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The Disturbing Dream

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Kara and Kelly have a bad morning and Gerard has a disturbing dream.

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Kara shook her mother awake the next morning. Monica had slept through her alarm and was shocked to see it was almost 8 am. Looking up into Kara's face she knew something wasn't right.
"Mom, wake up, please" Kara's voice sounded shaky.
Monica sat up "What's wrong?"
Kara sat down on the bed, "Kelly and I were at the bus stop and we saw Aunt Jenn. At first I didn't know it was her. But when I saw the same gray car go by twice I realized it was the car she was driving the day she tried to take Kelly."
"What happened? Did she talk to you?" Monica reached out and brushed the hair out of Kara's eyes. She could tell Kara was trying very hard to handle the situation that was very upsetting to her.
"She stopped about a block up from our bus stop and just sat there. I told Kelly it was Aunt Jenn and she and I just kept staring at the car. I gotta tell you mom it freaked me out but I was trying really not to show it cause I didn't want Kelly to be scared."
"Where is Kelly now?" Monica tried to swallow her fear that was growing.
"She is upstairs with Donna. Anyway I kept hoping the bus would show up but it was late. Finally I just thought, fuck this, and Kelly and I started walking back here."
"Kara watch your language." Monica told her. It was an automatic mom response.
"Mom, I'm 18 and well, freaked out. Sorry." She reached over and hugged her mom tightly.
Monica hugged her back feeling her daughter shudder. "Did she follow you?"
Kara sat back and nodded, "Yea, we heard the car start so we started walking faster. When we got to the door I turned and saw her speed past the house. Mom, what is she doing? Why can't she just leave us alone?"
Monica sighed, "Honey, I don't know. I'm afraid there is something wrong with her."
Kara snapped, "She's crazy, mom. Just say it. She is crazy like daddy was." Her eyes filled with tears.
Monica's heart was breaking, "Kara please try not to remember your dad like that." She didn't know what to say, if there were any words that would help how Kara felt.
"Mom I know he was and so do you." She paused then added slowly, "You were there when he died weren't you, mama?" She stared directly into Monica's eyes waiting for the answer.
Monica returned her stare. She knew Kara would recognize a lie. "Yes" was the only answer she offered.
Kara wasn't surprised. "I always thought so. It's OK mom. I don't want to know what happened. I know you would never have hurt daddy unless he was trying to hurt you." Tears began to roll down her cheeks.
Monica tried to think of words to express her feelings, "God, Kara it's so hard for me accept that you are an adult. Thank you, I love you honey." She wrapped her arms around her daughter and they cried together. They didn't stop until they heard Kelly calling them from upstairs.
"We'll be there in a minute" Monica called out. She wiped the tears from Kara's cheeks, "Kara, you did a good job taking care of your sister this morning. I think you're right, Jenn is crazy."
"But what are we gonna do? What does Gerard think we should do?" Monica was touched she was putting her faith in Gerard to help them. How could she explain that he didn't know what was going on because she was keeping the situation from him.
"Well?" Kara asked again, "What does Gerard think we should do?"
Monica frowned, "I haven't told him Jenn is stalking us. He only knows about the first letter, that I'm sure she wrote."
"What letter?" Kara asked, "What are you talking about."
Monica explained, "A letter was left at Brain's office the day I got back home. It was a threat against me."
Kara was shocked, "What did it say? Why didn't you tell me?' she demanded.
"It said something like "I hope Gerard said goodbye cause it will be the last time he will see Monica" She saw the look of fear on Kara's face, "Honey, don't worry, OK? It was just meant to frighten me."
"Well what did Gerard say about that?" Kara asked
"He was very upset." She wanted Kara to understand why she hadn't told him anything else about Jenn. "He is under a lot of stress right now so that's why I haven't told him about Jenn being at the school."
"He knows" Kara said frowning, "Bob told him"
Monica was astonished, "You told Bob and then Bob told him" She closed her eyes and sighed. She should have realized Kara would tell Bob. "Ok, then you can understand why I don't want you to tell Bob about this morning."
