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dont fail me now

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taxi cabs. broken porches. and smashed hearts.

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Don't Fail Me Now

A low wolf whistle escaped his lips. Fawning off a hundred dollar bill, he pulled his jacket up over his dark hair and shielded his eyes with sunglasses. Checking the scrunched up piece of paper in his left hand he swallowed and pushed open the door. Trudging his feet through the snow, he dragged his suitcase behind him and looked up at the house. It was the epitome of cliché. Ornate stained glass windows. Large white French doors. An elaborate porch and a tire swing hanging still under a large oak tree. He knew she was money. But this much he didn't know.

Taking another step he dragged his feet through the cold and wet snow and wished he was wearing more sensible shoes. Pulling his phone from his pocket he glanced down and noticed three messages. Selecting all, he read them in succession and shoved his phone back in his pocket. Cracking his knuckles he winced and shoved his hands in his pockets. Taking a glance over his shoulder he sighed as one taxi cab pulled up. Seating himself down on the porch steps he watched as she extracted herself from the yellow taxi cab. Her hair was pulled up off her face and her eyes were free of any makeup. In that second he wished he could save her. If not from him. But from herself.


Pushing a wad of cash away from myself I gave it back to Charles and stepped out of the taxi cab into a fresh pile of snow. Pulling sunglasses down over my eyes I looked up towards my house and sighed. He was there. I knew he would come. I prayed he wouldn't.

"Tink?" his voice drifted out across to me, the strong southern accent, the soft gentle caress in the way he said my name. "Are you okay?" he ditched his bags and walked towards me, through the built up snow. I smiled at him and stepped into his warm embrace.

"Hey Tyler" I whispered, he placed a kiss on my forehead and held me at arms length. "Why are you here?" I asked, he shook his head and put his hand in mine.

"I couldn't let my best girl face this alone" he said his voice just above a whisper, my eyes narrowed and I cast him a sidelong glance.

"I'm okay Tyler. Truly" I muttered as we walked towards the house. The front door burst open, and out ran a dishevelled Bella. Her hair had come free from its tight plait, her clothes had been changed and she was wearing a skirt, tights and a white top with her duffle coat over top.

"Where have you been!" her voice yelled towards me, I stepped onto the porch and her arms went tightly around my waist, "I thought you left me. Again" her voice was muffled, I picked her up and hugged her close to me and let her down, she looked up at me and her eyes widened "your lip is cut" she said matter of factly, I put my finger up to my lip and nodded.

"Yea it is" I answered, "Don't run on the porch Bella, you will slip" I scolded her mockingly, she took her hand in mine and stood behind me, "Hey girly, what are you doing?" I asked pulling her in front of me.

"Who is that?" she asked pointing at Tyler, I laughed as he bent down and held out a hand to her.

"Tyler. A friend of your Mum's. And you missy, must be Bella" he said, she nodded and took his hand. "Nice to meet you" he added, she grinned and bit her lip.

"Hello" she said, pausing slightly she looked up at me. "Is her your boyfriend Mum?" she asked, I laughed aloud and shook my head.

"No Bella, just a friend" I answered, she looked confused and looked at me and then at Tyler.

"Good, because he isn't really cute is he?" she retorted before turning on her heel and walking inside, Tyler grabbed at his heart and looked at me.

"Wow, heartbreaker already" he mocked, I grabbed his bag and hauled it on to my shoulder. "So, this is your house?" he asked as I led him inside. Looking over his shoulder I sighed. A little part of me hoping for a second taxi cab.


"Hi Tiabela. Charles told me where to find you. There is something I need to tell you" Pete whispered to himself as the taxi cab drove through neighbourhoods. He noticed the houses got bigger and more spaced apart. Smacking himself up on the forehead he swallowed and tried again.

"Yo Tiabela. Where you been? Your boy Tyler hit me" Pete groaned as he heard the words leave his mouth, his eyes met the taxi drivers. He raised an eyebrow.
"Girl trouble?" the driver asked, Pete shrugged and looked out the window. "I maybe a humble taxi driver, but I've driven around this neighbourhood enough times to know what to and what not to say to one of these girls" the driver finished, Pete dragged his eyes away from the ever growing houses and looked at him.

"Do they get any bigger?" Pete asked, the driver looked at him and smiled. "The houses" Pete added feeling stupid, he felt his face heat up.

"They get much, much bigger" the driver announced, Pete slumped in his seat and brushed his fringe from his eyes. Glancing down at his tight skinny jeans he wished he had put dress pants on, he fingered a hole in his striped top and zipped his hoody back up over his shirt.

"What do I say?" Pete heard himself ask before he could stop. The driver shifted in his seat and stopped at an intersection.

"A fight? What happened?" he asked, Pete sniffed and folded one leg over the other and tapped his foot on his knee. "I'm Joe by the way" the taxi driver said suddenly, Pete smiled as he thought of his friend Joe. His smile faded as he remembered their last band practice.

"She um, was a friend of mine. We had a falling out over something" Pete suddenly realised how little he knew about Tink. Or Tiabela as he figured out was her real name. "She had to come back home, her mother was sick, I shouldn't have waited to tell her, but I love her" Pete disclosed suddenly becoming very aware who he was, what he was doing and who he was telling his story to.

"It's simple then kid. Tell her the truth. You love her." Joe said, Pete noticed the car had stopped. "Here we are" the silence in the car was deafening. "Nice place" added Joe, Pete pursed his lips and dared to look out the window.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Pete asked Joe who glanced at the post it note he had fobbed off to him, he nodded and Pete handed him the taxi fare. "Whoa" Pete breathed quietly to himself as he opened the door.

"Hey kid" Joe called to him; Pete stuck his head back in the car. "Don't play games. They don't work. And someone always loses. Don't let it be you" Joe offered him advice.

Pete stood on the sidewalk and watched the red tail lights diminish into the distance. Biting his lip his eyes dragged themselves up all three floors of the house. They took in the two Lexus's sitting in the driveway. One at a time. They took in the swing moving slowly in the cool evening breeze. His heart thumped a little harder. His pulse rate quickened. The front door slowly pushed itself open. An orange spark lit up a face he knew so well. The eyes were soft and free of makeup. A black overcoat with a hood hung to her slim frame.

"Tiabela" he whispered her name to himself like a mantra. Taking a step forward he watched as she inhaled the cigarette and blew perfectly formed smoke rings. Something he taught her. The door slowly closed behind her, before it was pushed open again. Not taking his eyes off her for a second he watched as she bent down and scooped up a child. Extinguishing the cigarette on the banister she pulled open the door. He stood there. Tyler. It took all his might not to run across the road and wrench Tyler from Tiabela grasp. The girl in Tiabela's arms giggled as Tyler tickled her. Pulling his hood up over his head Pete turned on his heel and began to walk away.

"Pete?" a soft voice called to him, thinking it was the wind Pete continued to walk. He heard hurried footsteps follow him, stopping he turned and watched as she ran towards him. "Peter?" she stopped in front of him. He shook his head at her and walked away. Warm wet tears spilled from his broken brown eyes.
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