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loaded words and loaded friends are loaded guns to our heads

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its snow. its the beat of the heart. its him. its her. and its no one scene drama.

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A blanket of snow covered every possible avenue. A shiver grasped Pete and he hugged deeper inside his fur lined hooody and zipped it a little closer to his body. Rubbing his jaw he winced as his caloused fingers came into contact with the bruise. Biting his lip be pushed his fingers into the skin and prodded the jawline. His facial structure wasn't too badly bruised he thought to himself. But he knew with a purplish bluish hue breaking out, all paparazzi would be having a field day.

Pushing himself further back into the seat he glanced up at just as the seatbelt sign lit up. Looking down at his belt he pulled it a little tighter over his hips and crossed his legs out in front of him. He hadn't quite thought his plan out. Feeling a sudden pang of nervousness. Was he going to just show up and hope for the best. He knew at the back of this airplane was Tyler. Who had the same ideas as he did. Saving Tink. Question was. Did she really need saving?


Leaning heavily against the solid door I pushed and stumbled onto the other side. The vast verendah ran around the house. It was icy. Cold. Wet and uncomfortable. Zipping up the long zip on my coat I shoved my hands into my pockets and walked around the verendah to the back of the house. A rickety old swing hung from the ceiling of the porch. Letting myself sink into it I pushed it back and forth under my foot. Withdrawing my cellphone from my pocket I switched it on and sat it beside me.

Clean pure snowflakes fell from the white sky. They spiralled recklessly downwards before they fell and landed in the pile along with the hundreds of thousands of other discarded snowflakes. Tucking skinny legged enclosed legs to my chest I felt the chair vibrate beneath me. My phone spun around two or three times and lit up. It did this for a period of five minutes before I picked it up and groaned. Forty eight missed calls. Fifty five text messages. Pressing delete I selected all and threw my phone into the snow. Sighing I felt anger well inside me. I was in New York. My parents had not wanted anything to do with me for the longest time. My daughter suddenly knew who I was. She knew what was happening. So much for being in control of my own future.

Small footsteps thrashed their way down the verendah. Pulling my hood up over my head I withdrew my last cigarette and pushed it roughly into my mouth. Flicking my lighter two or three times it ignited and lit up the cigarette. My one life line. One of my many tickets to dying young. Inhaling the cigarette with all my might I let it fester in my mouth, tasting every disgusting chemical I knew was bad for me, relishing in their badness. Knowing that this was one thing my Mother couldn't stop me from doing. Slowly releasing the dirty party inside my mouth I blew it out into the clean almost sterile air in small patchy smoke rings.

"That is a cool trick" a soft voice called to me, not looking up I slumped into the chair and patted the spot beside me. "You could teach me one day. Although Papa says its bad..." the voice faltered and I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. Her small face was beautiful. She had sporadic freckles that covered the bridge of her nose. In the corner of her right eye on the amber brown colour was a dark coloured freckle. Like the one in my left eye. Flicking my cigarette out into the snow I pulled her on to my lap.

"Promise me Bella that you will never, ever smoke" I whispered into her hair, she nodded and laced her fingers with mine. "Promise" I whispered, she nodded again and squeezed my hand tight.

"If Papa is your Papa, he is my Poppa right?" she asked, this time I nodded and pulled her chocolate brown hair off her neck in a tight plait. She turned to face me. "You're very pretty Mum" she said tracing her fingers around my face, I shook my head at her.

"You're Mum isn't a pretty person on the inside or outside Bella. She shook her head and looked at me with all the authority a five year old could muster. "No?" I asked her, she shook her head firmly again.

"Your Mama, my Nana?" she looked at me uncertainly, I nodded. "She always said I had a beautiful person to look upto, she said it wasn't her but one day I would find her. I asked her if you were my angel, she said sort of. But you know what Mum?" she looked directly at me, her eyes piercing mine.

"What Bella?" I asked, she sniffed and hugged close to me.

"You're more than an angel. You're my Mum. The most beautiful person" she sighed in completion and held me tighter than I have ever been held before. Suddenly flashbacks of my sordid past hit me in the face. Being held by a stranger. Being kissed and touched by someone who didn't love me for me. Being paid to be that someone. Being paid to leave my own daughter. Dragging my eyes away from Bella I watched as the taxi cab approached. I wanted to stand up, run away. But I stood my ground. He had found me. He had found me. Again.
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