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What does the champion think after you beat him in the games?

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Toppled: what does the champion think after you beat him in the games?

Champion, it was a title I loved having. It was like being a celebrity. Everywhere I went, people wanted to do things for me. If I walked into a resteraunt, girls would be clamouring to sit next to me. Kids would stop me when I walked in the street to ask for my autograph. I loved every second of it. The fame, and fortune that came from being the only champion to have come from a small town was no small thing either. For the longest time, we ran unbeaten. We were the best that had ever been. Then you came. You were confident even though you carried only four pokemon. I was overconfident, believing tbat I was invincible because I had never been beaten.

You flattened me in less time than it took for me to sign autographs. Before I knew it, you were being inducted into the hall of fame as the new champion. I was being brushed aside as though I didn't matter, like I had never mattered. You not only crushed me, you destroyed my confidence in myself. Not long after you defeated me, I realized that while I had been famous, that was all that people liked me for. There were no cheering crowds following me down the street anymore, and suddenly, it was like I had never had been champion. No one seemed to remember my accomplishments. I was nothing. I thought that if I went back home, that I would receive better treatment. But it was even worse there. Because people knew who I was, and had expected great things from me, so my welcome home was not as glorious as it should have been. Okay, I ended up getting run out of town, by the people I thought I could count on most.

So, I decided to dissappear. I went to a new region, and started over again. This time, I'm not sure what I'll do, but I'll never be champion again.

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