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The Sushi Restaurant

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Dom meets up with and online friend. Again. Key words: Tasty morsels.

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luvleyleslie78: so... lunch 2morrow?
The Dominator76: Sure! My treat.
luvleyleslie78: ur treat? y?
The Dominator76: Then I get to decide where we go...
luvleyleslie78: o no lol im getting kidnapped!
The Dominator76: laughs devilishly Watch out! The Dominator is out!

They walked into Dom's favorite sushi restaurant. Leslie looked a bit worried.
"I don't know about this, Dom..." she started.
"Have you ever had sushi?" he asked.
"How do you know that you won't like it, then?"
"Dom, it's RAW!"
"The chefs are proffessionals. I'm sure they won't poison us. Not intentionally, anyways..." he mumbled with a cheeky smile.
"DOM!" She hit his shoulder. He laughed at her reaction.
"Hey, don't you like fish?" he laughed.
"Yeah, but I usually cook it first!"
"Hey, I'll order some saki to wash disinfect your body with. And some of them come with rice. Now, what is your favorite fish when cooked?"
"Tuna... Salmon... Mackerel... And plaice," she admitted with a sigh.

They sat down with their dishes. Dom was quick, and snatched one of his bits with the chopsticks. To his amusement, Leslie fought a bit with her chopsticks before Dom chuckled and gave in, showing her how to use them. Carefully, she took a piece of sushi up with the sticks and took a bite. A smile was spreading on her face.
"Hmm, it's not that bad..."
"There you go!" Dom smiled back. He took up another piece from his plate and offered it to her: "Here, try this one!" He watched her chew and sink a bite.
"Wow, not bad at all! What was that?"
"Oh, my..." she rolled her eyes, "Do you know how much I hate squid?"
"You loved it a minute ago!" he chuckled.
"But squids are so disgusting with all of their arms, and... stuff..." she imitated the arms with her fingers, messing up the position of the chopsticks.
"Oh, yes," Dom sighed dramatically, rolling his eyes, "and /raw/, even!"

They walked towards the park, hand in hand. It was a warm day, perfect for a walk with no purpous whatsoever. Entering the park, Dom saw a booth selling fruit. He eyed the fruit, and the signs telling what they were and their price. He went over and bought a bunch of seedless grapes ("I hate those seeds, they're just bitter and always in the way," he explained). They found a perfect spot of grass to settle on. Dom started to pull of his shirt, but just as he had pulled it over his head, he remembered the female presence.
"You don't mind, do you?" he asked her.
"No, not at all!" she answered with a meaning smile, accompanied by a glimpse in her eyes. He chuckled and pulled the shirt off completely. He laid back on the ground, flashing his naked upper body, supporting his head with his hands, obviously enjoying himself. Leslie leaned over him, running a hand over his skin.
"You're gorgeous, you know that?"
"Yes," he answered, running his fingers over her cheek. He took a grape from the bunch and slipped it into her mouth. "You look so fucking beautiful from down here." She couldn't help smiling, and placed a kiss on his mouth.

Later on, they had gone to his home, in which she had promised to make him dinner (cooked fish, what else?...). She was preparing some vegetables as he snatched a piece of carrot, and before she could slap his hand it was in his cheekily smiling mouth. She put away the knife, her arms around his neck, and claimed his lips.
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