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One of my pokemon comments on being deleted for a new game.

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Deleted: One of my pokemon comments on being deleted for a new game.

You took the time to train us, to collect us. You battled with us as we went through the regions, collecting badges, and challenging the Leagues as we went. No one could stop us. We were the best of the best. I should have known the minute you didn't pick up the egg you had at the daycare that something was wrong. But I still believed in you, I believed you loved us, that you would never leave us behind. I was wrong. You started to get bored with us, bored with the fact that no one could beat us. You were bored because it wasn't hard to defeat people. Even when you used pokemon that were weak against the opposing team, you won, simply because we were all at such a high level.

When we were young, and I was your only pokemon, you vowed to me that you would be great one day. Well now you are great, and today as the sun went down, I felt myself changing. Not like the change of evolution, no it was the pain of being abandoned. The next time I opened my eyes, I saw that in place of the blue eyed, brown haired girl I had known from the time I was a small chick, was a white haired, brown eyed boy. It didn't take me long to realize that I had somehow been de-evolved back to my smallest form, somehow I had gone back to the beginning.

I never did find out how it had happened, but I've never regretted it. This new trainer, this boy named Brendan, he never seemed to worry about status like you did. He only captured enough of us to compete in the competiotions. Even in that he was different, making sure that we were well fed and well brushed, and well looked after. He didn't care if we lost, which seemed to happen a lot more because now I wasn't as powerful as I had been the first time, but you still loved me. I never saw my original trainer again, and I never wanted to. Brandon treated us like friends instead of things, and I think that this time, that's going to make all the difference.


I thought this up after beating the league for the tenth time, and I started a new game, deleting all of the pokemon that i worked so hard to train, and I wondered, how do the pokemon feel when they are deleted, along with everything else when you start a new game.

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