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All those pokemon you catch just to fill up a pokedex, how do they feel? Told from my Dunsparce's point of view. One shot.

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Useless: all those pokemon you catch just to fill up your pokedex, how do they feel? Told from my dunsparce's point of view.

I come from a cave, that is where I am supposed to live, not in this strange dark, small prison you have me in. But it was not always this way. I did not always live in a pokeball. My life stayed the same most days. Wake up, hunt for food, find a warm spot in the sun, go back to sleep. It wasn't the most exciting life, but it was my life, and I was free to do as I wished. I should have known something was wrong the day I woke up and there wasn't a single sound in the cave. Usually, there is at least the sound of the zubats calling out to one another as they wing their way through the dark. Today however, it was like the pokemon in the cave were all trying to be quiet. I didn't understand.

Then I saw you. You were squinting at the feeble light your pokemon was providing for you as you made your way through my cave. I'd never seen a human before, but I'd heard enough stories from other pokemon to know that was what you were.

"A dunsparce? Those are really rare! Pikachu, use slam!"

Now normally, a pikachu, an electric type would have no chance against a rock type like myself, but it was a surprise attack, and the addition of a thunderwave attack paralyzed me against attacking. Before I knew it, I had been captured. You kept me on your team for quite some time as we travelled through, defeating trainers and gym leaders. I think that was only because you thought I would evolve at some point. At level forty when I still hadn't evolved, you dropped me off at the pokemon daycare. I spent months there before you came back for me, and that was only so that you could drop off a different pokemon there. That's when I was introduced to the box. The box was where you kept the rest of your unwanted pokemon, ones you had caught specifically for trading.

I lost track of the time I spent in the box. One can't really count the days when you can't tell one day from the next. Eventually you took me and several others out of the box, and you let us out of our pokeballs. I didn't understand what was happening until you declared that you had released us, that we were free to go home. I protested. You may not have been the best trainer, but you were my trainer, and I didn't want to leave.

"Useless pokemon! Don't ou know what to do! You're free to go!"

You and your faithful Pikachu chased me off, like I didn't mean anything to you, like I never had. You didn't even care enough to make sure that we were okay after you released us, you just walked away. As I look out of my home, I have to wonder sometimes, how many of your pokemon suffered like I had, had been released without any consideration for their feelings, and I hope that no other pokemon are ever caught by you again.


I thought of this after I found my old pokemon crystal game, and looked through what I had in my storage box and let go a bunch of pokemon that I had too many copies of. I kind of felt bad for it afterward. I really did forget my Dunsparce in a daycare, and really didn't know that it didn't evolve (sweatdrops).
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