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A Soap Opera

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Gee tells Monica his velvet woes. After the concert they talk about their lives and names.

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Monica and Donna were still sitting at the kitchen table when Gerard called. Monica looked at the Sidekick and signed, "It's the gumba calling."
Donna laughed, "Monica keep that sense of humor, it will help you deal with this mess." She stood and walked across to the coffee pot and refilled their mugs while Monica answered.
"Hello, Gee" Actually she was surprised he was calling. Mikey had told Alicia that the band had such a full day she hadn't expected him to call until after tonight's concert in San Diego.
He blurted out "Monica, tell me I'm not wrong. Tell me that there is no fucking way I should wear a velvet suit and hold a cat." He was standing in the dressing room looking into the full-length mirror and trying not to cringe.
Monica's mouth fell open, "Gee are you OK? What on earth are you talking about?"
Donna stood holding the coffee pot with a look of concern on her face.
It dawned on him that he had just started a conversation a bit strangely. "Sorry honey. Let me explain. We are at the photo shoot and they gave me this fucking black velvet suit to wear. I mean shit I look well, I look." He signed, "Look I've heard the rumors about me and if I wear this suit well hell"
Monica laughed; it felt so good to talk to Gee and laugh, "Sweetie, calm down. I'm sure if you tell them you don't want to wear it they will let you change. Uh, what was the part about the cat?"
"I'm supposed to wear this gay suit and hold a white cat. The rest of the guys got regular old black suits." He complained. "Monica, I want to come home."
"Gee, honey you are whining." She giggled. "Now you march right back out there and tell them you aren't going to wear the suit." As she spoke she got a mental picture and burst out laughing.
"What?" he asked. "Why are you laughing?"
She tried to stop, "I'm sorry Gee but I just got a visual of you in a black velvet suit marching." She took a gulp of air and added "with a cat following along behind you."
He tried to sound hurt but her laugher sounded so good to his ears, "You are making fun of me. What kind of fiancée makes fun of her man in his hour of need?"
"One who loves him, velvet suit or not." She answered. In the background she heard voices calling him.
"Shit, I gotta go. I love you, honey."
"Love you too" She closed the phone and met Donna's eyes. "They are at a photo shoot and gave him a black velvet suit to wear. He was less than impressed."
"And the cat?" Donna asked.
In the end Gerard won. No photos with the velvet suit. However the whole episode made them late for the signing. Which made them late for sound check because they insisted on signing for every fan that had waited. It was a miracle the concert started on time.
The Black Parade played to a sell-out crowd. They loved every minute of it. The concert was a clean, precise work of art. Nothing went wrong and Gerard felt especially good after the show. His thoughts went immediately to Monica and he laughed out loud thinking about the last conversation they had.
"What are you laughing at?" Mikey asked walking by him in the back stage hall.
"Just thinking about the last time I talked to Monica. I was whining like a kid to her about that fucking velvet suit."
Mikey snorted, "Yea, well it was pretty horrendous.
It wasn't until he got back to his hotel room that his good mood started to evaporate. He still was unsure what to do about Monica knowing he was going to see Liv. Should he just straight up tell her that Bert had told him she knew? Should he just wait to see what she would say? And what if she asked him if he had been planning on telling her he was going to see Liv? How could he answer a question he wasn't sure what the answer was?
"What the hell is wrong with me?" he asked the empty hotel room. "How could I even think of seeing Liv without telling Monica?" However these questions didn't even compare to the big question, did Monica go to see Liv? Is that why she got the address from Bert? Al least she hadn't sounded mad when he talked to her from the photo shoot.
He looked down at the Sidekick sitting on the bed and for the first time didn't want to call Monica. Suddenly he was tired and the thought of an emotional phone call was too much. He leaned back on the pillows and stated at the ceiling. He was started when he got a call. The readout was Monica. Taking a deep breath he answered, "Hi honey.'
"Not to sound like a nagging fiancée but why haven't you called?" she asked trying not to sound as annoyed as she felt.
"Sorry babe, I was gonna" he said without emotion.
Monica could guess why he hadn't called. She had talked to Bert earlier who had confessed he had told Gerard about leaving the Liv message with her. Gerard now knew she had found out he was going to see Liv. He also knew she had gotten Liv's address from Bert.
"You know Gee, our lives are turning into a fucking soap opera." She said shocking him.
"You said fucking. You hardly ever cuss like that."
Monica rolled her eyes, "I tell you are lives are a soap opera and you notice I said the "F" word. Man, you are a gumba."
"What did you say?" He sat up and grabbed his pack of cigarettes.
"Nothing" she answered quickly, too quickly.
"You called me an idiot, I heard you." He lit the cigarette and smiled. "Hanging with mom, I guess."
"She might have mentioned the word, of course we were talking about you." Monica said.
He gave a short laugh, "Yea, I am a gumba and I'm sorry." His voice sounded so tired, "So tell me what do we do about our soap opera?"
Monica hated it when he sounded defeated. She made a decision, "Nothing, not a damn thing right now. When you get home we will figure it all out together. We both know that we have been keeping things from each other. I think it would be best if we can look each other in the eye when we talk."
Her suggestion surprised him. As he thought about it he started to feel better, "Just one thing Monica, tell me we will work this all out and be OK"
God, she wished she could hug him, the man sounded like he needed one big hug, "Gerard Arthur Way, I promise we will work this out together. We love each other so we will be OK."
"Monica..." he was going to use her full name like she had his, "uh I don't know your middle name," he admitted.
She sighed, "Nor will you"
He laughed at her tone, "What do you mean? Of course I will know your middle name cause it will be on our wedding license. So what is it?
He only heard her breathing, "Come on Monica what is your middle name?"
"Sometimes I think my parents were warped." She told him. "No actually I know they were."
"Warped? What they gave you a bad middle name?" he took another drag off the cigarette and sat back against the headboard and got comfortable. "Come on, don't make me use my sexy voice to get the name out of you."
"Gee, you don't even know my maiden name" she told him. "And don't threaten me with the sexy voice or I'll make it so hard for you to sleep tonight." Her voice dropped into a sexy whisper. "Really hard"
He shifted on the bed, "Oh no you don't. You are not gonna seduce me and make me forget about his name thing. Tell me what your maiden name was."
Monica knew he wouldn't let this go. "My maiden name was Tonica."
His laughter filled her ears, "Oh hell, Monica Tonica. That is fucking cute. Your parents were warped."
"Yea, I asked my mom once why she gave me a rhyming name and she actually looked hurt. My parents thought they had done me a favor giving me a cute rhyming name. They didn't understand how kids teased me in school"
He tried not to laugh, "I'm sorry I bet that was tough as a kid."
Monica laughed, "It got tougher in third grade when the teacher on the first day of school called me by my full name in front of the whole class."
Gerard knew it was going to be good, "Honey, what is your middle name?"
She sighed "Veronica".
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