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Iroh Missed Her

by Zillian 1 review

Iroh reflects on a great lady.

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Iroh missed her.

Prince Iroh's other companions were all hard and fierce ladies. The sort who would sooner eat your liver and use your skin as a fort then show mercy. Angry ladies who crawled, scratched, and burned their callused hand into the soon to be Fire Lords. Smiling sinisterly at the rest of the unworthy world.

Iroh missed her weakness.

She knew nothing but the palace and this gave her innocence. Everyday was a constant source of wonder. Why was the sky blue? Why does a fire burn? Why are the Air Nomads gone? Why are we fighting the war? A flower opening was reason for a banquet. Small animals would find a home in her loving and always open arms. She loved wind chimes. Her face was always a bright red. A fireworks display she had seen a hundred times made her laugh. The gold statue dedicated to her made her blush. An execution made her cry. The world in her eyes was a hopeful place.

Iroh missed her compassion.

She loved her child. Lu Ten was her angel. She was the one who read him stories deep into the night and tucked him in when monsters hid in the closet. She was the one to laugh at his jokes, giggled at before they even left his mouth. She clapped for his perfectionist book readings.

Iroh missed her smile.

Perhaps she was too different. She found joy in funerals. She hated the color red. She sang silly songs at state functions. She was not the average Lady. Whispers went out across the kingdom of her strange deeds. The people either loved her or wanted to kill her. Sometimes both.

Iroh missed her differences.

He wished he could change her last months.

Coughing up who knows what in a large red bed with doctors everywhere was no way for this woman to go.

She was stuck inside her box of a room with no animals, no flowers, and no joy.

Her face was so pale.

She wanted wind chimes.

No one would give them to her.

The few who came to visit wore white out of respect for the dead.

The doctors said it was poison.

Iroh missed her.
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