clearly angry and worried.

He hugged her again and then pulled away.

" Do you know how worried I was. I thought I had lost you." his voice was sweeter now.

That's when Atlanta lost it. She broke down, she just couldn't take anymore. Tears flowed from her eyes and cascaded down her cheeks. Sobs choked her as she tried to control the uncontrollable.

Archie froze for a moment, not knowing what to do. Then he pulled her into another hug. But this time he didn't let go right away. It was then that Atlanta realized she was in a boat. In a boat in the middle of a crystal lake. And more tears came.

Archie rubbed her back and tried to calm her down. By then Atlanta had curled up into a ball and gripped to Archie with all the strength she had.

" Atlanta. What's wrong?" Archie asked, not really sure what else to do.

Atlanta abruptly pulled away, her tears momentarily stopping, and she looked at him.

" You." she managed to choke out.

" What?" he was so confused on top of everything else.

" You and... Alisa... I saw you." Atlanta choked out between another bout of sobs.

" What do you mean Atlanta?" he still wasn't quiet getting it.

" Af-after school. Yestur-day. I saw you... k-kiss her." Atlanta managed to get out before more tears came.

" Wha..." Archie trailed off and remembered what she was talking about. Then he let out a slight laugh. Atlanta stopped and looked at him. An indescribable expression on her face.

" Atlanta. We were rehearsing for our drama class. My class is doing Romeo and Juliet. I didn't tell you guys because... well... I was embarrassed." Archie explained. He really had thought that anyone would find out. Nor that Atlanta would see him.

" W-what?" she didn't know what else to say. She was left dumbstruck.

" I'm Romeo and Alisa is Juliet. You didn't actually think that..." but Archie stopped when Atlanta lowered her head and hid her eyes from view.

" Atlanta... I would never do anything like that. I would never intentionally hurt you. You should know that. I..." Archie took a deep breath and sighed, ".. I... love you."

Atlanta's head snapped up and she wondered if her mind was playing tricks on her again. But a rose blush crept onto Archie's cheeks and she knew that she had heard right.

Atlanta fell against Archie, wrapping her arms around his neck, and cried a little more. But now she wasn't sad, or confused or hurt. She was happy.

" Arch.... I... I love you too." she whispered.


A/N: Okay there you have it. A little depressing but a happy ending. Although this isn't my favourite. But nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed it. Well not much else to say here except for review please! Constructive, not destructive, constructive critism is always welcome. Well I'll try to update something either later or first thing when I get up tomorrow. Cheers!;D
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