Kara looked uncomfortable, "Mom, you guys are gonna get married. He should know what is going on, he should be taking care us or a least worrying about us."
Monica realized that Kara was thinking of Gerard as a protector, a father figure. Her own father had failed her and now she was afraid Gerard would fail her too. While Monica was trying to decide how to explain about all the stress Gerard as under Kara spoke again.
"Mom, I know about Gerard's ex-girlfriend and how she says he's the father of her kid."
Monica was shocked, "Bob told you about Gee's ex-girlfriend?"
Kara narrowed her eyes; "Mom, Bob and I don't keep things from each other. All the guys are so worried about Gerard. Besides I knew something was wrong the night of Alicia and Mikey's party. I saw how weird Gerard acted after Bert got there. I'm not stupid, you know."
"Of course you're not. I just didn't think you knew, that's all"
"So why isn't Gerard handling this with you? I mean he's got problems but so do you."
"Honey if he was here he would be, but he isn't. Look when he and I get married I understand he will be gone a lot. He's a performer and I accept that. I wouldn't change what he does for anything. The band is a big part of his life. You are going to have to face the same thing if you marry Bob."
"Not if, when" Kara interrupted.
'OK when you marry Bob. Kara, Gee will be home tomorrow and I will tell him everything that has been going on"
Kara was still trying to understand, "So is the kid, Gerard's?" she asked as Monica stood. "Bob says Gerard won't talk about it"
There was no point in denying the truth. Donna had recognized her son's child. In her heart Monica has known all along, "Yes, she is. It's a little girl named Elena"
"After Donna's mom, Gerard and Mikey's grandma?"
Monica crossed the room to the closet, "I guess so." She chose jeans and a hoodie. Turning back to Kara she said, "As soon as I'm dressed I will drive you and Kelly to school."
Kara nodded, "OK, I'll go tell Kelly" She stood and started across the room, "Hey mom, what does Gerard think about being a dad to Elena?"
That question caught Monica off guard. She looked at Kara not sure how to answer. "He still is pretty shocked, I think"
Kara thought a minute then shrugged, "I don't see why having a daughter would stress him out so much." Lucky she went upstairs so Monica didn't have to say anymore about Liv or Elena.
Monica drove to the girls to school and went into the office to explain why the girls were late. The principal was very understanding and once more assured Monica that they would keep close eyes on the girls.
Her next stop was the police station where she made a report. She wanted Jenn's actions documented. Unfortunately neither Kara nor Kelly knew the make of car only the color. The officer who took the report said they would have an officer pass by the girl's bus stop every morning. Monica told him it wasn't necessary she had decided to get a car for Kara so she could drive herself and her sister to school instead of waiting for a bus.
Once back in her car the events of the morning began to take their toll on her and she fought to control her emotions. It hurt her so badly that Kara knew something had been mentally wrong with her father. All the physical pain she had suffered, all the mental anguish had been for nothing. Kara knew the truth; she prayed that Kelly never would. She was also worried about the situation with Jenn and what she might do. She was worried about her girls and she was worried about Gee. The stress was building but she knew she had to hold on. She wanted Gee to be with her so much, she needed him. Closing her eyes she simply sat taking deep breaths, trying to clear her mind. It was a little after 10 am when she decided there was someone she wanted to talk to.
Gerard rolled over and looked at the clock. It wasn't time to get up but a dream had awakened him. He could sleep another hour until 7 am but he couldn't get the fleeting feelings remaining from the dream out of his head. He had dreamed about being in the field of wildflowers. At first he thought he was alone but when he turned she was there. Only it wasn't Liv with him, it was Monica. She looked so beautiful and so sad. As he stood looking at her she reached her hands to him but he couldn't more. "Goodbye" he heard her say before she turned and walked away. He tried to call out to her but she never turned back. Suddenly he was alone once more.
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