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i woke up early because the house phone began to ring. i got out the bed i shared with Frank and ran downstairs. i grabbed the phone off the couch.

"hello?!?" i said sounding like i just rose from the dead

"Andrea! Merry Christmas!" i heard a familiar voice say into the phone

"Merry Christmas to you too, Mrs. Way" i said

"are the boys up?!?" she asked

"at 6:30 in the morning?!? im afraid not..."

"oh...well will you tell that we said Merry Christmas and thank you for the vacation to Hawaii"

"no problem...i'll tell them when they get up"

"thank you honey...bye now"

"bye" i hung up the phone and layed down on the couch. it was nice that all of my chem sent their parents to Hawaii. i wish they would have sent me to Hawaii so i could get some peace and quiet. my eyes were closing when the phone rings again and startles me.

"hello?!?" i said again into the phone

"hey its simple plan! Merry Christmas, Andrea!" a bunch of people yelled in the phone

"Merry Christmas to you too, simple plan"

"we're sorry we cant be together for Christmas" David said

"its alright...actually i think im going to enjoy this Christmas"

"really?!? wow...well we promise to give you your presents when we return to the states to pick you up"

"okay...but thats in 15 months so you'll owe me twice the gifts"

"damn...alright...bye Andrea...we love you"

"love yall too" i hung and this time i really went to sleep after hanging up


3 hours later

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Gerard yelled from the top of the stairs. i woke startled and looked around. i was on the living room couch.

/oh yeah, Mrs. Way and David called/ i thought as i got up and stretched.

Gerard came down the stairs and gave me a big bear hug.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Gerard" i said when he let go. then Bob Ray Frank Mikey and Fuck Tart came down stairs...looking half asleep.

"hey sleepy-heads! Merry Christmas!" Gerard yelled and began skipping around the living room

"ive never seen a grown man skip before..." Bob said

"well now you have" Mikey replied and yawned. Gerard stopped skipping and stared at us.

"what is wrong with you people?!? its Christmas! get into the spirit! look at the tree with all its shiny lights and presents underneath" Gerard pointed at the Christmas tree. "its beautiful!"

"anybody want pancakes?!?" Ray asked, changing the subject

"i do!" Bob Frank and Mikey yelled. they ran into the kitchen with Fuck Tart following Frank. Gerard sighed

"hey Gerard...cheer up! theyll be in spirit later when they're fully awake" i said

"i guess" he sighed again

"your mom called. she said thanks for the vacation"

"okay..." he went upstairs quietly.

/poor Gerard...he was only trying to put everyone into the spirit/

i sighed and went into the kitchen to find Ray and Frank having a pancake batter war, Mikey running away from Fuck Tart, and Bob making scrambled eggs.

"hey you queers, you better clean all this mess up when youre done" i yelled
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