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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-03-16 - Updated: 2007-03-16 - 534 words

i stepped out the shower and got dressed. i looked at the beautiful strapless red and black dress in the mirror. the top half was a red corset and the bottom was like a tutu with the black fabric underneath the red was so pretty. i applied thick black eyeliner, red eyeshadow, and some lipgloss. i left the bathroom and went back into Frank's room. Frank was in there trying to put a black polka-dotted bow on Fuck Tart. when he saw me come in, he stopped trying to put the bow on Fuck Tart and stared at me. i put my head down so that he wouldnt see me blush...i walked into the closet and put on my red and black converse. [i hate heels and plus its not like im trying to impress anybody named Frank Iero [wink wink]]...

i felt Frank's eyes follow me as i walked out the closet and to his dresser so thatd id be able to do my hair. i looked at my hair. it didnt look so bad, just a little too messy and wet. i blow-dried it and kept the messy bed-head look. when i finished i turned around and faced Frank...

"so...what do you think?!?" i asked...

"you-you-youre b-beautiful" he stuttered

"thank you..."

"and what about me" he asked and striked a pose. i looked at his black suit. his tie was a bit loose and he had put on his fingerless skeleton gloves.

" you said earlier" i replied. Fuck Tart began to bark. i went to her and put the bow on her. "and you, Fuck Tart, look beautiful too." i said to her. she barked then ran out the room when she saw Gerard pass by.

"shall we go?!?" Frank asked. i nodded and walked out the room with Frank behind me. i went downstairs and saw Ray and Bob. they were dressed like Gerard and Frank, in black suits with red ties.

"Frank, who is this gorgeous girl with you?!?" Bob asked.

"yeah, Frank. i didnt know you could get chicks this good-looking" Ray added. i looked at Frank and he was blushing.

/wait...arent i suppossed to be the one blushing?!?/ i asked myself

"stop it guys, youre making Frank blush...but thanks for the compliments" i said.

"whoa! Andrea! you are smoking hot" Gerard yelled as he came out the kitchen.

"thank you Gerard" i said. then Mikey came down from upstairs. he was dressed like the guys but instead of a tie, he had a red bandana around his neck...

/typical Mikey...always gotta be different/

"whos she?!?" Mikey asked when he saw me. i flicked him in the forehead. "owww! thats where Andrea flicks me when i ask a stupid question" he yelled

"i am Andrea" i said...Mikey stared at me...he looked confused...

"ohhhhh...i knew that..i-i was just testing you" Mikey said rubbing his forehead.

"suuuure...testing me...." i said. "alright guys, well shall we get eating or what?!? afterwards we'll open presents"

"alright!" they all yelled and followed me to the dining table where Bob and i had already set the table...we prayed then ate...
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