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Sweet Surprises

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Leslie's birthday is coming up. What is Dom to do?! Key words: Sweet Surprises.

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He had no idea what to do. Her birthday was coming up, and he had no idea what to give her. Well, what do you give a girl who seems to have everything? He was ripped out of his thoughts by his cell phone.
"Dom! Dude... That took a while. How are things?"
"Lij, hi... Still trying to figure out what to give the girl..."
"Shut up with that girl! Dammit, some of us are lonely!" Elijah whined.
"But it's really bugging me... And you, you can point at any fangirl, and she's already lying naked in your bed, ready to go."
"But still, you know..."
"I know..." Dominic sighed, he could hear the loneliness in the voice of his dear friend.
"Hey, maybe you could set me up?" Suddenly Lij sounded more hopeful.
"I'll see what I can do, OK, mate?" Dom replied, and they ended the phonecall.

That call had him thinking... He actually had two weeks. 14 days. In the most uninspirational month of the year... He kept catching himself thinking this way. But things always had a way of working out.

He walked around the apartment, and suddenly a girl's mag that Alexandra Astin had left there a while back. It was a year old. He flipped through it, and was inspired out of a sudden. He put the magazine back where he found it and rushed out the door.

TheDominator76: So, what are you doing on Saturday?
luvleyleslie78: me friend is around... shes abit down...
luvleyleslie78: shes kinda down... suffers 4rum a broken heart...
TheDominator76: Oh... She doesn't want to go out, then?...
luvleyleslie78: i dunno... y?
TheDominator76: I think I might have her a date...
luvleyleslie78: so soon?
TheDominator76: Well, what do I know... He should know what's happening on a Saturday night...
luvleyleslie78: hmm, i dunno dom, he sounds sweet n all... but...
TheDominator76: Hey, have her call me. Please?
luvleyleslie78: dom, no pressure, ok? i dont want her to feel any kind of pressure...
TheDominator76: I promise! He's the sweetest guy in the world! Plus, the to of us get to spend the day together...
luvleyleslie78: we do?... u have plans?
TheDominator76: Oh, you better believe it!
luvleyleslie78: ooohhhh do tell!
TheDominator76: No, you'll have to wait!
luvleyleslie78: dom!!!! no fair!!!

The day came. February 14th. Valentine's Day. Dom went over to Leslie's home with Elijah, who took his date from there. What Leslie didn't know was that Elijah and her friend was spending the day preparing for the night specifically for her. Dom had made most arrangements beforehand, so the rest should run smoothly.

To start out with, Dom took her out to brunch. They had a lot of unhealthy, but delicious food to eat, and in their own time. They then took a stroll through the park, and ended up by a carnival that Dom knew was in town at the time being. They could be found together in the amusements, eating candy floss, Leslie carrying a baloon and a bear... They slowly moved towards her home again.
"So... Any plans for the rest of the night?"
"Nothing to rush for. We've got a couple of hours."
The rest of the walk was in a pleasent silence, an arm around each others waist. When they got back, Leslie opened up, and they got in. They hung up their coats, sat aside their shoes. Dom led her into her bedroom, to her closet with the full body mirror.
"Stay here," he whispered and kissed her lips briefly. He hurried to the hall closet, where he hat hung up two seperate hangers. He took out one of them - with a beautiful dress hanging from it - and went back to the bedroom.
"Close your eyes," he said before he entered. She closed her eyes, and he carefully placed the dress over her front, draping it as right as he could.
"Open!" She opened her eyes and gasped.
"Oh, Dom! What is all this? It's beautiful!"
"Happy birthday, luv!"
"I love it!" She turned around and hugged Dom. He helt her tight and inhaled her scent before pulling back a bit to look at her.
"If you really love it, you could wear it tonight. But I'm drawing the line at marrying it!" he said with a straight face, making her laugh. He smiled, and let her prepare for the evening.
As she was taking a shower, he slipped in to the bathroom to ease his bladder. He was wearing nothing but boxers and jeans - everything else as ready for the night. Only the fancy odeur and the suit hanging from the second hanger were to be put on. Just as he was finished, Leslie peaked out from the shower cabin.
"Dom?... You mind handing me the shower gel?" She poined at a tube by the mirror over the zink. He grabbed it and moved over to the cabin. As he handed it to her, their hands met. She looked at him and smiled. He was obviously fascinated by seeing her naked. He looked at her and smiled back, guessing what she was thinking.
"Honey, are you sure you don't need a shower? Or at least help to scrub me down?" she smiled invitingly. Dom couldn't help but to give in. He pulled off jeans and boxers and entered...
Later on, they were both ready - hair fixed, fancy scents spramped on, and beautiful clothes covering them up. She was beautifully made up. All in all, they were as gorgeous as can be. Dom was texting a message on his cell phone. As they took off, Leslie had butterflies in her stomach - she wondered where they were going now. A fancy restaurant? To a stage production? If she had learned anything about Dom while spending offline time with him, it was one thing - normally he didn't seem to live the fancy lifestyle, but could really surprise people with premiere tickets, having his name along with hers or other friends' names in the door of fantastic clubs and parties, and so on.
Finally, it seemed that they had arrived where they were supposed to be. But it didn't look very fancy. At least not enough for this kind of dressing. They came to a broad door - as she listened really carefully, a bit of quiet noise could be heard from inside the room behind the door. Dom knocked quietly, and after a moment that seemed like an eternity, the knock was returned just as quietly. Dom kissed Leslie's lips softly, just like the first night they had been out - just a bit more confident this time. She put her arms around his neck while his hands brushed over her waist and behind her back, while the butterflies tickled her stomach and his beard tickled her face. She could see that he felt the same, he looked just as silly as the first time they had kissed. She giggled and brushed her thumb over his lips. He smiled and turned to the door, opening it up.
The room was very dark. She really didn't know what to think of all of this. She just helt Dom's hand tightly. Suddenly the lights were switched on, and the word "SURPRISE!!!" was ringing in her ears - and she found herself clinging on to Dom with her heart throbbing in her throat, not giving any space for the squeal she had just let out. He was laughing his heart out at her reaction! She looked around and recognized basically all of her friends and some of Dom's, among others Elijah, and her jaw dropped. They were laughing just as hard! And they were here! How had he found them all? She looked at Dom. He still grinned widely at her. She must really have looked funny.
As the night went by, she was really grateful for what Dom had done. All her of girlfriends were crazy about him - he arranged the party and was very attentive all night. He came over with something in his hand. It was an h'ors deuvre from the refridgerated left-overs.
"Here - you should try the food..."
"But Dom, I already ate more than I and this dress can take!"
"You look amazing anyhow. And it's salmon!" She smiled a little at his stubbornness and his thing with fish, and gave in. And she had to admit that it was delicious. She looked him in the eyes and cupped his face.
"Honey, thank you so much." She moved close to him and kissed him, "I really love all of this." She pulled him into a tight hug.
"Not as much as I love you," he whispered, not meaning her to hear it over the music.
"And I adore you, Dom," she whispered back. He pulled back and looked at her, a little confused. She couldn't help but smiling at him - knowing that they both meant what they said. But she knew that they weren't completely ready to go to that level just yet. But soon...

Key words of part 4: Savory Sensations.
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