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8:30 pm

we finished dinner and we all went into the living room afterwards. we sat on the floor in front of the Christmas tree. Frank looked at me and nodded his head.

"Frank and i want to give yall your presents first" i said. i got up and found three gifts under the tree that said 'From Andrea and Frank', while Frank went into the garage. he came back with a brand new guitar with a giant green bow on it. Frank handed it to Ray.

"this is for me?!? Andrea, Frank...i love you" Ray said. he hugged the guitar in this arms. i handed Bob a long thin box, Gerard a rectangular thin box, and Mikey a medium sized box.

"no way! new drumsticks!...and they say Bob Bryar!" Bob yelled out once he opened his gift.

"the first Superman fuckin' way!" Gerard yelled afterwards. "this is!"

"A TOASTER! oh my god! a brand new toaster! and not only does it make 2 makes FOUR!! i love my new toaster" Mikey yelled and hugged the box that contained his toaster

"Andrea! Frank! thank you so much!" Gerard said. he gave both of us a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"thanks...i really needed these...yall are awesome" Bob said.

"i love my toaster" Mikey yelled "thank you! thank you! thank you!"

"youre welcome" i said

" problem." Frank said.


we had alredy opened all our gifts from each other. there was only one left under the tree. Gerard picked it up and handed it to me.

"this is for you from all of us...except Frank" Mikey said.

"what?!? and i gave Frank that guitar he always rude" i said. Frank rolled his eyes at me.

"open it already" Frank said. i rolled my eyes back at him and opened the gift. inside the box was a pair of black ballet shoes lenses.

" know i havent danced in like forever and why would i need green contacts?!?" i asked as i read the contact lens box.

"because..." Gerard started to say but stopped to let Ray finished the sentence.

"we want you to play Helena in our Helena video" Ray said. i gasped as did Frank...most likely the guys didnt inform him about this.

"oh my god! are you serious?!? no way!" i yelled.

"the dress isnt finished yet so thats why we got the shoes" Bob said.

"this is totally wicked! i love you guys!" i gave all the guys excluding Frank a hug and kiss on the cheek. "when do you shoot the video?!?" i asked.

"sometime during the new year...they have to finish making the props and costumes and other shit like that" Gerard said.

"thats so cool!" i said "you guys are fuckin' awesome!"
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