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"Gerard, Ray, Mikey, Bob, and Frank" i yelled from downstairs in the living room. Gerard Bob and Ray came from upstairs and Mikey came from the kitchen. they came into the living room and sat down on the couches

"where's Frank?!?" i asked

"i dont know...he said he had to finish Christmas shopping" Ray said.

"oh...okay today is Christmas and i want yall to behave and dress up for dinner. i dont want anybody to come down to dinner in their Garfield pajamas like they did for Thanksgiving" i stared at Mikey. he looked down at his Garfield pajamas and sighed. "okay...whos going to help me cook?!? and whos going to take Fuck Tart a bath?!?" they stared at each other

"I WANNA COOK!" all four guys yelled out.

"i only need one person"

"me! pick me!" Bob said

"nooooooo! pick me!" Ray yelled

"umm...i guess Bob can help me" i said. Ray sighed and punched the couch pillow next to him. "and now whos going to take my dog a bath?!?"

"not me!" Mikey Ray and Gerard said

"well someone has too. i want her to look nice too

"shes evil!" Gerard said

"fine...then all of yall gots to do it" i said and went into the kitchen with Bob following me.


4 pm

Bob and i finally finished making dinner and we were now cleaning the kitchen. we finished about 30 minutes later. and we went upstairs to get ready. when i went into Frank's room, Gerard was helping Frank put on a red silk tie. Gerard was already dressed in an all black suit with a red tie also.

"wow! you look really good!" i said as i stood behind Gerard and watched him tie Franks tie. Frank also had on an all black suit...

"no, Andrea...we look handsome" Frank corrected me like some 5-year old.

"well if you say so...Gerard did yall take Fuck Tart her bath?!?" i asked walking away from them and into the closet so i coul get my dress.

"yeah...or at least tried too. she wouldnt stop moving and she got out the tub like 5 times. and she bit my thumb and splashed soap water in my burned" Gerard replied.

"well as long as she got her bath, i dont care what she did to you" i said heading out Frank's room with my clothes.

"thats cold-hearted" Gerard yelled

"i was kidding! i love you Gerard!" i yelled back before i went into the bathroom to take a quick shower.
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