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regular decorated emergency

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taxi rides. plane landings. pumpkin soup. and tears.

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regular decorated emergency

His body mass pulled itself from outside of the sunshine yellow taxi cab that screamed cheap in the neighbourhood. How did he find me I asked myself as I picked Bella up and put her on my hip. She looked at me and opened her mouth to ask a question. I quickly silenced her and walked around the side of the house and into the kitchen.

The scent of pumpkin soup was strong and pugent in the air. Putting Bella down I looked at the maid and flashed her a smile.

"Can you look after Bella, I have a visitor" Chica or Chila whatever her name was smiled at me and nodded, Bella shot me a horrified look, I bent down and took her small hands in mine. "I have to see a man outside quickly, don't worry" I placed a kiss on her forehead, I turned and watched her eyes widen as I left.

Walking back out of the door, I slid on the porch and landed with a thud on the icy wet deck. Pulling myself up, I brushed the blood from my lip and walked quickly towards him as he took out a bag from the taxi. Rushing down the path I got to the car.

"Charles, you have to go" I hissed, he looked at me and shook his head. His eyes racked the house and widened. "Now" I pushed him back into the taxi, he grabbed my arm and pulled me in.

"Well, well, well Tink. Looks like you've been playing happy families" his voice took on a tone I knew well. When I first started in his business, it was the voice I heard when I didn't pay up front, when I didn't see the eight clients a night he would set up for me.

"Don't start" I complained putting my heads in my hands. How did it get this far? I was Tink Mendez. Girl in charge of her own future. For crying out loud in two weeks I would be a Psychologist. Right now, I was the one who needed a psychologist.

"Don't start what Tink?" Charles practically spat my name it in disgust. "Here you are in New York, you have clients in Los Angeles. Brendon called for you three times last night, his band had a promotion, he needed a date, he called for you. Surprise, surprise, you're not home when I call around. I find Tyler in your apartment I set up for you. And he is leaving to come to New York." Charles handed the taxi driver a fifty, and the car started up. I looked out the window and watched as Bella ran out, my heart fell and I watched her face crumple. And my name pierced the air. Not Tink. Not Tiabella. But Mum.


A thuddering crash. A screeching halt. A seatbelt sign being extinguished. Standing up Pete stretched his legs and reached for his bag in the overhead compartment. Downing the remaining juice in his plastic cup he squeezed the cup in his hand and threw it back down. Turning on his phone he punched in a number and waited for the cue to begin to move.

"Yo Patrick, its Pete" Pete spoke into the phone as the cue slowly inched forward, there was a slight pause in the conversation.

"Hey Pete, where you at?" Patrick asked in return, sniffing before answering Pete slung his messenger bag over his shoulder and stood on one leg.

"New York" he muttered under his breath.

Hearing a sigh on the other line Pete braced himself for the worst. "Pete, you've done some messed up things before, but I'm supporting you this time" Patrick answered, Pete could almost picture Patrick squeezing the bridge of his nose and playing with his trucker cap.

"Thanks Trick" Pete smiled as he turned his phone off and left the airplane in search of his luggage. A taxi. And possibly the most important girl in his life.


Leaning my head against the headrest of the taxi I groaned aloud and looked at Charles. It was time to turn the charm on.

"Charles, you know I am most greatful for everything you have given me. I owe you so much. I have a daughter Charles, you know that" I said quietly, Charles looked at me and I felt his eyes soften "My mother is dying, and my Father is old Charles. He can't look after a five year old. He just cant" I said with exasperation, Charles nodded.

"You have commitments back home too Tink" He began, I sighed and fiddled with the zip on my jacket. "You are high class Tink, you are my highest paid girl. you could run this business with your eyes closed" he flattered me, I shook it off.

"Stop Charles, you have at least five other girls on your books who run circles around me" I almost whispered, Charles shook his head and took my small hand in his.

"You are the only girl that has had someone pay over ten thousand for one night! One night!" Charles said, I glanced at him and my eyes narrowed.

"Excuse me?" I asked, Charles shook his head and grimaced. "Who?" I asked, knowing who before I even asked.

"That kid from Fall Out Boy, he isn't a fan of the game Tink, he wants more from you than what you give him" Charles looked at me, the car came to a stop at the edge of my street at a give way. "He needs you Tink, he wants you more than any man could want a girl. He loves you Tink. He truly, truly does. He has offered me more than once to take you off the books permanently" I dragged my eyes away from the window.

"Stop Charles" I whispered Charles squeezed my hand tightly in his.

"A million dollars Tink, he wanted to buy you off the books" he glanced at me, I swallowed and suddenly felt a lot colder than the icy cold snow outside. I didn't know whether to be flattered, disgusted or loved. Pete Wentz loved me. Or lusted after me. Either way I was done with the business with Charles, I owed Pete a thank you for at least that.
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