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The Meeting

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Dom meets up with an online friend. Key words: Oral fixation.

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luvleyleslie78: so, u wanna meet up 2morrow night?
TheDominator76: Sure... What do you fancy, love?
luvleyleslie78: theres this new flick...
TheDominator76: Well, you don't really get to speak or actually see each other during a flick, do ya? winks
luvleyleslie78: no, i suppose not lol ;) back... u know any good places?
TheDominator76: Yeah, there is this club... We could go grap a bite before going there...
luvleyleslie78: sure. where is it?
TheDominator76: You know where the Lioness Café is located, yes?
luvleyleslie78: yeah
TheDominator76: Then let's meet up there. There is a gorgeous Chinese place nearby - it's sort of hidden, so not many know where it is, or fancy going there alone.
luvleyleslie78: alright - happy 2 have u, then!
TheDominator76: Hehe, thanks, love! But I'll need your picture, then, so I know who to look for.
luvleyleslie78: right. if u need 2 ask any1, im leslie.
TheDominator76: And I'm Dom.
luvleyleslie78 wants to send picture: prettylittleme.jpg
TheDominator76 has accepted transfer

He looked at her picture. So perfect she looked... Her eyes, her nose, her lips... So gorgeous full, red lips... He couldn't wait to meet her. He took another look at the picture. So beautifully her mouth had curled into a smile. A warm feeling grew inside of him - and it was fueled every time he thought of that smile.

They met in front of the café and went to the chinese place as promised. She was surprised when she recognized him - she had followed every episode of Hetty Wainthrop Investigates when she was younger. They talked and talked, laughed, smiled... He had a hard time taking his eyes off of her smiling lips.

They went to the club, danced, but hardly had any alcohol. They just had too much fun. After spending a few hours together, they decided to go home. They walked with their arms around each other, until they reached her place.
"So..." she started.
"Yeah..." He didn't quite know what to say by now.
"I suppose I'll see you online?" she asked, and smiled her sweet smile.
"Yeah, I suppose so... Les, wait..." he stopped her as she turned to walk inside, "I just need to do one last thing, and I'm sorry if you find it offending."
"Fair enough," she responded. He took her hand and pulled her into him, and placed a soft kiss on those soft lips he had been dreaming about for the last couple of days. To his surprise, she kissed back. Slowly their tongues met, and she finished the soft kiss with a light touch on his shoulder.
"Wow..." he breathed.
"Wow..." she smiled. They looked at each other for a few moments. "Well, I better..." she began, pointing at the door.
"Uh, yeah... Uhm, see ya.." he smiled. She kissed his cheek and went inside. He smiled, and kept that smile on his face all the way home.
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