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Through my eyes

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Brock talks about his time with Ash and why he stays. One shot.

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Through my eyes: Brock talks about his position with the group and why he stays.

My name is Brock, and this is my story. Funny that I should be the star of this little tale when it's all about Ash. Or rather, the time I spent with Ash. From the very beginning, I knew he'd be something special, just from the pokemon he chose. You see, most people when they come to face me, they do it with pokemon they know rock types are weak against. Water, fighting or grass types are the most popular.

Even the great Gary Oak used a wartortle to blast through my rock pokemon. They use pokemon I am weak against because they know that it doesn't take any effort, or any sort of battle plan to defeat a pokemon that is weak against the one you are using. But Ash was different. The pokemon he used were all weak against my rock types. I almost laughed aloud when i revealed my Onix and he sent out his Pikachu. Even i never believed that he could beat me with an electric type. I was partly right.

He didn't win with Pikachu, but he could have. Even with the weight of my brothers and sisters holding him down, he still could have ordered his Pikachu to attack. But he didn't, and that taught me a lot more about his character than defeating me ever would have. He had something special. And that is what made me want to travel with him. That and the fact that i had always wated to go on a journey, get away from the house, and go out on my own. But I never got the opportunity to since I was always worried about my brothers and sisters.

It was a special surprise that he had managed to find my father, a fact I find somewhat ironic considering that in all my travels with Ash, I don't think we ever heard a word about his own father. I don't think Ash even knows himself who he is, altough i have my own suspicions.

As I traveled more with Ash, I realized just as I believed, Ash was something special. He rescued pokemon and people without the slightest hesitation, even at the risk of his own life, and there weren't many times that I didn't see him trying to fix every problem as it came our way.

He wasn't perfect, far from it. He was cocky, arrogant, rude, and often tmes it was not just his life that he risked. The pokemon suffered as well. I can't count how many times Pikachu was almost stolen by Team Rocket only to be saved at the last second by one of us.

But the good thing is that Ash learns from his mistakes, and there were plenty of those as well. Like the time Ash lost against AJ, and even though he felt stupid for losing, he kept going. Or the time that Pikachu faced Raichu and he had the tough choice of whether or not to evolve his Pikachu so that he could win his third badge.

And every time he wins a new badge, I feel myself feeling prouder, like a father would a son. Every time I hear that he's encountered a new legendary pokemon that no one else has ever seen, I can't help but say, "That's my friend."

Sure, he does stupid things, but who can say that they havn't?

Why do I travel with Ash? Because he's special, and because every day as I look at him, I see a boy who's growing into a man, who still retains the optimistic naïvety of a child. I see a boy who does what he can whenever possible to help people not because he wants the notoriety from being a hero, or that he wants the rewards, it's because it's who he is. My name is Brock, and this is my tale of my time spent with Ash, through my eys.

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